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Stardew Valley Egg Hunt — A Cracking Adventure for Aspiring Farmers!

Stardew Valley is a beloved farming simulation game that invites players to immerse themselves in the peaceful world of Pelican Town. In addition to building their farm and connecting with villagers, players can partake in various events that add excitement and spice to their gameplay.

In this article, we will explore the intricacies of the Egg Festival, provide expert tips for finding eggs, and offer strategies to secure victory in this delightful competition.

The Egg Festival in Stardew Valley

The Egg Festival is the first of two Spring events in Stardew Valley. This vibrant celebration occurs annually on the 13th day of Spring in the Town Square.

The festival begins at 9 AM and lasts until 2 PM. Players need to arrive at the town within this schedule to participate fully in the festivities.

Pre-Hunt Festivities: Decorations and Pierre's Booth

Before the Egg Hunt begins, players can explore the Town Square and engage in pre-hunt festivities.

Stardew Valley - Egg Hunt

The plaza is adorned with colorful decorations, and Pierre’s booth offers various items for purchase. Here is a table showcasing the available items and their prices:

Item Name

In-game Price

Lawn Flamingo


Plush Bunny


Strawberry Seeds


Seasonal Plant 1


Seasonal Plant 2


Colorful Set


Pastel Banner


Decorative Pitchfork


Strawberry Seeds, a coveted spring crop item, can only be planted in the Spring season, yielding a continuous supply of Strawberries. Planting them before the Spring 16th allows for two harvests before Summer arrives.

Starting the Egg Hunt in Stardew Valley

Once players have finished exploring and shopping, initiating the Egg Hunt is time. They should seek out Mayor Lewis to officially commence the competition.

It’s essential to note that interactions with villagers and purchasing items become temporarily unavailable once the Egg Hunt begins. Therefore, players should ensure they have completed all desired activities beforehand.

Stardew Valley - Mayor Lewis at Egg Hunt

Finding the Eggs in Stardew Valley

The Egg Hunt is a fast-paced race against time, where players must collect as many hidden eggs as possible within a 50-second time limit. The number of eggs required to secure victory varies based on the players participating. Here’s a breakdown:

Number of Players

Eggs Required









When you win the Egg Hunt, you will be rewarded with a Straw Hat on your first victory. Subsequent wins yield a substantial gold reward of 1,000g. However, if players fail to collect the required eggs within the time limit, the event’s victor will be Abigail.

Tips for Winning the Egg Hunt in Stardew Valley

To improve your chances of winning the Egg Hunt, consider the following expert tips:

1. Engage in Pre-Hunt Socializing

Interact with the villagers present at the festival, as this only happens once a year. It contributes to building relationships, and some villagers may provide you with the competitive spirit to win this Egg Hunt.

2. Scout the Area

This Egg Hunt only occurs within the town’s main area, where twenty-seven eggs are hidden. Scout the area, especially spots near bushes, fences, or houses that you may normally miss so you know where to look when the Egg Hunt begins.

Stardew Valley - looking for eggs

3. Plan Your Route During The Game

Strategize your path to maximize efficiency. Here is a recommended route that can help you collect at least nine eggs within the time limit:

4. Maintain Swift Movement

Time is of the essence, so move quickly and purposefully to cover as much ground as possible. Avoid unnecessary backtracking and focus on collecting eggs in a streamlined manner.

Final Thoughts

The Egg Festival in Stardew Valley brings joy and excitement to the tranquil life of a farmer. By mastering the Egg Hunt, players can secure victory and reap the rewards [1] and deepen their relationships with the townsfolk.

As you immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Pelican Town, remember to embrace the magic of festivals and the valuable opportunities they provide. So, equip yourself with these expert tips, sharpen your skills, and prepare to conquer the Egg Hunt.

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