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Stardew Valley Golden Walnut Locations Guide

In Stardew Valley’s 1.5 update, the idyllic world of Pelican Town expanded with the introduction of Ginger Island. In this sprawling new area, players must collect Golden Walnuts, a unique currency exclusive to Ginger Island, to unlock most of these additions.

With 130 Golden Walnuts to find, including random drops and fixed spawn locations, we’ve curated a comprehensive guide to help you locate these valuable treasures. Discover the hidden secrets of Ginger Island with Golden Walnut locations, including the Volcano Dungeon!

How to Get All 130 Golden Walnuts?

To obtain all 130 Golden Walnuts in Stardew Valley, you must explore various locations and complete specific tasks.

Stardew Valley - giving Professor Snail golden walnut

Here is a brief overview of the number of Golden Walnuts you can obtain in different areas of the island:

SourcesGolden WalnutTotal Number of Golden Walnuts
Ginger Island North28130 Golden Walnuts
Ginger Island East11
Ginger Island West52
Ginger Island South12
Ginger Island Volcano Dungeon21
Other Sources6

On Ginger Island, collect 28 Golden Walnuts on North Ginger Island, 11 on East Ginger Island, 52 on West Ginger Island, 12 on South Ginger Island, and 21 on the Ginger Island Volcano Dungeon. Obtain the remaining Golden Walnuts by fishing, and breaking open a Golden Coconut.

North Ginger Island: 28 Golden Walnuts

North Ginger Island

In the first area, Northern Ginger Island, a total of twenty-eight Golden Walnuts can be found. This includes digging up spots and completing Island Office fossils and surveys.

Golden Walnut Locations in North Ginger Island Number of
Golden Walnuts
Finish the Large Animal fossil 6
Finish the Snake fossil 3
Finish 2 Island Survey challenges 2
Give a Mummified Bat 1
Give a Mummified Frog 1
Target the sprouting tree from beside the Volcano with a slingshot 1
Stick to Journal Scrap #10 and dig on the prompted location 1
Dig up an area within the entrance to North Ginger Island 1
Dig up at the pebble circle to the northwest of the island 1
Dig up an area in the pebble circle, east of the entrance of the volcano 1
Dig up an area in the pebble circle up the stairs from the north of your preceding dig site 1
Dig up in the sand next to a grassy patch at the entrance of the main beach 1
Dig up an area at the main beach entrance with a diamond made of flowers 1
Dig up an area at the square patch of sand, southeast of the Island Field Office 1
Walnut bush found on a hidden route through the cliff and across the rope bridge 2
Walnut bush found on a hidden route to the west of the Volcano 1
Walnut bush found at the back of a palm tree found southeast of the Volcano 1
Walnut bush found up the stairs across the bridge of the river 1
Walnut bush found on a hidden route, west of the trees right by the Island Trader 1
Total 28 Golden Walnuts

Volcano Dungeon: 21 Golden Walnuts

Volcano Dungeon

Within Northern Ginger Island is the Volcano Dungeon, where a total of twenty-one Golden Walnuts can be found. To obtain these, various activities can be done such as mining, defeating monsters, or exploring the area.

Golden Walnut Locations in Volcano DungeonNumber of
Golden Walnuts 
Unlock chests, mine, defeat monsters17
Walnut bushes found close to the Forge at the top level of the Volcano Dungeon2
Walnut bushes found right outside the Volcano Dungeon (requires clearing lava path)2
Total21 Golden Walnuts

East Ginger Island: 11 Golden Walnuts

East Ginger Island

Eastern Ginger Island has the least number of collectable Golden Walnuts. A total of eleven Golden Walnuts can be found here. Activities such as completing puzzles and exploring the area will complete your search for the coveted island currency.

Golden Walnut Locations in East Ginger IslandNumber of
Golden Walnuts
Find the answer to the Gem Birds Shrine puzzle5
Exchange a Banana with a Gorilla by putting it on an altar beneath Leo’s staircase3
With an axe, target the tree inside Leo’s house 1
Among the bushes on the way to Leo’s Hut1
Among the bushes close to the Gem Birds Shrine puzzle1
Total11 Golden Walnuts

West Ginger Island: 52 Golden Walnuts

Western Ginger Island has the majority of huntable Golden Walnuts that can be found within the island, with fifty-two Golden Walnuts scattered around here. 

West Ginger Island

There are numerous activities that can be done to search for the walnuts, with different puzzles, quests, explorations, and digging of spots on the ground.

Golden Walnut Locations in West Ginger IslandNumber of
Golden Walnuts
Provide a Melon, Wheat, and Garlic (in the same order) to the Gourmand Frog 15
Accomplish the Pirate Wife’s quest5
Harvest crops5
Mine mussel nodes5
Answer the Simon Says puzzle found in a cave, north of the Tiger Slime Grove3
Target the whack-a-mole on the beach1
Adhere to Journal Scrap #6 and dig up on the target location1
Beat Slimes in the Tiger Slime Grove1
Scour the shipwreck1
Dig up a spot in a grassy patch behind the Mahogany tree 1
Dig up a spot in the middle of a triangle of three blue starfish close to the farmhouse1
Dig up a spot in the middle of a diamond of blue and yellow starfish close to the tide pools1
Dig up a spot with an X on the sand1
Dig up a spot right between indents close to the southwest of the tide pools1
Dig up a spot at the back of the Birdie’s Shack1
Dig up a spot at the heart of the diamond made of stones at the east of the Parrot Express Station1
Walnut bush found outside Qi’s Walnut Room1
Walnut bush found on a hidden route after Qi’s Walnut Room1
Walnut bush at the back of the Mahogany tree in the Tiger Slime Grove1
Walnut bush concealed at the back of a palm tree, westward of the farmhouse1
Walnut bush concealed among some trees right across the bridge found west of the Parrot Express Station1
Walnut bush found south of the bridge, on a ledge east of the river1
Walnut bush found on a hidden route right after the stone diamond1
Walnut bush found on a narrow route, eastward Tiger Slime Grove1
Total52 Golden Walnuts

South Ginger Island: 12 Golden Walnuts

South Ginger Island

The last area of Ginger Island is Southern Ginger Island, where a total of twelve Golden Walnuts can be found. Complete puzzles, dig on the ground, and interact with characters within this area to obtain the maximum Golden Walnuts this area can offer.

Golden Walnut Locations in South Ginger Island Number of Golden Walnuts 
Answer the Mermaid puzzle (rainy days) 5
Take part in darts with pirates inside Pirate Cove (non-rainy nights) 3
Fish in the heart of the star-shaped tide pool 1
Dig up a spot in the middle of a diamond of yellow starfish on the beach area 1
Dig up a spot among the sandy patches right beside the barrels, east of the lagoon 1
Walnut bush on hidden route to the right of the entrance (pre-resort) 1
Total 12 Golden Walnuts

How Do you Get the Golden Walnut From the Mermaid?

Stardew Valley - mermaid
  1. Visit the Pirate Cove during the Night Market event on Winter 15-17.
  2. Look for a line of rocks along the shore, one carved in the shape of a musical note.
  3. Memorize the melody played by the Mermaid during the event.
  4. Interact with the rocks and mimic the Mermaid’s melody by stepping on the rocks in the correct order. Place a flute block on top or below each stone and tune them.
  5. If you replicate the melody correctly, the Mermaid will appear and reward you with five Golden Walnuts. Below are the solutions:

Stone Tuning Key:

Other Sources

The Northern, Eastern, Southern, and Western areas of Ginger Island provide permanent spots to obtain Golden Walnuts, but they only total 124 Golden Walnuts. The remaining six can be found by exploring other activities.

Stardew Valley - golden walnut

Where are the Rest of the Golden walnuts?

In addition to the Golden Walnuts obtained from different areas of Ginger Island, you can obtain the remaining Golden Walnuts by other activities listed below:

Other Golden Walnut LocationsNumber of Golden Walnuts 
Have Clint break open a Golden Coconut1 Golden Walnut
Fishing5 Golden Walnuts
Total6 Golden Walnuts

It’s important to note that only the first Golden Coconut obtained per save file will result in a Golden Walnut when broken open by Clint, the Blacksmith.

Are there only 130 golden walnuts?

In Stardew Valley, there are a total of 130 Golden Walnuts to be collected. These Golden Walnuts can be found through various activities, including completing puzzles, interacting with NPCs [1], exploring locations, mining, defeating enemies, and opening chests. 

digging for golden walnut

Each area of the game, such as Ginger Island and the Volcano Dungeon, has its own set of Golden Walnuts to discover. Once you have obtained all 130 Golden Walnuts, you will have collected them all, and there won’t be any more to find in the game.

How do I find the last Golden Walnut in Stardew?

The last Golden Walnut can be found by entering the pirate ship wreckage. You should follow the path of stones that leads into the water on the left-hand side of the wreckage. Explore the interior of the ship and search for the Golden Walnut, which is placed on a plant.

Be thorough in your search, checking all areas and interacting with objects if necessary. With this information, you should be able to locate the last Golden Walnut and complete your collection in Stardew Valley.


As you journey through the bountiful Ginger Island in Stardew Valley, collecting Golden Walnuts will unlock new areas and features, enhancing your gameplay experience. 

With our detailed guide, you can locate all the fixed Golden Walnut locations in each section of Ginger Island, including the challenging Volcano Dungeon. Explore, complete quests, and uncover the secrets of this vibrant island paradise. Happy hunting!

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