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Deep Rock Galactic Promotion — Your Quick Guide

Promotions in Deep Rock Galactic are limited-time events that introduce new content to the game, such as new missions, enemies, weapons, and cosmetic items. 

Some promotions may also introduce new gameplay mechanics. These promotions are a way for developers to keep the game fresh and engaging for players over time.

How to Promote Characters in Deep Rock Galactic

Engineer character is still at lvl 16

In Deep Rock Galactic, there are four different categories of miners that are eligible for promotions, each of which comes with its own set of prerequisites.

Engineer Promotion Assignment: Mining Expedition, Salvage Operation, Egg Hunt, and On-site Refining

Gunner Promotion Assignment: Mining Expedition, Salvage Operation, Egg Hunt, and Escort Duty

Diller Promotion Assignment: Mining Expedition, Escort Duty, On-site Refining, and Point Extraction

Scout Promotion Assignment: Mining Expedition, Salvage Operation, Egg Hunt, and Escort Duty

Promotion mission requirements for a gunner

Overview and Benefits

Promotion is a system in Deep Rock that allows players to keep playing their favorite class further than the maximum player level of 25, while still having a sense of advancement for the quests that they accomplish.

With promotion, users have the opportunity to keep raising their blue level, which corresponds to their player rank and unlocks a variety of components of material that are collectively referred to as player ranking rewards in the game.

In Deep Rock Galactic, when you promote a player to a higher level, that character’s level is restored to 1, but any acquired equipment or cosmetics are kept, allowing you to carry on playing with your desired build and aesthetic style.

Promotion Costs

When a player reaches rank 25 in just about any category and has finished all required Promotion Tasks, promotions appear accessible. For users who’ve already reached the maximum level for DRG’s best classes and wish to continue accumulating XP for that class, it functions as a prestige structure. 

Dreadnought encounter

When a class is promoted, already acquired items and enhancements are not lost. The Memorial Hall is where you’ll find the Promotion station.

Honor Badges

When a player receives their first promotion, they get a bronze border with one white star around their character’s portrait. Every subsequent promotion adds another white star, with a maximum of three. 

After the fourth promotion, the border changes to silver, and the number of white stars resets to one. The border changes to gold, platinum, diamond, and finally legendary as the player receives three more promotions. Although promotions beyond that do not change the border, players can still increase their Character Level.


It’s always beneficial to pursue promotion in Deep Rock as it grants you upgrades enabling you to access additional active perk slot and honour badges to display your level of expertise. Also, promotion is a crucial point of reference of gameplay [1] growth for other players in your group.

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