What is the Most Expensive CS:GO Knife Skin Today?

It’s no secret that the most expensive CSGO knife skin can be sold at a high price tag, which is why many traders seek to have one. And while having expensive knives is a status symbol in Counter Strike, there are certain skins that will surely elevate your gameplay. Here are some options our experts recommend that are worthy of being included in your inventory.

List of High-Value CS:GO Knives Today

#1: [Factory New] M9 Bayonet Crimson Web

Among the expensive knife skins available in the Steam market, we’re sure that most Counter Strike players would choose M9 Bayonet Crimson Web for its attractive visuals. This is a fairly rare knife skin, so putting an average price on such knives is something you shouldn’t expect. 

Setting aside any personal opinion, we all know that its bloody red blade and sophisticated black handle make it easy to distinguish in the sea of countless expensive CSGO skins. While it may appear like the standard M9 Bayonet knife, our in-game testers noticed that M9 Bayonet Crimson Web has a distinctive set of teeth on the back of its red blade. 

#2: [Factory New] M9 Bayonet Doppler - Sapphire

Unlike Crimson Web skins,  M9 Bayonet Doppler – Sapphire in factory new condition has a design that’s completely blue. You may not know it if you’re a beginner, but it is one of the extremely rare and expensive knife skins in the game. 

M9 Bayonet Doppler

During our team’s in-game experience, this expensive knife skin left us in awe as its heavy blade showcased a beautiful glistening animation when under the sun. This Factory New CSGO knife would range more than 2,000 bucks because of its rarity. 

#3: [Factory New] Bayonet Crimson Web

If you see knife skins with spider web pattern designs like Bayonet Crimson Web, an expensive price tag is expected to come along with it. It also has a ruby pattern that M9 Bayonet CSGO knives commonly have, except that it doesn’t have back blade teeth.  

This expensive CSGO knife can be hard to find in the typical Steam Market, especially with its Factory New wear condition and StatTrak technology. 

Rather than overly dramatic spider web patterns, in-game experts generally prefer less chaotic designs. As one of the most expensive CSGO knife skins,  we weren’t too surprised to find out that it usually costs over $4,000. 

#4: [Factory New] Karambit Doppler - Ruby

One of the rarest knives, but not as expensive as the previous ones, is Karambit Doppler – Ruby at a Factory New condition. Its curved blade and red whirl design are what initially caught our resident CSGO gamers’ attention. 

Karambit Doppler

While it’s not the most expensive CSGO knife out there, getting a Factory New condition for a Karambit knife is rarely seen in the game. From its shiny color alone, anyone could tell that it belongs to the top expensive knives list. 

#5: [Factory New] Butterfly Knife Marble Fade

Even if you’re in the world of CSGO skin trading long enough, bumping into Butterfly Knife Marble Fade is a unique experience. While it belongs to the rarest knife skins, its price only ranges under $1000.

The marble fade design and Factory New condition of this butterfly knife make it an expensive skin highly coveted by gamers and traders alike. There’s the charm of curved CSGO knives as well that makes it more eyecatching. 

#6: [Factory New] M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler - Emerald

Another equally rare and expensive knife skin we included in this list is Factory New M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler – Emerald. Best skins under this category open come with Ruby and Sapphire variation, but you can bet that its Emerald skins are equally pleasing in the eyes. 

M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler

Even the most expensive knife skins from Gamma Doppler are rarely seen in this green shade. According to our first-hand market experience, one skin of this type could sell more than 2,000 dollars or higher. 

#7: Karambit Case Hardened Skin - Blue Gem

Having expensive skins is one thing, but Karambit Case Hardened Knife with a Blue Gem is on the next level of rareness. To be fair, Case Hardened knife skins come in various colors from blue, yellow, purple, and gold. Because of this, no Karambit Case Hardened knives have the same shade. 

With our CSGO gaming experience, we noticed that skins with a striking blue design like  Karambit Case Hardened Knife are quite hard to come across. Considering that, it’s completely understandable for this Case Hardened skin to belong in the most expensive knife collections. 

Case Hardened skins can range from 500 to 1000 bucks if offered at a lower condition and could possibly be sold up to $10,000 on the highest ends. 

#8: [Factory New] Karambit Crimson Web

The most expensive knife skins often have unique and deep colors like what our team noticed on the design of Karambit Crimson Web. As we expected with Crimson Web knives, this Karambit skin offers a red and black aesthetic that truly blends with its animations. 

Bayonet Crimson Web

It’s considered one of the most expensive knife selections, for it can be bought for an astounding amount of 1,500 to 2,000 bucks. 

#9: [Factory New] Karambit Fade - Fire and Ice

Knife skins from the Fade family are undoubtedly one of the best CSGO skins in the market, which is why we included Factory New Karambit Fade in this list. Designed with airbrushed red and blue transparent paints, having these kinds of CS:GO knife skins are already a boost to your inventory value. 

Our team already traded for many CS:GO knife skins, and so far, we noticed that the price of the Karambit Fade knife would often fluctuate in the market. While it surely is one of the most expensive skins, its costs depend on the knife’s float value and design patterns. 

#10: [Factory New] Stiletto Knife Crimson Web

Although some may argue that Stiletto Knife Crimson Web isn’t as rare as others, there’s no denying that it’s categorized as one of the most expensive CSGO knife skins. Despite being priced not less than $1500, this skin is popular among players because of its slim frame. 

Stiletto Knife Crimson Web

Visually unique, it attracts attention with a black and red color combo often seen in rare CS:GO knife skins. 

#11: Stiletto Knife Case Hardened

Besides being inspired by the butterfly knife, our gaming experts were delighted with the animations of Stiletto Knife Case Hardened. At first glance, you’ll immediately get drawn in with the different color shades of this skin.

It’s not the most expensive skin, but it’s not that cheap. Buying this knife could cost you around $800 or more. 

#12: Karambit Lore

Visually, the Karambit Lore skin is one of the high-end items that caught our attention. Because it’s shaped like a shark tooth, this curved knife definitely gives off the badass vibes. In fact, this skin won’t fade in comparison with M9 Bayonet knives. 

Karambit Lore

With a sophisticated pattern and ring handle, any player who laid eyes on it would want to buy it. During the search, our team discovered that this skin is priced around 1000 bucks and could go higher to 1100. 

#13: [Factory New] M9 Bayonet Lore

Designed with custom-painted knotwork, the Factory New M9 Bayonet Lore undoubtedly lived up to its high price tag. This skin features a rare golden blade finish with a firm handle that is not too complex to look at. 

And even though the price would ultimately depend on the skin’s variant, our team snooped around the market and found ones that are priced at least 1000 bucks. 

How Did These Knife Skins Become Expensive?

After reading this post, you’re probably wondering why there are a ton of most expensive CSGO knife skins in the market. Well, the answer is simple—the skin’s rarity. If you aim to purchase a rare item, our trade experts advise you not to expect it to be cheap. 

On top of that, the float value and skin pattern of the knives affect the market value of an item. For users with spider-patterned knives, our team’s advice is to sell it on Steam and other third-party platforms, for it will cost higher there. 

M9 Bayonet Tiger tooth

Another tip when selling or buying Karambit knives, always remember that the deepness of its blue hue determines how much value it will be. 

Last but not least, its market value will continue to skyrocket for as long as it’s categorized under excellent conditions and if it has additional technology attachment.

(For gamers new to online trading? Here is a comprehensive guide for CS:GO trading you should read) 

Are They Worth the Purchase?

Playing with real money will always have ups and downs [1], but buying expensive skins is not something everyone can afford. Other players may argue that these skins don’t have any benefits with the gameplay, but some may consider this as a boost of confidence. 

Rather than looking at the gameplay benefits, our team would advise you to consider its investment perks. The supply of expensive knives is often scarce, so keeping ones in your inventory is a good move as it’ll cause its market value to go higher. 

Where and How to Buy These Knife Skins

Most of these high-end knives can be bought at Steam and other CS:GO third-party marketplaces. Given that this is a form of trading, expect prices to differ depending on the platform you choose. 


Buying the most expensive CSGO knife skins is not an investment everyone can make, so our game experts recommend getting familiar with the market before purchasing anything. It can be intimidating at first, but we assure that your knife buying journey will be bliss with careful decision-making and consulting this guide. 

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