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Casting a Gleaming Path: The Power of Copper Bars in Stardew Valley

In the enchanting world of Stardew Valley, Copper Bars play a crucial role in enhancing your farm and interacting with the villagers. Smelting Copper Ores obtain these versatile items and hold significant value within the game. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the various aspects of Copper Bars, from their utility in tool upgrades and crafting to their significance in completing quests and gifting to villagers. 

All About Copper Bars

Copper Bars are a refined form of Copper Ore, a valuable mineral found throughout the mines of Stardew Valley. They can be obtained by smelting Copper Ores using a Furnace. 

Copper Ores can be mined from the various levels of the mine or purchased from the Blacksmith shop for 75g each in Year 1 and 150g each in succeeding years.

How to Smelt Copper Ores and Make Copper Bars in Stardew Valley

To smelt Copper Ores and create Copper Bars, follow these steps:

Stardew Valley - mining copper ore
  1. Obtain Copper Ores by mining the items in the mine or purchasing them from the Blacksmith in Stardew Valley.
  2. Collect at least five Copper Ores.
  3. Equip a Furnace and place it on your farm or in your house.
  4. Interact with the Furnace and select “Copper Bar” from the list of options.
  5. Place the five Copper Ores in the furnace and put one Coal.
  6. Wait for the smelting process to complete.
  7. Collect the newly created Copper Bars from the output slot of the Furnace.

Note: As an alternative, Copper Bars can sometimes be obtained as drops from defeating Shadow Brutes and Shadow Shamans in the mine.

The selling price of Copper Bars is typically 60g, but this value can vary depending on your profession. With the Blacksmith Profession, you receive a 50% increase in selling price, making each Copper Bar worth 90g. 

It makes the Blacksmith Profession an attractive choice for players seeking to maximize profit.

Stardew Valley - smelting
Selling Price Blacksmith (+50%)
60g 90g

Tool Upgrades

Copper Bars are essential for upgrading your tools, enabling you to perform tasks more efficiently on your farm. 

Each tool upgrade requires a specific number of Copper Bars alongside other resources. The following table provides an overview of the tools, their upgrade cost, and the required ingredients, including Copper Bars:

ToolUpgrade CostRequired Ingredients
Axe2,000g5 Copper Bars
Pickaxe2,000g5 Copper Bars
Hoe2,000g5 Copper Bars
Watering Can2,000g5 Copper Bars
Trash Can1,000g5 Copper Bars


Stardew Valley - copper bar inventory

Copper Bars are vital in numerous craftable items, expanding your options for customization and utility. Here are some notable things that can be crafted using Copper Bars:

ItemDescriptionIngredientsRecipe Source
Charcoal KilnTransforms ten pieces of Wood into one Coal20x Wood, 2x Copper BarForaging Level 4
Cheese PressArtisan Equipment that processes Milk into Cheese1x Copper Bar, 10x Hardwood, 45x Wood, 45x StoneFarming Level 6
KegArtisan Equipment that processes fruits or vegetables into a beverage1x Copper Bar, 1x Iron Bar, 1x Oak Resin, 30x WoodFarming Level 8
Mayonnaise MachineArtisan Equipment that turns Eggs into Mayonnaise1x Copper Bar, 1x Earth Crystal, 15x Stone, 15x WoodFarming Level 2

Other craftable items are the Crab Pot (Trapper Profession), Sprinkler, Sturdy Ring, Tapper, Iron Bar (through transmutation), and Trap Bobber.

Stardew Valley - upgrading tools


One of the effective uses of Copper Bars is in constructing buildings on your farm. The Silo, a structure that stores hay, requires 5x Copper Bars. Its other crafting resources are 100x Stone and 10x Clay.

It is an invaluable asset for maintaining a steady supply of animal feed. The Silo has a base size of 3×3 tiles, costing 100g for each construction.


Villagers in Stardew Valley have varying preferences regarding gifts, and Copper Bars are no exception. While some villagers appreciate Copper Bars as a thoughtful gift, others might not find them less appealing. 

Stardew Valley - gifting

It is essential to know your villagers’ preferences to build strong relationships. Here are the reactions of some villagers to Copper Bars as gifts:

DislikeAbigail, Alex, Caroline, Demetrius, Dwarf, Elliott, Emily, Evelyn, George, Gus, Haley, Harvey, Jas, Jodi, Kent, Krobus, Leah, Leo, Lewis, Linus, Marnie, Pam, Penny, Pierre, Robin, Sandy, Sebastian, Shane, Vincent, Willy, Wizard


Completing bundles at the Community Center is a key objective in Stardew Valley. A Copper Bar is required in the Blacksmith’s Bundle, part of the Boiler Room bundles. 


Copper Bars also find their way into the world of tailoring in Stardew Valley. Using the spool of the Sewing Machine, you can create a Copper Breastplate, a protective garment. Additionally, Copper Bars can be used as an orange dye for dye pots at Emily and Haley’s house.

Stardew Valley - tailoring clothes


Copper Bars are often requested in Pelican Town’s random “Help Wanted” board quests. Completing these quests rewards [1] you with money and friendship points and contributes to overall community development.

Furthermore, Fish Pond quests for Stonefish and Catfish may also require Copper Bars to expand pond capacity.


Copper Bars hold immense value in Stardew Valley, serving as a foundation for various aspects of the game. From tool upgrades to crafting and building construction, Copper Bars open up new possibilities and enable you to progress in your farming journey. 

Understanding the significance and utility of Copper Bars will undoubtedly aid you in making informed decisions and thriving in the entertaining world of Stardew Valley.

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