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Stardew Valley Pine Tar — Crafting, Uses, and Where to Find It

Stardew Valley offers a myriad of resources for players to discover and utilize, including Pine Tar. In this article, we will delve into the world of Pine Tar, exploring its significance in crafting and how to obtain it. 

With its versatile applications and unique properties, Pine Tar is essential for enhancing your gameplay experience.

Obtaining Pine Tar in Stardew Valley

Players must first craft a Tapper, an essential tool for extracting sap from trees, in order to obtain Pine Tar. Preparing a Tapper requires reaching a Foraging Level 3 and gathering specific resources, such as 40x Wood and 2x Copper Bar. 

Once the Tapper is crafted, players can tap Pine Trees in various locations to acquire Pine Tar. 

How to Craft a Tapper

Level Requirement: Foraging Level 3

Stardew Valley - tapper

Resources Required

Copper Bars2

The tapping process takes time, requiring patience before producing the Pine Tar. It takes around five to six days to obtain one Pine Tar from a Pine Tree.

Additionally, there is an alternative method of obtaining Pine Tar, by processing Stardew Valley’s Hardwood in a Wood Chipper, albeit with a lower chance of success.

Tapping Pine Trees

Here are the locations where Pine Trees can be found:

Stardew Valley - pine tree tapper

Time Required: 5-6 days for Pine Tar to be produced

Crafting Recipes with Pine Tar

Pine Tar is a crucial ingredient in three crafting recipes, expanding the range of items players can create. Let’s explore some of these recipes:


The Loom is an essential tool for turning raw wool into a fine piece of Cloth.

Ingredients Required

Pine Tar1

Farming Skill Level Requirement: Farming Level 7

Stardew Valley - loom


Speed-Gro is a growth stimulant that accelerates leaf production when mixed into tilled soil. The increased growth rate for crops is by 10%.

Ingredients Required

Pine Tar1

Farming Skill Level Requirement: Farming Level 3

Rain Totem

Rain Totem significantly increases the chance of rainfall the next day, aiding crop growth and maximizing farming efficiency.

Stardew Valley - rain totem

Ingredients Required

Ingredients Quantity
Hardwood 1
Truffle Oil 1
Pine Tar 5

Foraging Skill Level Requirement: Foraging Level 9

Gifting Pine Tar and its Bundles

Understanding villagers’ preferences regarding gifts can significantly enhance your relationships with them. While most villagers may not appreciate receiving Pine Tar, being a Disliked gift, there is an exception. 

Maru, a curious and inventive villager, reacts positively when presented with Pine Tar. It’s important to note that other NPCs[1] may dislike Pine Tar as a gift.

Furthermore, Pine Tar can be contributed to the Exotic Foraging Bundle, part of the Crafts Room in the Community Center. By contributing Pine Tar to this bundle, players are one step closer to unlocking various rewards.


The creative possibilities with Pine Tar extend to the world of tailoring, offering players unique opportunities to express their style. 

Stardew Valley - tailoring clothes

By incorporating Pine Tar into the crafting process, players can create the stylish Floppy Beanie—a fashionable headwear that keeps you warm and showcases your crafting prowess.

Crafting the Floppy Beanie using Pine Tar is a straightforward process. Players must utilize the Sewing Machine and place Pine Tar in the spool and one Cloth. The Sewing Machine in Stardew Valley transforms the Pine Tar into a fine thread, skillfully woven into the creation of the Floppy Beanie. 

This headwear adds a touch of fashion to your character’s appearance and serves as a cozy accessory during the chilly seasons in Stardew Valley.

Game Quests

One of the quests Pine Tar is used in Stardew Valley involves Woodskip, who requests Pine Tar to increase the capacity of a Fish Pond from 5 to 7. 

Completing this quest not only rewards players with progression in the Fish Pond but also provides a sense of fulfillment and contributes to the overall growth of their farm and community.


Pine Tar in Stardew Valley is an invaluable resource that adds depth and versatility to the gameplay experience. From crafting essential tools like the Stardew Valley’s Loom and Speed-Gro to creating stylish clothing items like the Floppy Beanie, Pine Tar is vital in enhancing your farming and crafting endeavors. 

Players can continuously acquire Pine Tar and unlock its full potential by tapping into Pine Trees, exploring different locations, and completing quests.  So, venture forth, embrace the versatility of Pine Tar, and watch as your farm thrives!

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