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From Earth to Stardew: The Riches of Stardew Valley’s Iron Ore

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming RPG, offers players resources and opportunities. Iron ore is a crucial element for crafting and progression among these resources. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the significance of iron ore and explore the various methods to obtain it within the game. Get ready to embark on a mining adventure and unlock the secrets of iron ore in Stardew Valley!

7 Ways to Obtain Iron Ore

1. Mining in the Depths of the Mines: Levels 41 to 79 as the Ideal Range

Venture deep into the mines to discover a rich abundance of iron nodes. The best levels to find iron ore are typically between levels 41 and 79. As you descend into the depths, keep your pickaxe ready to mine the valuable ore. 

The higher you go past level 41, the greater the chances of encountering iron nodes and obtaining iron ore.

2. Searching for Hidden Treasures in Crates & Barrels in the Mines

While exploring the Mines, keep a keen eye out for crates and barrels scattered throughout the tunnels. While the drop chance for iron ore from these containers is relatively low, it’s worth breaking them open whenever you come across them. 

Stardew Valley - carrying iron ore to craft iron bar

Sometimes luck is on your side, and you may find a precious stash of iron ore hidden within these humble containers.

3. Battling Monsters for a Chance to Acquire Iron Ore

Deep within the mines, you will encounter various formidable foes such as Stone Golems (Floors 31 to 39), Iron Slimes, and Metal Heads (Floors 81 to 119). 

Engage in combat and defeat these monsters on their floors to increase your chances of obtaining iron ore. Each defeated enemy presents an opportunity to get valuable resources, including iron ore. 

4. Fishing for Treasure Chests

Fishing is a relaxing pastime in Stardew Valley and a potential source of iron ore. Watch for treasure chests while casting your line into the waters. When successfully reeled in, these chests can contain iron ore. 

Stardew Valley - fishing

Be patient and persistent in your fishing endeavors, as treasure chests appear random. Utilize bait and tackle to enhance your chances of catching valuable fish and uncovering these hidden treasures.

5. Trash

Take your time to collect trash you find while fishing or searching through Garbage Cans around town. You have a 21% chance of obtaining iron ore by recycling trash at the recycling machine. Directly collecting treasure from Fishing Treasure Chests may also give your iron ore.

This method may not be as reliable as others, but it’s an excellent way to put that discarded junk to good use. Collect fishing trash during fishing trips and visit the recycling machine to convert it into potentially valuable resources, including iron ore.

6. Uncovering Iron Ore while Digging up Dirt with a Pickaxe

Exploring the mines involves more than just breaking rocks and mining nodes. Sometimes, you may stumble upon unexpected treasures while using your pickaxe to dig up dirt or break rocks. Among these surprises, you may find iron ore. 

Stardew Valley - mining iron ore

Keep an eye out for any sparkles or unique-looking rocks that hint at hidden resources. Digging up dirt becomes an exciting prospect as you never know what valuable discoveries await you, including iron ore.

7. Buying from Clint’s Shop

Clint, the Blacksmith, sells iron ore for 150g in Year 1 and 250g each in the succeeding years. This item is always available in this shop.

Smelting Iron Ores

A primary use of Iron Ore is to smelt them into a very useful item, the Stardew Valley Iron Bar. A Furnace is required to smelt 5x Iron Ore and 1x Coal for fuel. After 2 in-game hours, one Iron Bar is produced.


The sole item that can be crafted with iron ore is the Bomb, which is a practical item to have in mining situations. Its crafting recipe is given at Mining Level 6.

Stardew Valley - crafting bomb

To craft this explosive item. 4x Iron Ore and 1x Coal is required.


Mastering the art of acquiring iron ore is an essential skill for success in Stardew Valley [1]. Players can efficiently gather this valuable resource by exploring the different methods and understanding their probabilities. 

Whether venturing into the mines, fishing in tranquil waters, or even rummaging through garbage cans as a last resort, every avenue offers an opportunity to obtain iron ore. 

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