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Sebastian’s Likes in Stardew Valley — A Guide to Building a Strong Relationship

In the delightful farming simulation game Stardew Valley, building relationships with the villagers is essential to the gameplay. Sebastian, a brooding and mysterious character, is one of the eligible bachelors you can pursue. 

Knowing his preferred gifts is crucial to winning Sebastian’s heart. So, we explored and listed Sebastian’s likes, ensuring you make the right choices to strengthen your bond.

Sebastian's Liked Gifts

If you’re looking for more options to please Sebastian, consider these gifts that he likes in Stardew Valley:

Stardew Valley - flounder
    • Artisan Goods (excluding Green Tea, Coffee, Oil)

Sebastian’s liked gifts include various cooking recipes, such as Triple Shot Espresso, Coffee, Pancakes, Salad, Pizza, and many more. Experimenting with different recipes [1] and surprising Sebastian with delicious dishes can be an excellent way to strengthen your bond.

Sebastian's Loved Gifts

When it comes to Sebastian, sure gifts will make his heart flutter. Presenting him with these items earns the most friendship points and deepens your relationship. Here are Sebastian’s most loved gifts in Stardew Valley:

Stardew Valley - frozen tear

Sebastian's Neutral Gifts

While Sebastian has his Loved and Liked gifts, there are also items that he has a neutral reaction to when given as gifts in Stardew Valley. These items won’t significantly impact your friendship with him, but they are still acceptable choices. 

Stardew Valley - fishing with Sebastian

Here is a list of Sebastian’s neutral gifts:

Can I Give Sebastian Fish?

Yes, you can give Sebastian fish in Stardew Valley. Sebastian has all fish set as Neutral gifts, with the exception of Flounder which is a loved gift. 

Giving him fish he likes will increase your friendship points and help build a stronger relationship. Check Sebastian’s gift preferences to determine which specific fish he prefers.

Other fish in stardew valley

He loves Sashimi, which is a dish that can be made with Any Fish cooked in the farmhouse kitchen. Still, be aware that there are also some fish that Sebastian dislikes or even hates, so it’s essential to avoid giving him those if you want to maintain or improve your friendship with him.

What is Sebastian's favorite color?

Sebastian’s favorite color in Stardew Valley is most likely purple. He is often seen wearing a purple hoodie and can often be found in his room, which is decorated with various purple elements. 

Sebastian is observed to be inclined to use darker colors as well from his clothing and overall room aesthetic.

Additionally, Sebastian’s preferred gift, the Obsidian, is a purple mineral. This suggests that purple holds a special significance to Sebastian and may be his favorite color in the game. 

Stardew Valley - Sebastian loving gift

Understanding a character’s favorite color can help when selecting gifts or decorating their living spaces to further enhance your relationship with them.


You can forge a solid and lasting relationship by presenting Sebastian with his favorite gifts in Stardew Valley. Sebastian’s loved gifts include Frozen Tear, Rabbit’s Foot, Pumpkin Soup, Sashimi, and the elusive Golden Pumpkin. Additionally, he appreciates a wide range of items, including gemstones, vegetables, and cooking recipes.

Building a connection with Sebastian requires thoughtfulness and an understanding of his unique tastes. Use this guide as a reference to unlock his heart and discover the hidden depths of his character. Good luck on your journey to win Sebastian’s affection in Stardew Valley!

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