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Valheim Server Requirements (Minimum & Recommended Specs)

Requirements for Valheim servers are one of the easiest. However, if you do not have the technical understanding of these requirements, you may continually have issues with the server. 

Our team of resident games has put this guide together to help you better understand Valheim server requirements. Read on for more details.

Valheim Dedicated Server Requirements and Specs

As we have earlier mentioned, the requirements of this game are so low. Older PCs with low RAM capacity can run a server easily. 

Furthermore, the server does not require you to have a system with a high-end graphics card. It does not need one. Here is a list of requirements and specifications for a Valheim dedicated server:

  1. Network of 100Mbps (A minimum of 1Gbps is advised)
  2. A hard disk storage capacity of 2GB 
  3. A minimum of 2 GB RAM (We recommend 8GB for a seamless process)
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Shared Hosting Requirements

The fact is, you do not need to host your dedicated server yourself. The game service providers will help you with that. 

They will do all the maintenance for you. However, you must be well informed about the processing power you will need for the server to run efficiently. So, here are the recommended shared hosting requirements:

  1. Network connection of at least 1Gbps
  2. 4GB RAM
  3. 2 Virtual CPUs each at 2.8GHz
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These specifications align with the basic needs for a Valheim dedicated server. However, because of remote filling, 2GB RAM might not be efficient. 

Therefore, we advise that you go for 4GB. If you do not have a PC that meets this specification, you will need to get a package with a smooth and fast connection. This will help enhance your gaming experience and ensure that you can easily find your friends’ Valheim server

On the minimum PC requirement, you do not need something so powerful. A dual-core with 2GB RAM will run the server efficiently. 

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Minimum PC Requirements to Play Valheim

The totality of the server requirements hinges on several factors. These include the processor ability, operating system, processor type, etc.

Below is a list of the minimum PC requirements:

  1. Operating System: Minimum of Windows 7, 64 bit
  2. Processor: Minimum of Intel Core i5 (3GHz)
  3. RAM: 8GB
  4. Graphics Card: Minimum of Nvidia GeForce GTX970 or anything similar
  5. DirectX: 11 and storage space of 1GB
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Recommended PC Requirements to Play Valheim

  1. Operating System: Minimum of Windows 7, 64 bit
  2. Processor: Minimum of Intel Core i5 (3GHz) or Ryzen 3 GHz
  3. RAM:16GB
  4. Graphics Card: GTX 1060 or Radeon RX580
  5. DirectX: 11 and storage space of 1GB
  6. Network: Broadband Internet connection


These Valheim server requirements we shared in this guide are all you need to run the game seamlessly and successfully. We have ensured that these requirements are categorized based on the minimum and recommended, depending on what suits your budget and needs. Anything below these listed might not work.

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