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Rabbit’s Foot in Stardew Valley — All the Know-Hows

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator game that offers players endless hours of gameplay, with an abundance of rare items to discover. One such item is the elusive Rabbit’s Foot, a rare drop that can be used for a variety of purposes. 

In this article, we’ll explore the many ways to obtain a Rabbit’s Foot, as well as its uses and value in the game. 

How Do You Get a Rabbit’s Foot in Stardew Valley?

Getting the Rabbit’s Foot in Stardew Valley can be challenging, but there are several ways to obtain it:

Raising Rabbits

To get a consistent supply of the Rabbit’s Foot, you’ll need to upgrade your Big Coop to a Deluxe Coop through Robin’s Carpenter Shop, which costs 20,000 gold. The Deluxe Coop enables you to not only purchase rabbits but also add space for your animals.

Once you have a Deluxe Coop on your farm, you will need to get a rabbit. You can purchase one from Marnie’s Ranch for 8,000g each. Make sure it is happy by feeding it daily and petting it to increase its affection. Upon reaching a certain level of friendship and happiness with the rabbit, it may produce Rabbit’s Foot than wool.

Traveling Cart

You can wait for a Rabbit’s Foot to be available on the Traveling Cart, which appears on Fridays and Sundays in The Woods or the Night Market in Winter. Keep in mind that the Rabbit Foot is a rare item and might not always be available, plus you have to pay a hefty price.

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Skull Cavern

The Rabbit’s Foot can also be found in the Skull Cavern by slaying Serpents. It has a low drop rate of 0.8%, so you need to spend some extra time in the Skull Cavern if this is your way to obtain it.

Uses of Rabbit’s Foot

A Rabbit’s Foot has various uses in Stardew Valley, making it a valuable item for your farm. 

One of its uses is gifting it to villagers which can give you up to 80 friendship points. The Rabbit’s Foot is a universally loved gift by everyone but Penny.

The Rabbit’s Foot is a required item in the Enchanter’s Bundle on the Bulletin Board of The Community Center. Completing the bundle provides a reward of five gold bars. 

When used at the Sewing Machine, it will create a yellow shirt. The Rabbit’s Foot can also be used in the Dye Pot to create a yellow dye.

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Lastly, the Rabbit Foot can be used in Secret Note #20, which requires a Rabbit’s Foot. Following the note, you will arrive at a truck parked near JojaMart, where interacting with it makes you speak to the truck driver. 

The truck driver asks for a Rabbit’s Foot, and if you give one, they’ll give a Special Charm that increases your daily luck.

Rabbit’s Foot Cutscene

When you reach 10 Hearts and are dating with all the bachelors and bachelorettes in Stardew Valley, you can enter a cutscene at both Emily and Haley’s house or at The Stardrop Saloon. It has two variations, one which triggers with the Rabbit’s Foot in your inventory, and one without. 

Without the Rabbit’s Foot, all the bachelorettes will be at Emily and Haley’s, and the bachelors at The Stardrop Saloon will express their anger at you for dating them all at the same time. They will refuse gifts, and have dialogue with irritated expressions for a week before forgiving you.

Stardew Valley - rabbit's foot

If you have a Rabbit’s Foot, however, the cutscene will turn into the bachelorettes gossiping about Lewis and Marnie’s relationship in Emily and Haley’s House, and the bachelors will be playing a game of pool at The Stardrop Saloon.

Selling Prices

The table below shows the selling prices of the Rabbit’s Foot depending on quality and skill:

QualityBaseRancher (+20%)

What is the Easiest Way to Get a Rabbit’s Foot?

The easiest way to get a Rabbit’s Foot is by purchasing it from the Traveling Cart. However, owning a rabbit and taking care of it in a Deluxe Coop will increase your chances of obtaining one consistently.

Stardew Valley - rabbit

Does Having Rabbit’s Foot Affect luck?

Having a Rabbit’s Foot in your inventory does not directly affect daily luck, but after completing Secret Note #20, you will carry a Special Charm in your wallet. The Special Charm increases your daily luck by 2.5%, effective the day after it’s given to you by the truck driver.


The Rabbit’s Foot may be a rare item in Stardew Valley, but it is well worth the effort to obtain. From gifting to crafting, the Rabbit’s Foot can be utilized in various ways to enhance your gameplay experience. 

Whether you choose to raise happy bunnies or delve deep into the Skull Cavern, keep your eyes peeled for this lucky charm and reap the benefits it offers!

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