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Stardew Valley Tapper — A Guide to Maximizing Syrup Production

Tappers are crucial in Stardew Valley, allowing players to extract valuable syrups and substances from trees. In this guide, we’ll delve into the mechanics of Tappers, including their usage, recipe requirements, tree types, production timings, and efficient strategies for maximizing syrup production.

Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting your journey in Stardew Valley, this guide will provide the knowledge and tips to make the most of this essential tool.






Sell Price

Not for sale

Recipe Source

Foraging (Level 3)


40x Wood, 2x Copper Bar 

What Is a Tapper?

Tappers are invaluable items in Stardew Valley that can be placed on trees to obtain products. When a Tapper is successfully placed on a tree, a small bubble will appear above it, indicating that an item is ready for collection.

Understanding the fundamentals of tappers is crucial for maximizing their potential and reaping the rewards they offer.

Stardew Valley - tapper

Types for Tappers


Place on a Maple, Oak, or Pine tree and wait for the reservoir to fill with the product.
Ingredients: 40x Wood, 2x Copper Bar
Recipe Source: Foraging Skill (Level 3)

Heavy Tapper

Place on a Maple, Oak, or Pine tree and wait for the reservoir to fill with the product. Works twice as fast as a normal tapper.
Ingredients: 30x Hardwood, 1x Radioactive Bar
Recipe Source: Qi’s Walnut Room for 20 Qi Gems

Tapper Production

The heart of Tapper usage lies in understanding the different items they can produce and their respective production times. Normal trees have items such as Maple Syrup, Oak Resin, Pine Tar, and Sap, each requiring a specific number of days for collection.

Mushroom trees, however, follow a more intricate production system, with production times dependent on the season and previously harvested mushrooms.

Here are the items that a Tapper can produce:

Maple Syrup

Stardew Valley’s Maple Syrup is a sweet and unique-flavored syrup produced by placing a Tapper on a Maple Tree. It has a pleasant taste and can be used in crafting recipes or sold for a decent price.
Time: 9 Nights
Sell Price: 200g, 250g (Tapper Profession +25%)
Energy/Health: Provides +50 Energy and +22 Health when consumed.

Stardew Valley - maple syrup tapper

Oak Resin

Oak Resin in Stardew Valley is a sticky and fragrant substance obtained using a Tapper on an Oak Tree. It has various uses in crafting, including producing certain items or as an ingredient in recipes.
Time: 7 Nights
Sell Price: 150g, 187g (Tapper Profession +25%)
Usage: Inedible, mainly used as a crafting material

Pine Tar

Pine Tar is a strong-smelling substance derived from Pine Trees through a Tapper. It serves multiple purposes, such as crafting and the Exotic Foraging Bundle.
Time: 5 Nights
Sell Price: 100g, 125g (Tapper Profession +25%)
Usage: Inedible, mainly used as a crafting material


Sap is a fluid obtained from Mahogany Trees by using a Tapper. It can be collected quickly as it takes only one night to produce. Sap has several uses, including crafting and fertilizer production.
Time: 1 Night
Sell Price: 2g
Energy/Health: Consuming Sap has a small negative effect of -2 Energy and 0 impact on Health.

Common Mushroom

Common Mushroom is a slightly nutty mushroom that can be harvested from Mushroom Trees with a Tapper. It is versatile and suitable for various recipes, selling, or consumption for energy and health benefits.
Time: Differs
Sell Price: 40g (Base Quality), 50g (Silver Quality), 60g (Gold Quality), 80g (Iridium Quality)
Energy/Health: Provides +38 Energy and +17 Health when consumed.

Red Mushroom

The red Mushroom is a spotted mushroom that grows on Mushroom Trees when a Tapper is used. It has a distinct appearance and can be used in cooking, sold for a higher price, or consumed for energy and health benefits.
Time: Differs
Sell Price: 75g (Base Quality), 93g (Silver Quality), 112g (Gold Quality), 150g (Iridium Quality)
Energy/Health: Provides -50 Energy and 0 Health. Be cautious as consuming this has a significant negative effect.

Stardew Valley - red mushroom tree tap

Purple Mushroom

Purple Mushroom is a rare mushroom found deep in caves and can be obtained using a Tapper on a Mushroom Tree. It is precious and has several uses, including gifting, Community Center Bundles, and crafting a Life Elixir.
Time: Differs
Sell Price: 250g (Base Quality), 312g (Silver Quality), 375g (Gold Quality), 500g (Iridium Quality)
Energy/Health: Provides +125 Energy and +56 Health.

Efficient Tapper Usage Strategies

To maximize the benefits of tappers, players should adopt efficient usage strategies.

Strategic Tree Placement

Organize your trees in close proximity to save time and effort when checking and collecting from Tappers. Avoid placing Tappers on fruit trees.

Regular Check-ups

Visit your Tappers frequently to collect items as soon as they’re ready. Set reminders and place tappers in easily accessible areas to avoid forgetting them.

Diversify Tree Types

Have tappers for each tree type (Maple, Oak, Pine, Mahogany, Mushroom) to obtain a variety of resources. Consider seasonal variations for optimal production.

Stardew Valley - tree tappers


Tappers are a game-changing tool [1] in Stardew Valley, providing a steady supply of valuable syrups and substances.

By understanding their mechanics, crafting requirements, tree types, and production timings, and implementing efficient usage strategies, players can optimize their syrup production and enjoy the fruits of their labor in this charming farming simulator.

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