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Colette Wave Cooker Build Guide

Here, we will explore the Colette Wave Cooker, a fascinating piece of equipment in the popular video game Deep Rock Galactic. 

Whether you are a fan of Deep Rock Galactic or simply interested in unique technology and weaponry, we’ll explore all the essential details you need to know about this weapon in this guide. Let’s star!

What is the Colette Wave Cooker in Deep Rock Galactic?

The Colette Wave Cooker is an unlockable secondary weapon for the Driller class in the game. It is a hand-held microwave emitter comprising various metal parts and electrical inductors. 

The weapon features an arm brace that secures the grip at the back, and the trigger is wired directly to the microwave generator. 

The Colette Wave Cooker’s primary function is to emit deadly microwave energy at anything it aims, allowing the Driller to eliminate enemies and obstacles in its path quickly. The weapon’s single amplifying lens is positioned at the front, directing the microwave energy toward its target.

Deep Rock Galactic - Colette Wave Cooker

It is worth noting that using the Colette Wave Cooker requires precise aim and timing, as overcooking the target can cause it to explode prematurely, potentially damaging the user or their teammates. 

As the recipe book is not included, players will need to experiment with different types of organic matter to discover the most effective ways to use the weapon. 

In addition to its offensive capabilities, the Colette Wave Cooker can also be used to cook and extract resources from minerals in the game’s environment. 

By placing a mineral into the weapon’s emitter, the Driller can use microwave energy to extract its resources, making it a valuable tool for resource management in the game.

Stats Breakdown

The damage type is a combination of 50% fire and 50% radiation, which means the weapon can cause both types of damage to its targets. 

Deep Rock Galactic - using Colette Wave Cooker

Additionally, the area damage behavior is described as ray tracing, which suggests that the weapon emits a narrow beam of energy that can pass through objects and cause damage to all enemies within its path.

Furthermore, the material flags of the weapon include “Frozen – expand.” This suggests that when the weapon is used against frozen enemies or objects, it will cause them to expand and potentially explode, dealing additional damage to nearby enemies or objects.

Colette Wave Cooker Modifications

Deep Rock Galactic - gameplay with Colette Wave Cooker

Colette Wave Cooker Overlocks

Diffusion Ray

Involves applying mechanical stress to the heat generator, allowing microwaves to penetrate deeper and pass through multiple enemies at once. Additionally, microwaves slow down the affected enemies. 

Deep Rock Galactic - Colette Wave Cooker diffusion ray

However, the mechanical stress causes damage to the generator and slightly reduces its overall damage output.

Liquid Cooling System

This modification refers to an extremely efficient cooling system that helps the weapon to generate less heat and cool down faster. As a result, the weapon is less likely to become jammed, allowing for smoother operation during use.

Super Focus Lens

An add-on lens that significantly focuses the microwaves, resulting in a substantial increase in damage attack [1] or output over a range of up to 4 meters.

Mega Power Supply

A more powerful electrical power supply provides greater energy to the Colette Wave Cooker, increasing damage output and overall performance.

Blistering Necrosis

This modification involves adding an experimental electron tube to the Colette Wave Cooker, which increases the heat generated by microwaves. As a result, enemies hit by the waves will suffer severe burns that cause large blisters to form on their skin. 

Deep Rock Galactic - Colette Wave Cooker blistering necrosis

These blisters can bypass armor, enhance incoming direct damage, and cause additional damage when popped. However, the large amounts of heat generated by this modification come at the cost of a slower cooldown rate for the weapon.

Gamma Contamination

Installing a lens made of uranium glass to the Colette Wave Cooker significantly increases the radioactivity of the emitted microwaves. 

When a target is hit, there is a chance that it will become contaminated with radiation, taking damage and releasing harmful radioactive waves that can affect nearby enemies. 


It’s worth noting that the Colette Wave Cooker is a secondary weapon for the Driller class, so if you prefer playing as a different class, you may not find the weapon as useful.

Ultimately, deciding if the Colette Wave Cooker is worth acquiring in Deep Rock Galactic is up to you. It may be a great addition to your arsenal if you enjoy using powerful, unique weapons that can quickly eliminate enemies and extract resources. 

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