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Stardew Valley Fairy Rose — A Delicate Treasure in the Fields

Stardew Valley is a beloved farming simulation game that offers many activities for players. One of the fascinating aspects of the game is the Fairy Rose, a flower with a captivating aroma that attracts fairies. 

In this article, we will delve into the world of Fairy Roses, exploring their growth process, obtaining their seeds, harvesting Fairy Rose Honey, crafting Fairy Dust, and the importance of gifting in relationships.

Overview of Fairy Rose in Stardew Valley

The Fairy Rose is a special flower known for its mythical appeal. According to folk legends, the sweet fragrance emitted by this flower is said to attract fairies, adding a touch of magic to the game. 

It takes 12 days for a Fairy Rose to grow fully in the Fall, yielding valuable rewards. Let’s look at its growth time, energy and health benefits, and selling price.

Stardew Valley - fairy rose

Table 1: Fairy Rose Information

Growth TimeEnergyHealthSelling PriceTiller (+10%)
12 daysNo Star: +45No Star: +20No Star: 290gNo Star: 319g
Silver: +63Silver: +28Silver: 362gSilver: 398g
Gold: +81Gold: +36Gold: 435gGold: 478gg
Iridium: +117Iridium: +52Iridium: 580gIridium: 638g

Obtaining Fairy Seeds

To start growing Fairy Roses, you need to acquire their seeds. There are multiple ways to obtain Fairy Seeds in Stardew Valley. Let’s explore the different sources:

Purchasing from Different Sources

Using the Seed Maker

Another method of obtaining Fairy Seeds is by utilizing the Seed Maker. By processing harvested Fairy Roses through the Seed Maker, you can transform them into Fairy Seeds, providing a sustainable source for future planting.

Stardew Valley - seed maker

Growing Fairy Roses

Fairy Roses thrive during fall, making it the ideal time to cultivate these exquisite flowers. To ensure successful growth, consider the following factors:

Suitable Season: Fall

Fairy Roses require the fall season to flourish. Plan your planting schedule to make the most of this season’s favorable conditions.

Time Required for Full Growth: 12 Days

When you plant Fairy Seeds, the flowers will take 12 days to reach maturity. Patience is key in cultivating these beautiful blooms.

Table 2: Crop Growth Calendar

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 2 Stage 2 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 3
Stage 3 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 4 Stage 4 Fairy Rose  
Stardew Valley - fairy rose honey project

Planning Planting Schedule for Optimal Growth

To maximize the yield of Fairy Roses, you must know that strategic planning is crucial. Planting in batches and staggering the planting dates help ensure a continuous supply of fully grown flowers throughout the season.

Obtaining Fairy Rose Honey

Fairy Rose Honey possesses unique properties and can be harvested by planting Fairy Roses near Bee Houses. Let’s explore the process of obtaining this valuable commodity:

Significance of Fairy Rose Honey

Fairy Rose Honey is highly sought after due to its increased value. It’s the most expensive flower honey in all of Stardew Valley.

Planting Fairy Roses near Bee House

Position your Bee Houses near your mature Fairy Rose crops (within 5 tiles) to allow the bees to collect nectar from the flowers, producing Fairy Rose Honey.

Harvesting Honey after 4 Days of Growth

Stardew Valley - harvesting honey

After four days, Stardew Valley’s Bee Houses will be ready for harvesting. Collect the Fairy Rose Honey for personal use or to sell for a higher profit.

Fairy Rose HoneyArtisan (+40%)

Fairy Dust

The only recipe that utilizes Fairy Rose is Fairy Dust, sprinkled on equipment to produce products immediately. Its recipe is achieved after accomplishing “The Pirate’s Wife” questline. To craft this item, 1x Fairy Rose and 1x Diamond are needed.


Fairy Rose is a well-liked gift among the villagers of Stardew Valley, making it a great option for friendship.

Jas and Evelyn Love this flower, while only Clint, George, and Sebastian Hate it. The rest of the villagers Like it.


Fairy Roses are a beautiful addition to your farm and a profitable investment in Stardew Valley. Proper planning and care allow you to enjoy the benefits of Fairy Rose Honey and Fairy Dust while nurturing relationships with NPC characters [1]. 

Consider the outlined strategies and maximize the potential of Fairy Roses to create a thriving and enchanting farm in the world of Stardew Valley.

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