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Stardew Valley’s Oak Resin and Its Endless Possibilities

Stardew Valley, the popular farming simulation game, offers players diverse resources and items to discover and utilize. One such valuable resource is Oak Resin.

In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Oak Resin, including its acquisition, uses, and significance within the game.

Obtaining Oak Resin

Tapping an Oak Tree

Tapping an Oak Tree is the primary method of obtaining Oak Resin. Players must craft a tree Tapper. Crafting is a straightforward process that requires a moderate amount of resources. The equipment’s recipe is given at Foraging Level 3.

Crafting Recipe for Tree Tapper





Copper Bar


Players can easily create this essential tool by collecting 40x Wood and 2x Copper Bars.Once crafted, the Tapper can be used repeatedly on different trees throughout the game.

picking up oak resin stardew valley

Once the Tapper is ready, it can be affixed to a mature Oak Tree by right-clicking on the tree with the tapper selected in the inventory.

After affixing the tree tapper to an oak tree, players must wait patiently for approximately 7-8 days. During this time, the tree tapper will extract Oak Resin from the tree. After the waiting period, players can interact with the tapper to collect one Oak Resin.

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Haunted Skulls

Haunted Skulls, an enemy encountered in the Skull Cavern or Haunted Skull Mines, can also serve as a source of Oak Resin. Haunted Skulls have a 1.30% chance to drop Oak Resin when defeated.

Locations & Behavior of Haunted Skulls



Quarry Mine

Whole area

The Mines

Dungeon Floors (Random)

Players can find Haunted Skulls in the area of the Quarry Mine or on random dungeon floors at the Mines. Encountering Haunted Skulls is an exciting yet challenging prospect, as defeating them requires skill and preparation.

skull island stardew valley

While the drop rate may not be as reliable as tapping Oak Trees, the opportunity to acquire Oak Resin through combat adds an element of adventure and surprise to the gameplay experience.

Wood Chipper

Oak Resin can also be obtained when processing Hardwood in Wood Chippers. While it doesn’t have the best chances at 0.66%, it’s also a delightful discovery if it’s given after breaking down Hardwood into pieces of Wood.

Wood Chippers are purchasable at Robin’s Carpenter Shop for 1,000g each on the second day of Winter Year 1.

Utilizing Oak Resin

Deluxe Speed-Gro

Oak Resin is one of the essential ingredients required to craft Deluxe Speed-Gro.

Deluxe Speed-Gro is a valuable fertilizer that enhances the growth rate of crops. This potent fertilizer significantly accelerates plant growth by 25%, allows players to harvest crops more frequently, and maximizes their profits [1].

Recipe for Crafting Deluxe Speed-Gro



Oak Resin




Players need 1x Oak Resin and 1x Coral to craft the useful fertilizer recipe given at Farming Level 8. Oak Resin’s inclusion in this recipe highlights its importance as a critical ingredient for enhancing farming productivity.

harvesting oak resin stardew valley

Crafting a Keg

Crafting a Keg is another practical use for Oak Resin. Kegs are essential for transforming raw agricultural products like fruits and vegetables into Artisan Goods, significantly increasing their value. Oak Resin is one of the components needed to craft a Keg.

Recipe for Crafting a Keg



Oak Resin




Copper Bar


Iron Bar


Players require 30 Oak Resin, Wood, Copper Bars, and Iron Bars to create a Keg. The significant quantity of Oak Resin necessary for crafting a Keg reflects its importance in this process.

Once a Keg is in place, players can process fruits and vegetables into higher-value beverages. For example, Hops can be turned into Pale Ale, and Grapes can be turned into Wine.

getting oak resin from oak tree stardew valley


While Oak Resin is a great item, most of the villagers in Stardew Valley Dislike it when received as a gift. Only Maru Likes this tree produce.


The Oak Resin is used in two Community Center Bundles to help better the town. It’s used on the Enchanter’s Bundle on the Bulletin Board and can be used in the Exotic Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room.


Oak Resin is a versatile and valuable resource in Stardew Valley obtained through tapping Oak Trees, defeating Haunted Skulls, or processing Hardwood. 

Oak Resin finds extensive use in crafting Deluxe Speed-Gro, Kegs, and various other items. Its significance extends to gifting villagers, completing Community Center bundles, and participating in quests.

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