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Exploring the Best Valheim Mods for an Enhanced Gameplay Experience

Valheim, the Viking-themed survival game, has captured the hearts of players worldwide with its immersive gameplay and expansive open world. While the game offers a rich experience, the absence of official mod support has yet to deter the dedicated modding community. 

In this article, we will explore the impact of Valheim mods on gameplay, guide you through their installation process, and provide a list of the best ones available. 

Installing Valheim Mods

To begin modding Valheim, you must utilize BepInEx, a framework for the Unity game engine. BepInEx provides a convenient way to install and manage mods in Valheim. 

By copying mod files into the Valheim folder and placing them in BepInEx’s plugin folder, you can easily add new features and functionalities to the game. 

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However, it’s important to carefully follow the installation instructions provided by each mod to ensure compatibility and avoid any potential issues.

11 Best Valheim Mods

1. Unrestricted Portals

The Unrestricted Portals mod lets you transport metal ores through portals, saving valuable time and effort during resource transportation. With this mod, you can streamline your gameplay experience and focus more on exploration and building.

2. ValheimPlus

ValheimPlus is a trendy mod that offers extensive customization options for various gameplay aspects, including building, smelting, and more. It introduces a shared map system that facilitates group exploration, enhancing coordination and collaboration among players.

3. Hearth and Home Old Food Stats

This mod restores the previous food values from the Hearth and Home update, addressing player dissatisfaction with the changes. 

Valheim Hearth and Home Old Food Stats mod

By reverting to the original food stats, players can once again enjoy the benefits they worked hard to acquire, ensuring a more satisfying gameplay experience.

4. Epic Loot

The Epic Loot mod introduces magical items to Valheim’s loot pool, including different rarities and randomized magical properties. 

With the chance to find rare, epic, and legendary items, players can experience the thrill of discovering powerful gear and enjoy a more varied and exciting gameplay loop.

5. Valheim World Generator

This mod allows players to view their entire Valheim map, including the locations of bosses and valuable items, through a convenient web browser-based tool. 

Valheim World Generator mod

By accessing the full map and important points of interest, players can plan their adventures more efficiently and confidently explore their world.

6. Fight Club

The Fight Club mod simplifies the dueling system in Valheim, removing the risk of losing skill points and dropped items during friendly battles. 

Players can engage in duels with friends without fear of permanent penalties, promoting a more lighthearted and enjoyable multiplayer experience.

7. First-Person View

This mod adds a camera option, allowing players to experience Valheim’s immersive world from a first-person perspective. Whether fishing peacefully or hunting with precision, the first-person view provides fresh air, making every moment more immersive and engaging.

8. BetterUI

The BetterUI mod improves the minimalist UI of Valheim, making important information, such as item durability, easier to read. With colorized durability indicators, players can quickly assess the condition of their equipment, streamlining decision-making and enhancing gameplay efficiency.

Valheim BetterUI mod

9. BuildShare

The BuildShare mod enables players to save and load their constructions, allowing for easy replication and sharing base designs with the Valheim community. Players can foster community and inspire creativity among fellow Valheim enthusiasts by sharing and recreating impressive structures.

10. Plant Everything

The Plant Everything mod expands farming options in Valheim, allowing players to plant various crops, including berries, mushrooms, and tree saplings. Whether players aim to live off their land or create diverse farms, this mod provides increased flexibility in cultivating a wide range of vegetation.

11. Clock

The Clock mod introduces a time-tracking feature to Valheim, enabling players to monitor the time of day, which is particularly useful in dark biomes where visibility is limited. 

Players can optimize their activities by keeping track of time, ensuring they can safely return to their camp before nightfall and avoid potential nighttime dangers.

Additional Valheim Mods

In addition to the mods mentioned above, the Valheim modding [1] community has developed various enhancements to enrich your gameplay experience. Here are a few notable mentions:

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Bigger Item Stack

The Bigger Item Stack mod allows players to carry larger stacks, eliminating the restrictions on item weight and carrying capacity. This mod provides greater convenience and freedom in inventory management.

Equipment In Water

The Equipment In Water mod enables players to use selected equipment while swimming, eliminating the vulnerability and time wasted while fully climbing out of the water. This mod enhances efficiency during water-based activities.

Auto Fuel

The Auto Fuel mod automates the fueling process for kilns and smelters, automatically pulling fuel and ore from the ground and adding them to the respective devices. This mod saves time and effort, allowing players to focus on other tasks.


The FarmGrid mod simplifies farming by automatically placing crops in a grid pattern using the cultivator. This mod removes the need for manual precision and guesswork, streamlining the farming process.

Got the Time?

The Got the Time? Mod adds a configurable clock on the screen, displaying the current day and time. This mod assists players in managing their activities and planning their in-game schedules effectively.

Equipment Slots

Valheim equipment slots

The Equipment Slots mod adds dedicated slots for equipped items, providing additional inventory space. It also introduces three quick places that can be hotkeys for quick access to frequently used items.

Better Archery

The Better Archery mod improves the aiming and physics of bows, introducing a zoom toggle while drawing the bow and enabling arrow retrieval. This mod enhances archery mechanics, making ranged combat more enjoyable and efficient.

Discard or Recycle Inventory Items

The Discard or Recycle Inventory Items mod allows players to discard or destroy items from their inventory, providing a convenient way to manage unwanted or excess items. This mod helps declutter the checklist and streamline item management.

Custom Textures

The Custom Textures mod allows players to replace player, equipment, and world object textures, enabling custom visual customization and personalization. This mod allows players to create unique visual experiences in Valheim.

HD Valheim

The HD Valheim mod replaces textures in the game with high-quality assets, enhancing the visual fidelity and creating a more immersive visual experience. This mod elevates the visual quality of Valheim, giving it a more polished look.

Valheim characters

Quick Stack, Store, Sort, Trash, Restock:

The Quick Stack, Store, Sort, Trash, Restock mod introduces quality-of-life improvements to inventory management. With this mod, players can quickly stack items, store them in nearby containers, sort inventory automatically, trash unwanted items, and restock necessary resources from nearby chests.

Under the Radar

The Under the Radar mod enhances stealth gameplay in Valheim by reducing the detection range of enemies when sneaking. This mod allows players to navigate dangerous areas more stealthily and engage in combat on their terms.


The ValheimRAFT mod introduces a new raft type, the ValheimRAFT, which is larger and more versatile than the standard raft. With enhanced storage capacity and additional functionalities, players can embark on grander seafaring adventures.


Valheim’s modding community has created an array of unique mods that cater to different playstyles and preferences. By installing the best Valheim mods, players can tailor their experiences to suit their needs better and enhance their enjoyment of the game. 

However, it is important to exercise caution when using mods, as they can potentially cause crashes, item loss, or world corruption. 

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