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Unwrapping Friendship: The Best Gifts for Pierre in Stardew Valley

In the idyllic world of Stardew Valley, establishing relationships with the different characters is a fundamental aspect of the game. Each villager has their own unique tastes and preferences when it comes to receiving gifts, and Pierre, the friendly shopkeeper, is no exception. 

In this guide, we will delve into Pierre’s gift preferences, exploring the items he loves, likes, and dislikes and providing players with valuable insights to deepen their friendship with him.

Pierre's Background

Pierre is a prominent figure in Pelican Town, the central hub of Stardew Valley. As the owner of Pierre’s General Store, he plays a crucial role in providing the townsfolk with essential supplies and seeds for their farms. 

His shop is conveniently located near the town square, making it easily accessible for everyone.

Birthday and Location

Like every character in Stardew Valley, Pierre has a designated birthday, which is an important day for players to remember. Pierre celebrates his birthday on the 26th of Spring, marking it a special occasion to engage with him and show appreciation for his presence in the community.

Stardew Valley - Pierre's General Store

Whether through a thoughtful gift or a heartfelt conversation, players can make Pierre’s birthday memorable and strengthen their relationship with him.

Loved Gifts

Players should consider gifting him items that he loves to win Pierre’s heart. These gifts will have a significant positive impact on their relationship. Here are some examples of gifts that Pierre adores:

Rabbit's Foot

Pierre highly cherishes the Rabbit’s Foot as a rare and precious item [1]. 

Fried Calamari

A delicious seafood dish that Pierre finds particularly delightful.

Golden Pumpkin

A symbol of abundance and good fortune, the Golden Pumpkin is sure to impress Pierre.

Stardew Valley - looking for golden pumpkin

Magic Rock Candy

Pierre has a sweet tooth, and this magical confectionery is a perfect treat for him.


A valuable gem from the sea, the pearl captures Pierre’s fascination.

Prismatic Shard

An exquisite and rare gem that holds a special place in Pierre’s heart.

Liked Gifts

While not as impactful as loved gifts, giving Pierre items he likes can foster a positive relationship. But what does Pierre likes? Here are some examples of gifts that will bring a smile to Pierre’s face:

All Universal Likes (excluding Corn, Garlic, Foraged Minerals, and Gems)


A common wildflower that may seem ordinary to some, but Pierre finds joy in its simplicity.

Stardew Valley - dandelion inventory


The bright and cheerful Daffodil is a classic gift that Pierre enjoys.

All Milk, Goat Milk, and Eggs

As a shopkeeper, Pierre appreciates fresh produce from the farm.

Neutral Gifts

Certain gifts fall into the neutral category, neither significantly improving nor hindering the player’s relationship with Pierre. These include:

All Universal Neutrals

All Fruit (excluding Fruit Tree Fruit, Salmonberry)

While Pierre deals with produce in his shop, gifting him regular fruits and vegetables elicits a neutral response.

Disliked Gifts

To avoid disappointing Pierre, players should avoid giving him gifts he dislikes. While these gifts won’t ruin the relationship entirely, they have a negative impact. Here are some examples of gifts that Pierre does not particularly enjoy:

Stardew Valley - wild horseradish

Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Ginger, Hazelnut, Holly, Leek, Magma Cap, Morel, Salmonberry, Purple Mushroom, Snow Yam, Wild Horseradish, Winter Root

Despite their availability, Pierre is not fond of these foraged items.

All Universal Dislikes, All Foraged Materials, All Gems (excluding Diamond, Prismatic Shard)

Pierre, being a shopkeeper, has a more practical view of these items and does not hold them in high regard.

Hated Gifts

Finally, there are gifts that Pierre absolutely dislikes. Giving him these items will have a significant negative impact on the relationship. Avoid the following gifts if you wish to maintain a good rapport with Pierre:

All Universal Hates

All Fish

Surprisingly, Stardew Valley’s Pierre loves Fried Calamari and does not appreciate receiving them as gifts.

Other fish in stardew valley

Corn, Garlic, Parsnip Soup, Tortilla

Pierre finds these items unappealing and will express his disdain when given them. But how about the pumpkin soup? More about this type of soup next!


Understanding Pierre’s gift preferences is essential for building a strong and lasting friendship in Stardew Valley. By giving him items he loves or likes, players can deepen their connection with Pierre, unlock new dialogue options and events, and even receive personalized gifts in return. 

So, next time you visit Pierre’s General Store, remember his preferences and make each gift count in your journey to strengthen your bond with this amiable shopkeeper.

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