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The DRG Communications Router: Mastering Deep Rock Galactic’s Rival Communications Challenges

Deep Rock Galactic has captivated players with its thrilling mining and combat gameplay, and with each new season comes exciting events. One such event that has captured players’ attention is the Rival Communications Router in DRG.

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of this challenging event, providing valuable insights on how to disable the DRG Communications Router and offering tips for success with each dwarf class.

Understanding the Rival Communications Router Event

The Rival Communications Router event in Deep Rock Galactic is a dynamic and challenging event that introduces a new hacking mini-game to disable enemy communications.

Unlike other events, where players can rely on the hacking drone Hack-C, this event requires them to disable the router. It shares similarities with the hacking mini-game encountered when dealing with the Turret Controller Unit.

The Rival Communications Router event offers a unique and intense experience in Deep Rock Galactic. It requires players to think on their feet, manage their time wisely, and adapt to the ever-present threat of enemies.

Mastering Deep Rock Galactic’s Rival Communications Challenges

Success in this event hinges on skillful hacking, efficient enemy suppression, and effective teamwork. By understanding the mechanics and objectives of the Rival Communications Router event, players can approach the challenge with confidence.

With practice, coordination, and the utilization of class-specific abilities, players can disable the Communications Router, secure the Data Core, and emerge victorious in the depths of Hoxxes.

Step-by-Step Guide: Disabling the Communications Router

The Rival Communications Router event in Deep Rock Galactic presents a thrilling challenge that requires players to disable enemy communications by hacking multiple nodes. To complete this event, follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Crack the Router

Begin the Communications Router event through the three corners. This will activate the event and initiate the hacking process.

Step 2: Identify the Targeted Antenna

After cracking the router, a random antenna will turn purple. Pay close attention to identifying the targeted antenna for hacking. This should be the antenna you need to disable to progress through the event.

Identifying the target

Step 3: Engage the Hacking Mini-Game

Approach the targeted antenna and prepare to engage in the hacking mini-game. The mini-game involves joining two cables of the same color and then cutting a marked weak point. Quick and precise actions are essential for success.

Step 4: Disable the Antenna

Execute the hacking mini-game within the given time frame of 15 seconds. Completing the mini-game will disable the antenna, allowing you to move on to the next one.

Step 5: Repeat the Process

Once you disable an antenna, a new one will glow shortly afterward. Repeat the hacking process on each antenna, ensuring you complete the mini-game within the allocated time.

Step 6: Watch Out for Enemies

During the Communications Router event, you will come under fire from Patrol Bots and Shredders. Be prepared to fend off these enemies while focusing on the hacking task. Coordinate with your team to ensure effective enemy suppression.

Step 7: Utilize Class Abilities

Using your chosen dwarf class, leverage your unique abilities to disable the router. Consider the following class-specific tips:

dwarf's ability

1. Engineer

2. Scout

3. Gunner

4. Driller

Step 8: Teamwork is Key

Cooperate closely with your team throughout the event. Effective communication and coordination will help streamline the hacking process and ensure the safety of all team members. Assign roles and responsibilities to optimize efficiency.

teamwork rival router

Step 9: Complete the Event

Disable all antennas by successfully hacking each one within the given time frame. Once all antennas are disabled, the Communications Router will be effectively disabled, granting access to the Data Core.

Step 10: Practice Makes Perfect

If you find the mini-game challenging, consider practicing on Turret Controller Units, which do not have a timer. Familiarize yourself with the mechanics and improve your skills through practice sessions.

Solo Play and Team Strategies

Solo players may find the order of dwarf class usefulness more apparent. However, even in solo play, the aid of fellow dwarfs or a coordinated team can expedite the hacking process. Effective communication, positioning, and teamwork are crucial for success.

Practice and Improving Hacking Skills

The hacking game poses the primary challenge in this event. While there are no specific tips for improving this mini-game, practice can enhance your proficiency.

Consider practicing on Turret Controller Units since they lack a timer. Be mindful of the surrounding turrets when attempting to practice on these units. 

To enhance your gameplay, here’s more of Deep Rock Galactic tips to try!

hacking router deep rock galactic


The DRG Communications Router event presents an exciting challenge in Deep Rock Galactic, requiring players to disable enemy communications by hacking multiple nodes.

By understanding the mechanics of the event and implementing the strategies outlined for each dwarf class, you can optimize your chances of a successful gameplay [1]. Effective teamwork and practice are essential in mastering the hacking mini-game. Rock and Stone, fellow Dwarfs!

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