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A Guide to Solving Stardew Valley’s Mermaid Puzzle on Ginger Island

Ahoy, fellow adventurers and virtual farmers! Prepare to dive headfirst into the captivating realm of Stardew Valley’s enigmas, as we embark on a deep exploration of the Ginger Island Mermaid Puzzle. 

The essence of this puzzle is as alluring as the sirens’ call, beckoning us to uncover its secrets. So grab your tools, steady your nerves, and let’s unravel the mysteries hidden within this immersive puzzle!

Delving into the Mystique of the Mermaid

Stardew Valley - Ginger Island beach resort

Ginger Island is an exotic tropical paradise located southwest of Pelican Town. It is accessible by using a boat ride from Willy’s shop. Players will encounter various new features within this island, such as unique crops, animals, and NPCs.

Imagine wandering along the sandy shores of Ginger Island, the salty breeze rustling through your hair, when your eyes alight upon a stunning statue of a mermaid. One of the most captivating aspects of Ginger Island is the Mermaid Puzzle, an intricate challenge that holds valuable rewards for those who manage to solve it.

The Mermaid Puzzle stands as a captivating juncture in Stardew Valley, weaving gameplay and narrative into a harmonious blend. Its significance reaches beyond the realms of routine farming, inviting players to delve into a tale of mystery and magic.

Stardew Valley - Mermaid show

Nestled on the shores of Ginger Island, is more than just a mere challenge; it’s a symphony of clues waiting to be orchestrated. 

Journal Scrap #9

Journal Scraps are collectable pieces of paper that are initially from a sailor’s journal. These scraps are scattered around Ginger Island, and every piece reveals information that may pertain to clues around the island, where Golden Walnuts can be found, or just information about the tropical island and its secrets.

Journal Scrap #9, like a breadcrumb trail, guides players toward the Ginger Island Mermaid Puzzle. This seemingly insignificant artifact is the catalyst that propels adventurers toward the captivating challenge. The scrap contains the following sentences:

“’Twas a rain drenched day, and upon a lonely rock a beautiful maiden saw I

Tales I’d heard of sea-born maidens singing siren’s songs,

Yet nary a note could she muster…

The next morning I spied an arrangement of stone upon the foamy bank…

Aye… stones as big as pennies and stones as big as nickels were they…

If but this harried sea dog a tune could howl, perhaps to Blackgull’s treasure would she lead…”

Through its cryptic contents, players glimpse a pathway to unravel the puzzle’s essence. It hints at arranging a certain melody familiar to the Mermaid, and how players can solve which tunes to put on the stones.

Unlocking the Pirate’s Cove

Stardew Valley - Pirate's Cove

Before trying to solve the Mermaid Puzzle, players need to access the area of the puzzle first. Players need to first unlock the western area of Ginger Island with its entrance on the main beach’s left side, guarded by a big turtle. 

10 Golden Walnuts are needed to be given to the parrot nearby to wake the turtle and move from the entrance. 

After this, players also need to unlock the Beach Resort, which is more expensive at 20 Golden Walnuts. Pelican Town residents can visit this area at times to enjoy time under the sun.

Once the beach resort is unlocked and ready, a pathway becomes clear. It was initially blocked by debris but by cleaning up the area for the resort, the right-hand path can be entered. 

Enter the area and you’ll be met with a star-shaped pond. Going into the area beside the planks, on the right-hand side of the star-shaped pond also leads players to the Pirate’s Cove.

Stardew Valley - mermaid

This hidden retreat, brimming with treasures and secrets, serves as the culmination of their efforts. The unlocking of the Pirate’s Cove is a testament to the puzzle’s integral role in the game’s progression, providing both material rewards and an expanded gameplay horizon.

Players need to solve the Mermaid Puzzle in the outdoor area below the star-shaped pond. Wait for a rainy day in Ginger Island for the mermaid to appear and prepare the required materials for the puzzle’s completion.

Tackling the Mermaid Puzzle in Ginger Island

Weathering the Storm

Stardew Valley is renowned for its dynamic weather system, where each day brings the possibility of sun, rain, or even the occasional storm. To tackle the Ginger Island Mermaid Puzzle, a specific atmospheric condition is required: rain. 

Yes, that’s right, those gentle droplets from the heavens above are more than just a reason to stay indoors. When the rain blesses Ginger Island with its presence, it’s the only time when players can solve the puzzle and see the Mermaid sitting on the rock in the sea.

Harmonizing with the Flute Blocks

Approaching the Mermaid Statue, the observant player will notice a set of piled rocks, beside a flute block-like rock. These blocks aren’t mere decoration – they hold the key to unlocking the core of the puzzle. 

Each block signifies a distinct musical note, forming a symphony of clues waiting to be played in harmony. This is where your true adventure begins, as you decipher the melodic puzzle that resonates with the mermaid’s essence.

Steps to Solving the Mermaid Puzzle

As you explore the intricate layers of this puzzle, you’ll discover that beneath the surface of rain-soaked landscapes lies a melody that awakens hidden stories and rewards.

Obtaining Flute Blocks

A Flute Block is a unique interactive furniture that plays a significant role in certain puzzles and events within the game. Flute Blocks are musical instruments represented as square tiles that emit distinct musical notes when walked by. 

These blocks can be arranged in specific patterns, and players need to interact with them in a specific sequence to trigger particular melodies if wanted.

There are mainly two ways to obtain a Flute Block in Stardew Valley:

Increasing your Friendship with Robin

Increasing your friendship level with Robin is beneficial to obtaining the recipe to create a Flute Block. Some tips to increase your friendship with Robin is to give her loved gifts, which are: All Universal Loves (Golden Pumpkin, Magic Rock Candy, Pearl, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot), Goat Cheese, Peach, and Spaghetti. 

Talk to her regularly and give her a loved gift especially on her birthday to speed up this process.

When the 6 Heart Friendship level with Robin is reached, enter her house while she is there to experience a heartwarming scene. She tells you you’ve become good enough friends that she can share her carpentry secrets with you.

Robin will give you the blueprint to the Drum Block and the Flute Block. To create a Flute Block, players need 10x Wood, 2x Copper Ore, and 20x Fiber. It can be tuned in different pitches by the number of clicks applied to the block.

Donations to the Museum

Upon donating three artifacts to the Museum including the Bone Flute, players can collect one Flute Block as a reward from Gunther.

The Bone Flute is a donatable artifact that can be found mainly around the Mountain, Cindersap Forest, or Pelican Town artifact spots. There is only a measly 0.4 to 0.7% chance that you can find it through them with your Hoe, so the route which is most assured is to increase your heart level with Robin.

In total, five Flute Blocks are needed to complete the Mermaid’s Puzzle. Bring these materials to Ginger Island and prepare yourself to solve the puzzle.

The Mermaid Puzzle Melody

Venture to the area of the star-shaped fish pond and bring the necessary materials to finally solve the Mermaid Puzzle. On the lower part near the shore on a rainy day, spot the Mermaid and go to the area with the flute block-like stone and a pile of rocks.

Step 1: Placing the Flute Blocks

Your journey begins by placing the Flute Blocks in the designated slots around the Mermaid Statue. Each block corresponds to a different note, forming the core of the melody you’re about to orchestrate.

Step 2: Tuning the Flute Blocks

Pay careful attention to the rocks scattered around the statue. Each rock contains a symbol that matches the corresponding note on a Flute Block. Your task is to align the notes according to the symbols on the rocks. This is the foundation of the puzzle’s melodic solution.

Per tile, there is a pile of rocks that signifies the amount of clicks per flute block needed. The solution for each pile of rocks is the following:

Analyzing the designated piles for each flue block, the resulting solution would be:

Below are the correct tuning for each flute block, from left to right:

There is also an alternative solution to this, with the clicks being:

Step 3: Walk Beside the Flute Blocks

With the correctly-tuned flute blocks ready, walk beside them in the order you’ve arranged them, meaning from left to right. As you move, you’ll play the harmonious melody that resonates with the mermaid’s spirit. Feel the magic of the moment as the puzzle comes to life through music.

The tune that will play at Step 3, is similar to the melody at the Mermaid Show at the Night Market

Additional Tips and Tricks

arrival at ginger island stardew valley

For those who relish the challenge of independent exploration, here are a few tips to guide you on your puzzle-solving journey:

The Mermaid Puzzle’s Rewards

Upon successfully completing the puzzle, a breathtaking cutscene unfolds, revealing the mermaid’s ethereal presence. 

As the scene plays out, your efforts are rewarded with valuable treasures that enrich your Stardew Valley experience. The player earns five Golden Walnuts for completing this puzzle. This nutty currency of Ginger Island is sure to prove useful in exploring the island itself. For completionists, this is a necessity as well.

Solving the Ginger Island Mermaid Puzzle isn’t just a standalone achievement; it ripples throughout your gameplay experience [1]. The treasures you receive are more than material rewards – they’re tokens of triumph that contribute to your progression within the game.

Beyond that, the puzzle’s completion adds depth to the overarching storyline, enriching your connection to the world of Stardew Valley. Even if the puzzle is completed, you can still find the Mermaid sitting on the rock at the Pirate’s Cove during rainy days, but no more interaction is available.


The Ginger Island Mermaid Puzzle isn’t just a challenge; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in the wonders of Stardew Valley’s universe. From its connection to the narrative tapestry to the rewards that enrich your journey, this puzzle encapsulates the essence of the game – the harmonious blend of gameplay mechanics and storytelling intricacies.

As you venture forth, remember that the journey itself is a treasure, and every discovery is a testament to your dedication as both a farmer and an adventurer.

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