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Forging Success: The Blacksmith in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a beloved farming simulation game that offers a wide range of activities. Clint’s Blacksmith shop is an essential aspect of the game, which provides invaluable services and upgrades for your tools.

In this guide, we will explore the ins and outs of Clint’s shop, including his role as the blacksmith and his living arrangements.


Clint’s Blacksmith Shop offers a variety of items for purchase, found in the bottom right of town, open from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Players can acquire Copper Ore for 75g each, Iron Ore for 150g each, Coal for 150g each, and Gold Ore for 400g each. These resources are crucial for crafting and smelting.

It is important to note that the prices of these items change in Year 1 and Year 2+, so players should plan their purchases accordingly. The price doubles from Year 2 onwards.

blacksmith shop stardew valley


In addition to buying resources, players can sell their gems, minerals, ore, and bars to Clint. It provides a convenient way to earn some extra gold. However, it’s worth mentioning that geodes cannot be directly sold to him.

Instead, players can break open geodes at Clint’s shop and sell the contents to him. Geodes can be found in the mine or received as drops or rewards.

Upgrade Tools

Clint plays a pivotal role in upgrading tools in Stardew Valley. Players can bring their devices to him, and he will incrementally upgrade them.

The process requires time, with each tool taking two days to upgrade. Upgrading tools enhance their efficiency and effectiveness, making farming, mining, and other activities more manageable and more efficient.

It’s worth noting that even during festival days, Clint will continue working on tools, ensuring players can still upgrade their equipment without disruption. The shop’s services are unavailable when you’re in the duration of the upgrade.

clint blacksmith shop stardew valley

Tool Upgrade Costs

Upgrading tools come with specific requirements and costs. Players must gather the necessary ingredients and pay a certain amount of gold to initiate an upgrade. The prices and ingredients vary depending on the tool and the desired upgrade level.

For example, upgrading the watering can to its copper, steel, gold, and iridium versions requires increasing amounts of bars and cost, but it enhances the item, consuming less energy.


(Hoe, Axe, Pickaxe, Watering Can)

Materials Needed


Copper Tools

5x Copper Bars


Steel Tools

5x Iron Bars


Gold Tools

5x Gold Bars


Iridium Tools

5x Iridium Bars


Trash Can Upgrades

placing goods in blacksmith shop in stardew valley

Clint’s shop also offers upgrades for the Trash Can, which may seem unconventional but holds benefits. Each upgrade enhances the percentage of value gained back from thrown items in the trash, providing a helpful financial boost.

Investing in trash upgrades can be wise for those looking to maximize their profits and clear their inventory.

Trash Can Type

Materials Needed


Reclaimed Item Value (when put in Trash Can)

Copper Trash Can

5x Copper Bars



Steel Trash Can

5x Iron Bars



Gold Trash Can

5x Gold Bars



Iridium Trash Can

5x Iridium Bars



Process Geodes

One of the exciting services provided by Clint is the ability to break open geodes. Geodes contain many valuable items, including gems, artifacts, minerals, and shared resources like stone, clay, and coal. Players can have their geodes processed for 25g each, uncovering the treasures within.

Additionally, players can purchase Artifact Troves, which offer a chance to obtain ancient relics and curiosities. The process of breaking geodes and discovering their contents adds an element of mystery and excitement to the game.


forging tips guide in stardew valley

Understanding the pricing dynamics of coal and wood can help players decide whether to purchase them from Clint’s shop or gather them independently by mining and defeating enemies.

Making efficient use of geodes by saving and processing them in bulk can also increase the chances of obtaining rare and valuable items, especially with different geodes.


Clint’s Blacksmith shop in Stardew Valley is a vital tool, resource, and upgrade hub. Understanding the stock, selling mechanics, tool upgrades, costs, and geode processing services offered by Clint can significantly enhance your gameplay [1] and overall success as a farmer.

If you ever need a blacksmith, you can always count on Clint to provide the needed services!

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