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Which is the Best Site to Get Free CS:GO Skins? Legit and Reliable Options

In the world of trade and gaming, who doesn’t like getting free stuff? While developers make you think that you have to splurge money for CSGO skins, did you know that you can obtain some great items free of charge? Let our gaming experts show you the tricks of the trade to help you have a better in-game experience without breaking the bank. 

How Can You Get CS:GO Skins at No Cost?

Weekly Drops

Like any other game, CS:GO gives its players the chance to get free items through weekly drops. Depending on the region you’re in, users can expect a maximum of four random drops per week. 

And because this is randomized, our resident gamers would like to remind you that it’s incredibly hard to predict what kind of item or skins you’re going to get. Most of the time, it is given through leveling up. 

One thing is for sure, though. The first weekly item drop will always be a skin. It’s just that there’s no way of telling if it’ll be a high or low value. 

Wall Offers

If you’re not in luck with weekly item drops, there’s no need to worry. The game has a wall of offers where players can obtain certain rewards by completing simple tasks. These options include completing paid surveys or watching video ads. After doing these, users will get free skins or gift cards to buy one. 

USP-S Whiteout

Upon trying out a few CS:GO partner sites, our game traders found ones with enticing wall offers like Idle-Empire, Swagbucks, and  


For users who played the game long enough, you may be familiar with exclusive content in Operation Missions. If you have access to this feature, completing missions will give you star rewards which you can use for redeeming weapon skins or cases. 

Choosing the Best Site For Free Skins

As you may already know, CS:GO has several sites that offer free skins to enhance your gameplay experience. Among the long list of options, our game traders bumped into the likes of Freecash that offer skin rewards once you complete the tasks from their partners. We find their redemption procedure very swift as well. 

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Another great site we found is Idle-Empire. And while it’s not as swift as the previous option we recommended, users have the freedom to select the reward they want based on their points. Its visually pleasing and navigational UI is also one of the reasons why it caught our attention. 

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Other Methods to Get Free CS:GO Skins

Take Advantage of Giveaways and Referrals

For a community as big as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it’ll be strange if it doesn’t have several giveaways and rewards through referrals. Aside from using CS:GO Live Codes, websites like vLoot give users a chance to win free weapon skins and knives if they qualify. All you have to do is abide by their guidelines, such as commenting or liking a post. 

CSGO communities and sites give away referral codes as well. By redeeming these codes, the player can earn points to redeem the item of their choice. It would be a shame if you encounter the CS:GO “Failed to Retrieve Your Items From the Server” Error while using the weapon skin you acquired through referral codes but there are ways to solve it. 

Trading Experience

Believe it or not, but you can get free game skins with just trading. You read that right! However, before you put anything out in the Steam Market or other sites, our game experts advise you to evaluate your item’s wear and the CS: GO’s float value. If you want a faster transaction, then offering popular skins is the way to go. 

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Safety Tips and Reminders

Online gaming is a known platform susceptible to scammers and people stealing someone’s information [1]. When making a trade, keep a watchful eye for players trading with fake virtual assets. 

Besides that, beware of fake third-party sites that offer false promises of rewards for certain menial tasks. Our team recommends combing through reviews like this to avoid getting scammed.

Are Free CSGO Skins Valuable?

Some free CSGO Skins are valuable. However, given the ones you get from weekly drops are randomized, it’s quite hard to tell which one you’ll get. If you want rare skins, participating in prized tournaments will allow you to get limited items that are good for trading. 

For players looking for CS:GO knife skins, here is a list of high-value knife skins you can always check


While there are many ways to get CSGO skins without spending a single dime, you also have to remember that these methods take time. If you’re the kind of player who likes advancing in the gameplay swiftly and efficiently, our resident gamers recommend exploring the different facets of skin trading. 

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