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Stardew Valley Maple Syrup — How to Get It and What to Do With It

In the delightful world of Stardew Valley, there are numerous activities and items to explore. One such valuable item is Maple Syrup, which can provide players with lucrative opportunities and delicious recipes.

This guide will walk you through the process of obtaining Maple Syrup, its uses, and its benefits to your farming adventure.







+50 Energy, +22 Health

Sell Prices

Base: 200g
Tapper (+25%): 250g


Equipment: Tapper
Processing Time: 9 Days

Ingredients: Maple Tree

Villagers Who Like Maple Syrup

Villagers Who Dislike Maple Syrup

How to Get Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley

maple syrup stardew valley
  1. Increase your Foraging skill by exploring the town and your farm, searching the ground for items, and cutting down trees.
  2. Reach Foraging Level 3 to unlock the Tapper recipe.
  3. Craft a Tapper using 40x Wood and 2x Copper Bars.
  4. Grow Maple Trees on your farm or search for mature Maple Trees in Cindersap Forest.
  5. Place the Tapper on a Maple Tree by interacting with the tree and selecting the Tapper from your inventory.
  6. Wait for approximately 9 in-game days for the Maple Syrup to be produced.
  7. Collect the Maple Syrup from the Tapper by interacting with it.
  8. Sell the Maple Syrup for a base price of 200g (which increases with the Tapper profession) or use it for various purposes such as cooking, crafting, or building relationships.

Uses of Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley

1. Sell

Maple Syrup can be sold for a base price of 200g, making it valuable for earning money in the game. The selling price increases to 250g if you have chosen the Tapper Profession.

Players can generate a steady income by tapping Maple Trees and collecting Maple Syrup regularly, especially when combined with other farming or artisan activities.

2. Cooking

Maple Syrup is an ingredient used in the recipe the Maple Bar requires 1x Maple Syrup, 1x Sugar, and 1x Wheat Flour. It’s valuable for replenishing resources during long days on the farm or engaging in activities like mining and fishing.

Consuming Maple Bars provides a significant boost of +225 Energy and +101 Health. It also adds a +1 Buff for Farming, Fishing, and Mining with a duration of 16 minutes and 47 seconds in-game.

bringing maple syrup in secret forest stardew valley

3. Crafting

Maple Syrup is used in the crafting recipe for the Bee House at Farming Level 3. Combining 1x Iron Bar, 1x Maple Syrup, 40x Wood, and 8x Coal allows you to create a Bee House, which can be placed on your farm to produce Honey every few days.

Honey can be sold or used in other recipes, providing additional income and potential buffs.

4. Relationship Building

As mentioned earlier, Maple Syrup can be given as a gift to deepen relationships with almost all villagers except Maru. Building positive relationships with villagers can unlock new events, quests, and even romantic options in the game.

5. Community Center Bundles

Maple Syrup is required to complete the Chef’s Bundle on the Bulletin Board at the Community Center. It can also be optionally used for the Exotic Foraging Bundle in the Community Center Crafts Room.

Fulfilling this bundle rewards players with valuable items and progresses the storyline.

6. Tailoring and Dyeing

Maple Syrup, when combined with 1x Cloth, will create a Floppy Beanie. Maple Syrup can also be used as an orange dye in the dye pots in Emily and Haley’s house.

Players can customize their character’s appearance by trying different items to recolor with the orange dye from Maple Syrup.

Whether you sell it for profit, use it in cooking recipes, or engage with other game elements, Maple Syrup is a versatile and valuable resource.

tailoring cloth stardew valley


With the knowledge of obtaining Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley and its many uses, you can embark on a journey to make money, craft delightful recipes [1], and foster meaningful relationships.

By mastering the art of tapping trees and utilizing this sweet resource, you can enhance your farming experience and thrive in the charming world of Stardew Valley.

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