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Leap into Adventure: A Guide on Gourmand Frog in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has always been a captivating world filled with surprises and hidden wonders. Among the game’s recent additions, Ginger Island has become a focal point for players seeking new adventures and unique experiences. One such discovery on Ginger Island is the enigmatic Gourmand Frog. 

In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Ginger Island’s Gourmand Frog, exploring its description and providing an overview of what crops to cultivate to attract these charming amphibians.

Description of the Ginger Island’s Gourmand Frog

The Gourmand Frog is a big amphibian found exclusively on Ginger Island, a lush tropical paradise accessible through the game’s boat ride. The Ginger Island Frog stands out among the island’s diverse wildlife with its distinctive lime-green hue and endearing features. 

Gourmand Frog in Stardew Valley

Where to Find the Frog on Ginger Island

You must first set out to Ginger Island West to encounter the Frog. A sleeping giant turtle blocks your path to the Ginger Island Farm. Collect 10 Golden Walnuts and offer them to the nearby parrot so the giant turtle will vacate the area.

Another step to get closer to meeting the frog is to restore the Ginger Island Farm, which requires 20 Golden Walnuts. Look for more Golden Walnuts around the island to complete this task.

Once your cozy abode is established, venture toward the upper-right-hand area of the farm, on the right side of the stairs, where you’ll stumble upon a cave entrance. Within this cave, you will find the elusive Gourmand Frog, eagerly waiting to present you with its riddles.

Unlocking the Frog and Crop-Related Quests

The Frog plays a pivotal role in Stardew Valley by challenging players as he speaks through riddles. He requests players to grow specific crops, which he hints at by describing them in riddles.

Gourmand Frog in Stardew Valley asking to plant melons

The frog explains that he wants to see crops growing again, as the island, in the past, was full of fresh food. 

This tasks you with growing the crops hinted at by the Frog, and in return, you will receive rewards for correctly guessing and cultivating the requested crops. It’s a unique and engaging mechanic that adds depth to the gameplay.

Importance of Growing Specific Crops for the Frog

Cultivating specific crops is essential to fully appreciate the Ginger Island Gourmand Frog’s presence and benefit from its unique offerings. These crops provide the necessary sustenance for the frog, creating an ideal habitat for them to thrive. 

By growing the right crops, players can return to the Ginger Island Frog in its natural environment and collect the rewards. There is no need to harvest the crops and deliver them to the frog, the only requirement is to grow them on your farm until they are fully grown:


The Gourmand’s first request is “da pink thing…da juicy thing”, which can be hinted at as Melons.

Gourmand Frog in Stardew Valley with melon

Stardew Valley’s Melons are grown in the Summer and take 12 days to mature. Melon Seeds cost 80g at Pierre’s General Store and 100g at JojaMart.


After completing the first request, the second crop to grow is “da longo yellow ticklin’ thing…da thing dat be wavin’ in the wind”, which is Wheat.

Wheat can be grown in the Summer and Fall and take 4 days to mature. Wheat Seeds cost 10g at Pierre’s General Store and 12g at JojaMart.


Finally, the last crop to be grown is “da zesty ground fruit, but make da breath stink,” a description for Garlic.

Garlic can be grown in the Spring and take 4 days to mature. Garlic Seeds cost 40g at Pierre’s General Store.

Gourmand Frog in Stardew Valley with garlic

Players can utilize fertilizers to speed up the growth time of Melon, Wheat, and Garlic. Do not harvest these crops when they are ripe, but go directly to the Gourmand Frog to tell him that you fully grew the correct crop he riddled.

Completion Rewards

Every grown crop is rewarded with 5 Golden Walnuts, making the total rewards of all three requests 15 Golden Walnuts. These Golden Walnuts can be spent upgrading or exploring Ginger Island.


The Stardew Valley Frog offers a delightful addition to Stardew Valley’s already vibrant ecosystem. Players can create an inviting environment that attracts and sustains these charming creatures by understanding the importance of cultivating specific crops.

So, grab your farming tools and create a haven that will enchant you and the Ginger Island Frog. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey in Stardew Valley’s tropical paradise!

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