CS:GO Live Codes, Guide, and Review

If you’ve been playing and trading within game communities long enough, you’d know that you can get cool skins using CSGO Live codes. Although it’s superior to other case opening websites, you should be well-versed with the tricks of the trade to take full advantage of its perks. Luckily, our game experts created this guide and review to help with everything you need to know.

How Does CS:GO Live Work?

You may not know it, but CS:GO Live is among the oldest and trusted case unboxing websites on the internet. If you’re keen on creating and selecting which item to go inside your cases, then this site should give you exactly what you want. 

csgo live site

And did we mention that you can decide the drop rates of each item you select? On top of that, what makes CSGO Live enticing to our game traders is how it allows their community to make customized cases for themselves and other players to open. This kind of feature is unheard of in other third-party websites. 

How to Use Codes on CS:GO Live

During our team’s CSGO Live experience, we were able to register without any hassle by using our Steam login details. You can access the dashboard through the website’s address csgolive.com. 

On the left side of the screen, there will be a menu where you can select the “Affiliates” option. From there, you’ll see a section solely dedicated to typing in the code. The amount of bonuses or credits you’ll get depends on the values attached to the codes. Once you click Claim, it will add up in your site balance.

Is CS:GO Live Legit: Our Thoughts and Review

Games Offered

The predominant game offered in CSGO live is undoubtedly the opening of cases. You can either make your own or buy cases from other creators or from the site itself. While there are no other featured games on the platform, having the user privilege to customize which skin to go in the box is enticing enough. 


Upon closer look, our testers noticed that the CSGO Live website has a pretty simplistic and graphic-rich home screen. It’s easy to navigate and provides straightforward menu options from Bid Cases, Case Creator, Support, and FAQs, up to the site’s terms of service.

csgo live site interface

Every time you select a case, you’ll get a preview of the item included in it and their odds of being picked during the case opening.  The animation is quite simulating as well, giving off casino-like visual aesthetics. 

Pricing, Deposit, and Payment Methods

The available CSGO cases on the site vary from $0.12 up to $500. These are just the standard box offers, and they may be priced higher. To have your created cases displayed on the offer board, you have to pay to bid. 

The greatest deal for our game experts is that you have absolute control over the price of the cases you make. The commission that the site developer takes ranges from 20% up to 80%, which is a reasonable amount considering the nature of the game. 

credit card

CSGO Live also includes multiple deposit methods. From gift codes to G2A Pay, we didn’t have much problem going through the process. However, keep in mind that you need to purchase $5 website credits to be able to withdraw. 

Customer Support

If you’re having a problem with redeeming your CSGO Live codes, there is a menu option where you can view all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). When our team could find a specific answer to our queries, we resorted to opening a support ticket, which their agent eventually responded to.   

Data Privacy

The privacy of your online data will always be a growing concern in the digital world [1]. Delightfully, we found out that the CS:GO Live website operates with an SSL-encrypted connection. With this protective feature, all the user data provided within their platform are shielded from potential scammers. 

Is CS:GO Live Worth it?

Yes, CS:GO Live is worth it as it gives users ample opportunities to win. It’s no wonder that it gets half a million webpage views monthly because it offers plenty of bonuses and allows you to customize cases according to your preference. 


Can I trust CSGO Live?

Yes, you can trust CSGO Live. Although it only started operating in 2016, this site has thousands of monthly page views and has partnered with trusted influencers. Besides that, it features a fair game system and is designed with SSL encryption that makes the website more secure.


Using CSGO Live codes to get free credits is often a convenient way to get acquainted with the facets of a game like this. And because the site basically gives its users the chance to customize the price and inclusion of their cases, our game experts can confidently say that it has a fair system that’s worth investing with time and money. 

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