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Fall Flavors Delight: A Guide to Cooking Pumpkin Soup in Stardew Valley

Cooking in Stardew Valley offers a delightful virtual experience, allowing players to enjoy preparing delicious meals for their in-game characters. Pumpkin Soup is a versatile and popular choice among the many available recipes. 

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of obtaining the pumpkin soup recipe, cooking the soup, and exploring its benefits and uses within the game.

Obtaining the Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Befriending Robin, the Helpful Character

Building a solid friendship with Robin is essential to receive the coveted Pumpkin Soup recipe. Interacting with her regularly and engaging in meaningful conversations will gradually increase your friendship level.

Gift Ideas to Impress Robin in Stardew Valley

Gifts play a significant role in improving your relationship with Robin. Some of her favorite items include Goat Cheese, Spaghetti, and Peaches. Presenting her with these items will earn you a substantial boost in friendship points.

Stardew Valley - gifting Robin

Completing Quests for Robin

Robin often posts quests on the community Special Orders board or the Help Wanted board outside Pierre’s store. These quests usually require specific materials, such as stone or wood. 

Completing these quests can earn valuable friendship points and strengthen your bond with Robin.

Receiving the Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Robin's Letter and Its Contents

After reaching a 7 hearts or above level of friendship with Robin, she will send you a heartfelt letter containing the pumpkin soup recipe. Check your mailbox regularly upon achieving this level of friendship to receive this exciting piece of mail.

Ingredients Required for Pumpkin Soup

To prepare pumpkin soup, you will need two main ingredients: One Pumpkin and one Milk. Pumpkins can be grown on your farm after planting and growing Pumpkin Seeds. 

Stardew Valley - acquiring pumkin soup recipe

Acquiring Milk requires building a barn to house cows, let them reach maturity, and achieve a high friendship level with them to milk.

Cooking Pumpkin Soup

Obtaining Pumpkins in Stardew Valley

You can purchase Pumpkin Seeds from Pierre’s General Store during Fall to grow pumpkins on your farm. Ensure you provide the necessary care and attention to your crops to ensure a bountiful pumpkin harvest.

Pumpkins are available for harvest after 13 days.

Acquiring Milk

Building a barn and raising cows is the most sustainable way to acquire Milk. Constructing a barn requires resources and planning, but it provides a consistent source of milk for various recipes, including pumpkin soup.

Stardew Valley - large milk

Maintain a good friendship level with your cows and feed them daily. When they reach maturity, you can use a Milk Pail to milk cows properly. 

Using the Kitchen to Cook Pumpkin Soup

Once you have gathered the required ingredients, you must head to the kitchen inside your upgraded farmhouse. Make sure your 1x Pumpkin and 1x Milk is equipped in your inventory.

You can interact with the kitchen to access the cooking interface, where you can select the recipe. Clicking the Pumpkin Soup button will initiate the cooking process, resulting in a delicious pot of Pumpkin Soup.

Other Ways to Acquire Pumpkin Soup

If you want to avoid more time or resources to obtain Pumpkin Soup, alternative methods exist to acquire it within the gameplay of Stardew Valley.

Purchasing from the Traveling Merchant, Krobus, or Stardrop Saloon

The Traveling Merchant occasionally offers Pumpkin Soup for sale at her booth during the Festival of Ice at the price of 250g. Additionally, Krobus may randomly stock Pumpkin Soup in his shop on Saturdays. Gus may also sell Pumpkin Soup at the Stardrop Saloon. Keep an eye out for these opportunities to purchase Pumpkin Soup directly.

Stardew Valley - traveling cart

Finding Pumpkin Soup in Treasure Rooms

Exploring the depths of the Skull Cavern might lead you to treasure rooms that contain various valuable items, including five Pumpkin Soup. While finding Pumpkin Soup in treasure rooms is relatively rare, it adds an element of excitement to your spelunking adventures.

Benefits and Uses of Pumpkin Soup

1. Defense and Luck Buffs

Consuming Pumpkin Soup buffs your character’s Defense and Luck attributes by (+2). These buffs can be beneficial when engaging in combat or seeking rare items and resources.

Additionally, consuming Pumpkin soup also restores +200 Energy and +90 Health.

2. Duration of the Buffs

The buffs provided by Pumpkin Soup typically last for a duration of 7 minutes and 41 seconds in-game, allowing you to enjoy the benefits for a limited time. It’s advisable to time your consumption strategically to maximize the advantages during critical activities.


In this guide, we explored the joy of virtual cooking in Stardew Valley, with a particular focus on the versatility and popularity of Pumpkin Soup. 

Immerse yourself in the virtual world of Stardew Valley and savor the culinary adventure of cooking Pumpkin Soup. Experiment with different recipes [1], share meals with friends and villagers, and embrace the joy of creating delightful virtual dishes!

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