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Is CS.Money Legit? — Top Trading Platform for CS:GO Review (2023)

Nowadays, people seeking to sell and buy skins in CSGO can easily find an online platform like CS Money to jumpstart their game trading journey. However, the main problem heavily leans on the question –  is CS Money legit or not? Let our expert traders test their trading process and see if their huge selection aligns with their raging popularity in the community.  

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CS.Money: How Does it Work?

Like any other CSGO platform, CS Money gives users the chance to sell, trade, and buy skins. However, unlike other skin websites, our resident gamers immediately noticed that the number of items available on this trading platform was a bit more than what we had expected. 

You may not know it, but for legit skin sites like CSMoney, customers need to create an account or log in via Steam and provide a trade link before they can freely access the platform. 

In their exchange store, prices of skins will be displayed along with the possibility of trade rates. Besides skins, the CSMoney bot also allows sales of stickers, which makes their service slightly superior to other sites. 

History and Experience

For a company that trades through buying and selling skins via real money, it’s hard not to get interested in how much industry experience CS Money has. Although there were minimal reviews available on the internet, it’s safe to note that CSMoney bot has enough experience to cast doubts aside as they’ve been operating since 2015[1]

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With millions of page views monthly, there’s no denying that many traders in the USA trust the service and support CSMoney can provide. 

CS.Money Features


Right off the bat, the HD images of skins in the CSMoney platform explain the talk of why millions of players support their legitimacy. Upon closer inspection, our game testers were able to review how the items will appear in-game, unlike when viewed via Steam. 

Buying and Selling

Even if you’re not a techy person, buying and selling skin items in CSMoney is relatively easy. When searching for specific weapons to buy, our resident gamers recommend using the filter function in the site, which is responsible for displaying results according to popularity or rarity. 

On the other hand, selling is only possible in CSMoney if you have a Steam pre-existing account. And while the website didn’t release any price regulation, our team doesn’t recommend selling at unreasonably high costs as this would put the trading environment in a bad light. 

Prime Plan

If bonus perks are what you seek, their Prime Plan got you covered. While their regular services are already competitive, their premium offers do explain how CS.Money is legit. 

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Everything about this package is quite a steal from being prioritized when you contact their support team up to an increased deposit bonus.  

Promos and Freebies

Unfortunately, there are not many discount promos for CSMoney’s regular offerings. However, our team has a known trick you can use if you want some free perks. 

Get to lower the fee when you sell skins down to 5% by tweaking your Steam name with CS.Money. How easy is that?

Payment Methods and Refunds

The terms of refunds for skin trades are pretty clear on the site, and the quick answer is none. Now, how is CS.Money legal without a refund policy? Well, it’s not a matter of deceiving users as they clearly stated it on their terms. 

payment methods

Our resident players also found no hassle in finding ways to add funds to our site balance as the platform allows payment via VISA, Master Card, G2A Pay, and many other methods. 

Pricing and Commission

During our first-hand experience, we noted that the item pricing in the site heavily relies on rarity and demand for the skin. If you seek to buy the rarest of skins, then expect the cost to be high. 

Although site commissions are usual when you sell an item, they can be reduced by availing their Prime Plan package. 

Security and Customer Support

For online trade platforms like CSMoney, security and customer support are crucial. Luckily, this website has 24/7 live chat support and SSL-encrypted connections suited for secure transactions. 

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Review Conclusion: CS.Money

The inquiry of “is CS.Money legit” is a crucial matter to handle. However, the fact that users can easily trade skins on their platform with visually pleasing images, easy payment methods, and additional item information is already a unique feature that convinced our team to commend their services. 

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