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Decoding the Enigma of Secret Note 11 in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming simulation game, is filled with hidden secrets and mysteries waiting to be discovered. One intriguing aspect of the game is the presence of Secret Notes, which provide players with cryptic instances. 

Secret Note 11 is a peculiar anomaly among these enigmatic notes, captivating players’ curiosity. This article will delve into the depths of Secret Note 11, unravel its mysteries, and examine the prevailing theories surrounding its meaning. 

Obtaining Secret Notes

To embark on the journey of uncovering Secret Note 11 and other hidden messages, players must first complete the A Winter Mystery quest. This quest is initiated by visiting the Bus Stop during Winter between 6 AM and 4 PM, triggering a cutscene that introduces the “Shadow Guy.” 

Upon completing the quest line, players are rewarded with the Magnifying Glass item, an essential tool for reading Secret Notes and unlocking their secrets.

Finding Secret Notes

Secret Notes can be discovered through various activities in Stardew Valley. Engaging in tasks such as growing giant crops, defeating monsters in the mines, fishing, digging up artifacts, and performing everyday chores can lead to the appearance of these elusive notes. 

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Each activity has a different likelihood of yielding Secret Notes, with giant crop harvesting, artifact digging, and fishing being the most fruitful methods. The following table illustrates the odds of finding Secret Notes:

Activity Chance of Finding
Giant Crop 100%
Artifact Spots 11%
Fishing 8%
Resource Clumps 5%
Monsters 3.30%
Cutting Weeds 0.90%
Stone 0.75%
Chopping Trees 0.50%

Secret Note 11: The Mysterious Photograph

Secret Note 11 distinguishes itself by presenting players with a visual puzzle rather than textual content. The note depicts an older woman holding hands with a little girl, surrounded by farm animals. 

Stardew Valley - secret note mysterious photograph

However, the identities of these individuals remain shrouded in uncertainty, giving rise to two primary theories. The first theory suggests that the individuals in the photograph are Marnie and Jas, with the image capturing a tender moment when Jas was a young girl. 

Supporters of this theory often point to the resemblance between the characters in the game and the visual elements present in the note. 

However, an alternative theory proposes that the note portrays Jas holding hands with her unidentified mother, who does not appear in the game. This theory relies on the absence of Marnie in the picture and raises intriguing questions about Jas’ family background.

Theories and Speculation

Players and enthusiasts of Stardew Valley have generated many theories and interpretations surrounding Secret Note 11, aiming to decipher its meaning and significance. 

Stardew Valley - holding a secret note

Let’s delve into three main ideas and explore the evidence and potential contradictions associated with each:

1. Marnie's Sister and Jas' Mother

This theory suggests that the note showcases Marnie’s sister and Jas’ mother, making Jas and Marnie relatives. However, this theory raises certain inconsistencies, such as Shane’s relationship with Jas and the lack of explicit confirmation in the game.

2. Shane as Jas' Father

Supporters of this theory propose that Shane could be Jas’ father, based on his role as her godfather and their close relationship. 

This theory provides a possible explanation for Shane’s struggles in life and his connection to Jas. However, concrete evidence linking Shane as Jas’ father is yet to be discovered.

3. Jas as Marnie's Daughter

Another theory posits that Jas is Marnie’s biological daughter, explaining their close bond. Proponents of this theory point to their similar appearances and interactions in the game. 

Stardew Valley - Marnie with Jas

The Purpose of Secret Note 11

Unlike other Secret Notes (like the Secret Note 19) in Stardew Valley, Secret Note 11 does not serve a specific gameplay function or provide direct rewards [1]. 

Its purpose remains to be discovered, leading players to question whether it holds a hidden message. The mystery has fueled anticipation for future updates or hints from the game’s developer, ConcernedApe.


Secret Note 11 continues to intrigue players with its captivating visual puzzle and ambiguous meaning. As the Stardew Valley community delves deeper into the game’s mysteries, the quest for answers regarding Secret Note 11 remains ongoing.  

With the potential for future updates and the developer’s penchant for surprises, players are encouraged to continue exploring the enigmatic secrets within the game.

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