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Deep Rock Galactic Data Rack

In today’s article, we will explore the Deep Rock Galactic data rack in more detail, its significance to the game, and how it enhances the gameplay experience. Read on!

Locating and Acquiring a Data Rack in Deep Rock Galactic

The game features randomly generated objectives that players must complete as part of their missions, including finding and collecting a Data Rack. Data Racks are important game components containing valuable information such as player profiles, game settings, and mission data. 

They are typically found on Industrial Sabotage missions, which require players to collect and deliver the Data Rack to the MULE as the final objective.

Players must complete a series of Assignments to unlock Industrial Sabotage missions, including the Spec Ops: Sabotage Training assignment. This is one of the first assignments that most players complete, so you likely have already unlocked it. 

Deep Rock Galactic - gameplay

If you haven’t, you can easily accept this assignment from the Assignment Board and begin working on it.

Once you complete the three missions required for the Spec Ops: Sabotage Training assignment, all Industrial Sabotage missions will become available. 

These missions are typically challenging and require players to use their problem-solving skills and work together to overcome obstacles and complete objectives. 

Finding and collecting a Data Rack on an Industrial Sabotage mission is one of the many objectives players must complete in progressing through the game.

What is the Data Rack Used For in Deep Rock Galactic?

Its purpose is to store valuable data collected by the dwarven mining corporation, Deep Rock Galactic. The data rack is an objective the players must retrieve and bring back to the drop pod before completing the mission. 

Deep Rock Galactic - steel data rack

Once the players retrieve the data rack, they must carry it back to the drop pod while defending themselves against waves of enemies. Once the data rack is extracted and the mission is completed, the collected data can unlock new upgrades, weapons, and cosmetic items. 

The data rack is an important element of Deep Rock Galactic’s gameplay. It encourages players to explore the caves thoroughly and work together as a team to complete the mission objectives.

When the players retrieve the data rack during a mission, they must attach it to the M.U.L.E. The M.U.L.E is a robotic pack animal that carries resources and other items back to the drop pod.

Once the data rack is attached to the M.U.L.E, the players must press the red button on the M.U.L.E to initiate the extraction phase. 

This will call in the drop pod to the designated extraction point, where the M.U.L.E and the players can be picked up and extracted from the mission area.

Deep Rock Galactic - riding MULE

It’s important to note that during the extraction phase, the players will face a final wave of enemies trying to prevent them from reaching the drop pod. 

The players must work together to fend off the enemies and make it to the drop pod before it takes off, otherwise, they will be left behind, and the mission will fail.

Do I Really Have to Get These Data Racks?

Retrieving the data racks is one of the primary objectives of many missions. However, not all missions require players to retrieve data racks. 

Some missions may have different primary objectives, such as mining a certain amount of minerals, repairing broken machinery, or escorting NPCs [1] to safety.

That being said, retrieving data racks can be beneficial for players as they provide valuable data that can be used to unlock new upgrades, weapons, and cosmetic items. 

Deep Rock Galactic - Data Rack

Additionally, completing the primary objective, whether it involves retrieving a data rack or something else, is necessary for completing the mission. It rewards the players with experience points, credits, and crafting materials.

So while it is not always necessary to retrieve data racks, doing so can be rewarding and contribute to the mission’s overall success.

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Finding and collecting Data Racks is not mandatory for completing the game’s main objectives. However, they can be a useful addition to your game progress as they contain valuable information that can help enhance your gaming experience. 

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