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The Golden Treasure: Unveiling the Price of Ostrich Eggs in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has introduced a captivating new addition in its recent update: the ostrich. With their majestic presence, ostriches have become a sought-after asset on players’ farms. However, the real excitement lies in the possibility of hatching ostrich eggs, which adds a new level of engagement to the game.

In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of obtaining ostrich eggs, the hatching process, the value they hold, and the myriad ways to make the most of these rare and valuable treasures.

Stardew Ostrich Egg Overview

Our tale begins as you, a budding farmer, stumble upon a peculiar legend that has been whispered among the locals for generations. Deep within the heart of Stardew Valley lies a hidden trove of ostrich eggs, rumored to possess unimaginable worth.

Intrigued by the promise of this remarkable treasure, you embark on a quest to Ginger Island to unravel the mysteries surrounding these elusive eggs and, ultimately, unearth their true value.

Your journey will take you across the picturesque landscapes of Stardew Valley, where you’ll cultivate your farm, nurture crops, tend to livestock, and forge meaningful connections with the vibrant community.

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But amidst the daily routines and charming interactions, the allure of the treasure beckons, challenging you to uncover its secrets.

As you explore the valley’s diverse environments and delve into its hidden nooks and crannies, you’ll encounter clues, puzzles, and enigmatic characters, each offering story fragments surrounding the ostrich eggs.

Obtaining an Ostrich Egg

Acquiring an ostrich egg is no easy feat, but the rewards make it well worth the effort. There are two primary methods to obtain these precious eggs.

The first method involves a thrilling element of chance—players have a random opportunity to find ostrich eggs while exploring and opening chests in the treacherous Volcano Dungeon. In short, players need to hunt eggs in Stardew Valley

This adds an exciting element of surprise and exploration to the game. Alternatively, players can embark on a quest of discovery by following secret note #10, prompting them to dig, leading them to a golden walnut location and an ostrich egg concealed near the volcano dungeon. This method provides a more direct path to obtaining these valuable eggs.

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Hatching the Ostrich Egg

Once you’ve successfully acquired an ostrich egg, the journey has only just begun. It’s important to note that, unlike other eggs in Stardew Valley, ostrich eggs cannot be placed in the bird coop or regular incubators. Instead, a specialized item called the ostrich incubator is required to hatch these precious eggs.

Players must seek out Professor Snail at the Island Field Office to obtain the ostrich incubator. However, acquiring the incubator is no simple task. Professor Snail challenges players with survey questions, testing their knowledge and dedication.

Additionally, players must donate fossils to earn the privilege of crafting the incubator. This unique process adds depth and progression to the game, making the hatching experience all the more rewarding.

Ostrich Stats and Value

Monetary Value

Ostrich eggs offer significant potential for profit. When it comes to selling ostrich eggs, their value depends on their quality, which can range from regular to silver, gold, and iridium.

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Regular quality ostrich eggs (600 gold) provide a decent sum of money, while silver (750 gold) and gold quality eggs (900 gold) fetch even higher prices, while the iridium sells at a substantial amount of gold (1200 gold).

It’s crucial to consider the player’s style when deciding whether to sell the eggs or utilize them in other ways.

Ostriches: A Profitable Investment

Ostriches themselves hold substantial value in Stardew Valley, reaching as high as 20,800 gold depending on the number of hearts the ostrich has.

As these majestic birds mature, they become a reliable source of regular, silver, and gold-quality eggs. The eggs they lay can be sold or used to create mayonnaise, further enhancing their profitability.

However, it’s important to note that the time investment required for ostriches to reach maturity should be carefully considered when weighing the potential profits.

stardew valley ostrich producing mayonnaise

Utilization of Ostrich Eggs

The benefits of ostrich eggs extend beyond their monetary value. Certain villagers in Stardew Valley are fond of ostrich eggs, making them an excellent choice for cultivating relationships and gaining favor.

Furthermore, ostrich eggs can be used as substitutes in cooking recipes, allowing players to experiment with unique and flavorful dishes. Additionally, the sewing machine presents an opportunity to craft a Warrior’s Helmet, with an ostrich egg as a required material.

This adds a new crafting option to the game and rewards [1] players who invest in ostrich farming with a tangible and beneficial item.


In Stardew Valley, ostrich eggs represent more than just a source of income. These golden treasures offer players a rare and exciting opportunity to diversify their farming ventures.

So, venture into the depths of the Volcano Dungeon, unlock the secrets of secret note #10, and discover the golden treasure that awaits – the priceless ostrich eggs of Stardew Valley.

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