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What Does Pierre Like In Stardew Valley? Unveiling the Tastes of A Beloved Shopkeeper

In the enchanting world of Stardew Valley, building strong relationships with the villagers is key to creating a thriving community. Pierre, the friendly owner of the General Store, has his own unique preferences when it comes to gifts.

Understanding the items that Pierre likes can help you foster a closer bond with him and unlock additional benefits. In this article, we will explore Pierre’s preferred items, ranging from delicious culinary creations to vibrant flowers and farm-fresh produce.

Meet Pierre and His Family

Pierre is a hardworking shopkeeper who oversees the bustling General Store. Located at the heart of Pelican Town, the store serves as a hub for the community, offering a wide range of items essential for farming, cooking, and crafting.

Caroline, Pierre’s wife, supports him in managing the household and raising their daughter, Abigail.

Importance of Building a Good Relationship with Pierre

Access to Essential Goods

As the owner of the General Store, Pierre stocks a variety of essential items for your farming endeavors. Building a strong relationship with him ensures that you receive prompt access to the supplies you need, such as seeds, tools, and livestock upgrades.

Pierre's general store

Helpful Advice and Tips

Pierre’s experience and knowledge of farming make him an invaluable source of advice. By cultivating a strong relationship with him, you gain access to helpful tips, tricks, and insights into efficient farming practices.

Friendship Events

Establishing a close bond with Pierre unlocks unique friendship events. These events offer glimpses into Pierre’s personal life and allow you to learn more about his aspirations, dreams, and struggles.

Community Integration

Building a good relationship with Pierre contributes to your integration within the community of Pelican Town.

As you forge a friendship with Pierre, you become more acquainted with other villagers and unlock opportunities for collaboration, such as festivals, community projects, and shared celebrations.

Emotional Support and Camaraderie

As you interact with Pierre regularly and develop a strong bond, you create a connection that goes beyond the realm of gaming.

Stardew Valley - Pierre talking to customer

Cooked Goods: A Delightful Treat

Pierre has a soft spot for homemade dishes that showcase your culinary prowess. He appreciates a wide variety of cooked goods, with a few exceptions. When gifting Pierre cooked items, keep in mind that he particularly enjoys:

All Cooked Goods (except Parsnip Soup and Tortilla)

Whipping up tasty treats like Pancakes, Omelets, or even a delightful Fish Taco can bring a smile to Pierre’s face. Share your culinary creations with him to strengthen your bond and show off your cooking skills.

The only exceptions to this are Parsnip Soup and Tortilla, both are items that he Hates.

Flowers: Blooms of Affection

Bright and colorful, flowers have a special place in Pierre’s heart. Offering him a bouquet of flowers is a surefire way to make a positive impression. Pierre appreciates all flowers except for one particular variety:

All Flowers (except Poppy)

Whether it’s a vibrant Tulip, a fragrant Fairy Rose, or a cheerful Sunflower, gifting Pierre any flower besides the Poppy will bring a sense of joy and beauty to his day. Show your appreciation for his presence in the community by sharing the natural wonders of Stardew Valley.

stardew valley watering tulips

Tree Fruits: Nature's Bounty

Pierre’s connection to the land is deeply rooted in his love for farming. He finds delight in the bountiful harvest of tree fruits. When presenting Pierre with a gift, consider the following:

All Tree Fruits

From the juicy sweetness of Apples to the citrusy zing of Oranges, Pierre is fond of the tree fruits that flourish in Stardew Valley.

Vegetables: Fresh from the Fields

As a shopkeeper and farmer, Pierre appreciates the fruits of the land. When it comes to vegetables, Pierre welcomes a variety of choices, excluding one particular crop:

Vegetables (excluding Corn)

Pierre holds a fondness for an assortment of vegetables, such as Tomatoes, Potatoes, and Carrots. Just avoid giving him Corn, as he Hates this as a gift.

Eggs and Milk: Farm-Fresh Delicacies

Pierre values the freshness and quality of farm produce. When considering gifts, keep in mind that Pierre has a special appreciation for:

duck egg stardew valley

Eggs (excluding Void Eggs)

Share the wholesome goodness of freshly laid eggs from your coop with Pierre. Whether it’s a white or brown egg, each one represents your commitment to sustainable farming practices.


Offer Pierre a bottle of fresh milk to showcase your dedication to nurturing livestock and supporting local agriculture.

Daffodils and Dandelions: Symbols of Spring

Symbolizing the arrival of spring, Daffodils and Dandelions both hold a special place in Pierre’s heart. The cheerful blooms will brighten his day and reinforce your connection as a fellow lover of nature.


Understanding Pierre’s preferences and giving him items that he likes is a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship in Stardew Valley [1]. From cooked goods to flowers, tree fruits to vegetables, eggs to milk, and daffodils, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

By offering Pierre these preferred items, you not only demonstrate your thoughtfulness but also deepen your bond with him.

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