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Stardew Valley Rhubarb — A Guide to Growing, Selling, and Crafting the Crop

In Stardew Valley, cultivating and selling crops is crucial for a successful farming life. Rhubarb stands out as a unique fruit crop with its own uses and characteristics among the various crops. 

This comprehensive guide explores the world of Rhubarb in Stardew Valley, covering its growth, harvest, sale, and crafting possibilities.

Understanding Rhubarb in Stardew Valley

In the virtual world of Stardew Valley, Rhubarb is known as a fruit crop which takes 13 days to reach maturity. The crop undergoes five stages of growth upon its harvest. 

It serves as a critical ingredient in Rhubarb Pie, a delightful dessert that adds a touch of sweetness to the game.

To obtain the recipe for Rhubarb Pie, players must establish a strong bond of friendship with Marnie, who will graciously share it via mail once a friendship of at least 7 hearts has been achieved. 

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So, while Rhubarb may be eaten raw, its true value lies in its contribution to the culinary delights of Stardew Valley.

Growing and Harvesting Rhubarb

Rhubarb can only flourish during the spring season. Plant Rhubarb using Rhubarb Seeds and monitor its growth through different stages. Harvesting Rhubarb yields 26 farming experience points [1].

Spring Planting

Rhubarb can only be grown during the spring season in Stardew Valley. Ensure that you have Rhubarb Seeds in your inventory before or at the start of spring.

Clear and Prepare the Soil

Select a suitable location on your farm and clear the area of any debris or weeds. Use a hoe to till the soil and create a fertile bed for planting.

Planting Rhubarb Seeds

Once the soil is prepared, select Rhubarb Seeds from your inventory and click on the tilled soil to plant them. Each seed will yield one Rhubarb plant.

Stardew Valley - rhubarb inventory

Watering and Maintenance

After planting the seeds, it’s essential to water them regularly to promote healthy growth. Ensure you water the Rhubarb plants daily to maintain proper moisture levels.

Monitor Growth Stages

Rhubarb goes through five growth stages before it is ready to be harvested. Keep a close eye on the plants and observe their progression. The growth stages are visually indicated by the appearance of the crop, with leaves emerging from the top as it matures.

Patience and Time

Rhubarb requires patience, which takes 13 days to mature fully. During this time, continue watering the plants and tending to your farm or other activities.


Once the Rhubarb plants have reached the final growth stage, they are ready to be harvested. Use a scythe or preferred harvesting tool to gather the mature Rhubarb stalks. Simply click on each plant to collect the harvest.

Farming Experience

If you harvest a single Rhubarb, you’ll earn you 26 farming experience points, helping you progress in your farming skill.

Stardew Valley - harvesting rhubarb


After harvesting the Rhubarb, the plants will no longer produce more stalks. To continue growing Rhubarb, you must purchase and plant Rhubarb Seeds again.

Selling Rhubarb for Profit

The base sale price of Rhubarb is 220g, but the Tiller profession can provide a bonus, increasing the sale price. Rhubarb has different qualities, including ordinary silver, gold, and iridium, each with varying sale prices.

Rhubarb Selling Price Tiller (+10%)
Base Quality 220g 242g
Silver Quality 275g 302g
Gold Quality 330g 363g
Iridium Quality 440g 484g

Crafting and Artisan

Rhubarb can be used to create Rhubarb Wine, an artisan good for its sale prices. It’s also utilized in cooking Rhubarb Pie, a tasty dessert. The recipe requires 1x Rhubarb, 1x Wheat Flour, and 1x Sugar.

Stardew Valley - receiving rhubarb pie recipe

The fruit crop can also be used in tailoring to create the Green Buttoned Vest. Rhubarb serves as a red dye in the dye pots.

Where to Find and Buy

Rhubarb Seeds Rhubarb Seeds can be purchased from the Oasis shop, which becomes accessible after repairing the Bus Stop. 

Stardew Valley’s Sandy at the Oasis sells Rhubarb Seeds for 100g each. Alternatively, Rhubarb Seeds may occasionally be available at the Traveling Cart for 150 to 1,000g each.

Is Rhubarb a Profitable Crop?

While not much of a profitable crop, Rhubarb still offers decent earning. With a base sale price of 220g and a growth period of 13 days, Rhubarb provides an average of 16.92g per day. Consider Rhubarb as a viable option for profitability on your farm.


Maximize profits by implementing optimized farming strategies, using fertilizer, and enhancing crop quality. Incorporate Rhubarb into gifting to improve relationships with villagers. Overall, Rhubarb adds depth to the farming experience in Stardew Valley.

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