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Stardew Valley’s Loved Gifts — A Comprehensive Guide to Building Lasting Relationships

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming simulation game developed by ConcernedApe, offers players a captivating and immersive experience in a rural setting. Building relationships with the game’s diverse cast of characters is a crucial element of gameplay among its many stunning features.

Understanding the art of gift-giving is crucial to cultivating solid bonds, and in this guide, we’ll explore the concept of “loved gifts” in Stardew Valley.

The Importance of Relationships in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley not only revolves around tending to crops and animals but also emphasizes the value of connecting with the vibrant community of Pelican Town. 

Players can unlock unique dialogue options, rewarding cutscenes, and potential romance by building relationships with the game’s characters. These relationships are nurtured through meaningful interactions, quests, and, most importantly, gift-giving.

Understanding Loved Gifts

In Stardew Valley, each character has specific preferences and tastes. Gifting items they love can significantly impact your relationship with them, while giving disliked or hated gifts may have adverse effects. 

sending gifts stardew valley

Loved gifts are vital to deepening your connection with the characters, making them more willing to share personal stories and ultimately becoming your friends or potential marriage candidates.

It’s important to note that loved gifts vary from person to person, reflecting their unique personalities, hobbies, and backgrounds. 

For example, Abigail, the adventurous and creative character, adores Amethyst, an enchanting purple gemstone, while Haley, the fashionable and glamorous individual, appreciates Sunflowers for their vibrant beauty. 

Exploring the intricacies of each character’s preferences will help you navigate the world of Stardew Valley with finesse.

A Guide to Gifts

Gift categories per person grant different Friendship level effects: Loves grant +80 Friendship Points, Likes give +45 Friendship Points, and Neutrals give +20 Friendship Points. Dislikes give -20 Friendship Points, and Hates give -40 Friendship Points.

stardew valley giving gifts

Universally Loved Gifts

Universally Hated Gifts

Gifts for Dateable Characters

Abigail (Fall 13)

Stardew Valley - Abigail with friend

Alex (Summer 13)

Elliot (Fall 5)

Emily (Spring 27)

Haley (Spring 14)

Haley gifts

Harvey (Winter 14)

Leah (Winter 23)

Maru (Summer 10)

Penny (Fall 2)

penny at community center stardew valley

Sam (Summer 17)

Sebastian (Winter 10)

Shane (Spring 20)

Gifts for the Remaining Characters

Caroline (Winter 7)

Stardew Valley - Caroline happy with gift

Clint (Winter 26)

Demetrius (Summer 19)

Dwarf (Summer 22)

Evelyn (Winter 20)

Stardew Valley - Evelyn

George (Fall 24)

Gus (Summer 8)

Jas (Summer 4)

Jodi (Fall 11)

Stardew Valley - Jodi grateful for gift

Kent (Spring 4)

Krobus (Winter 1)

Leo (Summer 26)

Mayor Lewis (Spring 7)

Stardew Valley - Mayor Lewis' house

Linus (Winter 3)

Marnie (Fall 18)

Pam (Spring 18)

Pierre (Spring 26)

Stardew Valley - Pierre's General Store

Robin (Fall 21)

Sandy (Fall 15)

Vincent (Spring 10)

Willy (Summer 24)

Stardew Valley - Willy accepting gift

Wizard (winter 17)

Gifting Strategies and Tips

While having a list of loved gifts is helpful, understanding some key strategies can elevate your gift-giving game even further:

Exploration and Observation

Interact with characters frequently to learn more about their likes, dislikes, and hobbies. This information can guide you in selecting personalized gifts that resonate with them.

Handmade and Personalized Gifts

Going the extra mile by crafting items or cooking dishes yourself can demonstrate sincerity and thoughtfulness. Characters often appreciate the effort behind gifts given to the.

gifting honey stardew valley

Birthdays and Special Occasions

Take note of characters’ birthdays and other events in the game calendar. These occasions present excellent opportunities to surprise them with meaningful gifts that they will cherish. When a character is given a gift on their birthday, it has an 8x multiplier effect.

The Universal Approach

Suppose you’re uncertain about a character’s specific preferences or want to play it safe. In that case, there are a few universally loved gifts that most characters enjoy, such as diamonds, prismatic shards, or high-quality artisan goods.

Best Gift Items in Stardew Valley

1. Pumpkin

Loved by multiple characters, including Abigail, Krobus, and Willy. It’s also used to make Pumpkin Pie (loved by Marnie) and Pumpkin Soup (loved by Sebastian).

2. Hot Pepper

Loved by Shane and Mayor Lewis and liked by many others. It’s also an ingredient in Pepper Poppers, loved by Maru.

Stardew Valley - hot pepper

3. Daffodil

Liked by most characters (except Jodi) and easily obtainable during spring as a forageable item. It’s easily found throughout Stardew Valley, especially among the lush greenery.

4. Rabbit's Foot

Universally loved (except by Penny) and can be obtained from rabbits. While valuable when sold, it’s a great gifting item as almost everyone has it as a Loved item.

5. Eggs and Milk

Liked by almost every character and easily obtainable once you have animals on your farm. Care for your animals well; they’ll give you daily produce to gift to others. If you’re lucky, you can also get Large milk and eggs. 

6. Fruit Tree Fruits

These items are liked by most and are easily obtainable once fruit trees are tapped, or bats are in the cave. Collect these tree produce and share them with the villagers.

Stardew Valley - orange tree

7. Vegetable Medley

Loved by Leah, Jodi, and Mayor Lewis. It’s a relatively simple recipe and can be made with a tomato and a beet.

Loved gifts in Stardew Valley are specific items that hold a high value for certain characters, contributing to increasing their friendship levels [1] more quickly. These gifts are a great way to strengthen relationships and unlock new dialogue options, events, and romantic possibilities.

By discovering and gifting loved items to the characters that appreciate them, players can deepen their connections and create lasting bonds within the vibrant world of Stardew Valley. Make sure to keep track of the Loves, Likes, Neutrals, Dislikes, and Hates of each character to 

Stardew Valley - holding food

Additional Notes


Understanding each character’s preferences and loved gifts in Stardew Valley is essential for building strong relationships and progressing through the game. While universally loved items may be difficult to obtain or more valuable, there are several practical and easily obtainable gifts that characters appreciate.

By strategically choosing and giving these items, players can foster meaningful connections and fully enjoy the game’s social aspect, adding depth and immersion to their farming adventures.

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