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Deep Rock Galactic’s Best Class – Player’s Guide

Deep Rock Galactic takes place in an underground world where players assume the role of dwarven miners working for the intergalactic mining corporation. With procedurally generated levels, players must work together to navigate the dangerous underground environment, collect valuable resources, and fend off hostile alien creatures. 

One of the most important decisions players must make in Deep Rock Galactic is choosing their class, as each class comes with unique abilities and equipment. Thus, we will tackle the strengths and weaknesses of each class and determine which class is the best for players to choose based on their playstyle and objectives.

Having A Hard Time Choosing What Class To Play? – Best Overall Class

Deep Rock Galactic has four distinct classes, each with its own unique abilities and equipment. The ability to choose only one class per mission in Deep Rock Galactic is an excellent feature that enhances the cooperative gameplay experience.

4 classes

This feature encourages players to work together as a team, strategizing and complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses to achieve the common goal of completing the mission. Thus, here’s a round-up of each of the classes:

The Scout

The Scout is one of the four classes in Deep Rock Galactic, known for their versatility and mobility. The Scout’s primary weapons are a shotgun and an assault rifle, and they are equipped with a grappling hook and a flare gun. 

The grappling hook allows the Scout to quickly traverse the environment, reaching high places and crossing large gaps. The flare gun provides illumination in dark caves and can be used to mark points of interest for the team.

In addition to their weapons and gadgets, the Scout also has a unique ability called “Flare Gun Overclock.” This overclock allows the Scout to modify their flare gun to have additional effects, such as increasing the duration of the flare or causing enemies to take damage when exposed to the flare.

The Scout’s role on the team is to provide reconnaissance and mobility support, as well as to assist in combat when necessary. Scouts are also responsible for collecting Nitra, a valuable resource used to call in supply drops and replenish ammo and health.

The scout gameplay

With their unique skill set, Scouts can be a valuable asset to any team in Deep Rock Galactic.

The Engineer

The Engineer is known for their versatility and ability to construct defensive structures. The Engineer’s primary weapons are a shotgun and a grenade launcher, and they are equipped with a platform gun and a sentry gun. 

The platform gun allows the Engineer to create temporary platforms and bridges to reach high places or cross gaps, while the sentry gun can be deployed to provide additional firepower and cover for the team.

The Engineer also has a unique ability called “Platform Gun Overclock.” This overclock allows the Engineer to modify their platform gun to have additional effects, such as creating larger platforms or deploying them at a faster rate.  

They are masters of crowd control [1], with several tools and abilities to keep the team safe from swarms of enemies.

Their sentry guns and proximity mines can be used to cover the team’s back and provide additional firepower, making it difficult for enemies to approach from certain angles. 

The L.U.R.E grenade can be used to draw enemies together and create a cluster, making them an easy target for the Engineer’s Deepcore 40mm PGL grenade launcher, which can deal heavy damage to multiple enemies at once.

The Driller

The Driller in Deep Rock Galactic is all about destruction and breaking down obstacles. With their two powerful drills, the Driller can quickly create tunnels and paths through the environment, allowing the team to reach objectives or escape from danger. 

The Driller can also use its satchel charge, a highly destructive bomb, to clear obstacles or deal heavy damage to enemies. However, caution is advised when using the satchel charge, as it can also harm teammates if not used properly.

Power drilling with the driller

The Driller’s flamethrower can also be used to clear obstacles, as well as deal damage to enemies. The flamethrower is especially effective against swarms of smaller enemies, as it can quickly take out multiple targets at once. 

The CRSPR Flamethrower can set enemies on fire, dealing damage over time and draining their health. The Cryo-Cannon can freeze enemies in place, making them vulnerable to other weapons and slowing their movement. 

The Corrosive Sludge Pump can shoot goo that acts as an acidic glue trap, melting even the largest Glyphids down to the bone.

The Gunner

The Gunner has several primary weapons to choose from, such as the “Lead Storm” Powered Minigun, which doesn’t need reloading, the “Thunderhead” Heavy Autocannon for maximum firepower, or the Hurricane Guided Rocket System for pinpoint accuracy and versatility.

The Gunner is also equipped with a zipline launcher and a shield generator. The zipline launcher can be used to quickly traverse the environment, while the shield generator can be deployed to protect the team from enemy fire.

Gunners shot

The Gunner’s Shield Generator is a valuable defensive tool that can create an impenetrable dome, allowing the team to revive downed teammates or hold their ground against tough enemies. 

This ability switched the Gunner into the de facto medic of Deep Rock Galactic, making them a valuable asset to the team in dangerous situations.

Best Support Class

The Scout is considered the best support class due to their versatility, resource collection ability, reconnaissance skills, and combat support capabilities. 

Their mobility, grappling hook, and flare gun make them ideal for navigating the environment and locating resources, while their combat skills can assist the team in dealing damage to enemies.

Best Duo Class

The Scout and the Engineer are considered the best duo class because to their complementary abilities in mobility, resource collection, defensive support, and versatile combat. 

The Scout’s mobility and resource collection skills complement the Engineer’s defensive support and combat abilities, making them an efficient and powerful duo.

Best Solo Class

The Scout and the Engineer are considered the best solo classes due to their unique abilities and versatility.

The Scout’s mobility and ability to collect resources quickly make them an ideal solo class, as they can navigate the environment efficiently and collect the necessary resources to survive. 

The Scout’s grappling hook allows them to easily reach high places and navigate obstacles, while their flare gun can provide illumination in dark caves.

The scouts grappling hook

Similarly, the Engineer’s platform gun and sentry gun make them a valuable solo class, as they can create pathways and provide defensive support. 

The platform gun allows the Engineer to create bridges and access hard-to-reach areas, while the sentry gun provides additional firepower and cover.

Wrapping Up

When playing Deep Rock Galactic, it is crucial to select the appropriate class because every class possesses a set of skills and advantages that are distinct from those of the other classes. These are necessary for accomplishing objectives and staying alive in the perilous caves. It is possible to significantly improve one’s odds of successfully completing a mission by selecting the appropriate class that fits in well with the other members of one’s squad.

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