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25 Deep Rock Galactic Tips — All You Need To Know

Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative first-person shooter game developed by Ghost Ship Games. The game takes place in procedurally generated caves, where players take on the roles of dwarven space miners tasked with extracting precious resources and fighting off hordes of alien creatures. 

With its emphasis on teamwork and strategic planning, Deep Rock Galactic offers a challenging and rewarding gaming experience. However, mastering the game can be a daunting task for newcomers. Thus, we will discuss some useful tips and tricks to help players improve their skills and enhance their enjoyment of Deep Rock Galactic.

1. Target Enemies’ Weak Spots

Many of the creatures in the game have specific weak points that can be targeted for increased damage. For example, the Glyphid Praetorian has a glowing weak spot on its back, while the Mactera Spawn has a vulnerable area on its underside. 

By aiming for these weak spots, players can take down enemies more quickly and efficiently, which is especially important when facing large hordes of creatures. In addition, some weak spots can also trigger unique effects or cause enemies to stagger, giving players a tactical advantage.

Mactera spawn attack

2. Take Caution During Friendly Fire

As a cooperative game, it’s essential to work closely with your teammates to accomplish objectives and defeat enemies. However, it’s also easy to accidentally cause damage to your fellow dwarves, especially in the heat of battle. This can lead to frustration, unnecessary deaths, and a decrease in team morale. 

To avoid friendly fire incidents, it’s important to pay close attention to your surroundings and communicate with your teammates. Use voice or text chat to coordinate movements and attacks, and be mindful of your weapon’s area of effect.

3. Always Be On The Move

The game’s procedurally generated caves are full of hazards, from deadly pits to swarms of hostile creatures. To survive in this environment, it’s important to keep moving and stay on the move as much as possible. Moving quickly can help you evade attacks, avoid traps, and get to safety. 

It’s also important to keep an eye out for environmental features that can help you move more efficiently, such as ziplines, platforms, and tunnels. These can be used to quickly traverse large distances and get to hard-to-reach areas.

4. Learn Every Class’ Basics Before Engaging To Another One

The game features four unique classes, each with its own set of weapons, abilities, and play styles. These classes are the Driller, Engineer, Gunner, and Scout, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. To be effective in Deep Rock Galactic, it’s important to understand the abilities and limitations of each class, and how they can best work together as a team. 

It’s tempting to jump between classes and experiment with different loadouts, but this can be overwhelming for newer players and hinder progress. Instead, focus on mastering one class at a time, learning its strengths and weaknesses, and how to use it effectively in a team.

Engineer character is still at lvl 16

5. Light Up The Caves As A Scout

The Scout’s primary role is to navigate and explore the caves, using their grappling hook and flare gun to traverse and illuminate the environment. However, it’s easy to get caught up in combat or other tasks and forget to light up the caves, which can make it difficult for your team to see and navigate. To avoid this, make a habit of periodically throwing flares and illuminating the area around you.

 This not only helps you and your team see better, but it can also reveal hidden resources and threats. Additionally, it’s important to communicate with your team and coordinate your lighting efforts, especially when exploring unfamiliar or dangerous areas.

6. When Reviving, Keep In Mind To Use Your Shield if You’re a Gunner

The Gunner’s primary role is to provide heavy firepower and defensive support, using their high-damage weapons and deployable shield to protect themselves and their team. However, the shield can also be used to great effect when reviving fallen teammates. When reviving a teammate, activate your shield to create a protective barrier around both of you. 

This can prevent you both from taking damage and give you time to revive your teammate safely. In addition, the shield can be upgraded to provide additional protection and healing, making it an even more effective tool for reviving teammates.

7. During Swarms, Always Set Up Defenses if You’re An Engineer

As an Engineer in Deep Rock Galactic, it’s important to focus on defensive support and utility. During swarms, you should set up turrets and platforms strategically to cover chokepoints, create barriers, and distract enemies. This can help your team survive the swarm with minimal casualties. Additionally, when completing important mission points, such as extraction or fuel cell points, setting up defenses is crucial. 

Placing turrets and platforms around these areas can help create a perimeter and prevent enemies from getting too close. It’s important to communicate and coordinate with your team to identify key areas for defense and place turrets and platforms in the most effective way possible.

Swarm attack defense

8. Drill The Entire Team in The Drop Pod if You’re A Driller

As a Driller in Deep Rock Galactic, your role is to provide excavation and mobility support. When it’s time to extract, you can use your drills to create a direct path to the drop pod, allowing your team to avoid hazards and enemies and reach the pod quickly and safely. Throughout the mission, you can also use your drills to create shortcuts and alternate paths to help your team navigate and complete objectives more efficiently. 

To use your drilling abilities effectively, it’s important to communicate with your team and coordinate your efforts. Work together to identify the best path to the drop pod, and clear any obstacles or hazards along the way.

9. Accomplish Core Hunts Weekly

Core Hunts are special missions that are only available for a limited time each week and offer unique rewards, such as rare minerals, cosmetics, and overclocks. By completing these missions, you can earn valuable resources and gear that can help you progress through the game and improve your character. Additionally, Core Hunts offer a different experience from the standard missions, with new challenges and gameplay mechanics to master. 

To participate in Core Hunts, simply check the mission board at the space rig and look for the weekly Core Hunt mission. These missions are typically marked with a special icon and offer unique objectives and challenges.

10. Always Keep Nitra

Nitra is a valuable resource in the game that is used to call in supply drops, which provide ammo, health, and other essential items to the team. As such, it’s important to collect as much Nitra as possible throughout each mission. To collect Nitra, look for glowing blue crystals scattered throughout the caves. These crystals can be mined with your pickaxe and will yield varying amounts of Nitra. 

It’s a good idea to prioritize mining Nitra whenever you come across it, as it can be easy to run out of essential supplies during a mission. Once you’ve collected enough Nitra, use it to call in supply drops as needed. Keep in mind that supply drops can take some time to arrive, so it’s important to plan ahead and call them in before you run out of ammo or health.

Mining Nitra

11. Don’t Take Too Much Resources from Resupply Pods

Resupply pods are essential for replenishing your ammo, health, and other important supplies, and can be called in using Nitra. However, it’s important to use these pods strategically and avoid taking more than you actually need. When calling in a resupply pod, communicate with your team and make sure everyone is aware of its location. 

Avoid calling in resupplies unnecessarily and be mindful of your team’s needs. Additionally, when using a resupply pod, only take the amount of supplies you actually need. Taking more than necessary can deplete the pod quickly and leave your team without essential supplies later on.

12. To Earn Perk Points, Accomplish Milestones Consistently

Milestones are specific objectives or achievements that can be completed during missions and offer rewards in the form of perk points. Perk points can be used to unlock new abilities, upgrade existing ones, and enhance your character’s performance. 

To view your current milestones, open the mission terminal on the space rig and select the “Milestones” tab. You can view your progress on each milestone and see what rewards you will earn for completing them. Some milestones are specific to certain classes or mission types, so it’s important to diversify your gameplay [1] and try out different strategies and loadouts.

13. Don’t Mine A Vein Similar With Your Teammates

When mining minerals in the game, it can be tempting to stick together and mine the same vein as your teammates. However, this can lead to slower progress and missed opportunities. Instead, try to spread out and mine different veins or areas of the cave. 

This can help you cover more ground, find more resources, and complete objectives more efficiently. Additionally, by mining different veins, you can reduce the risk of accidentally hitting each other with your pickaxes and causing friendly fire incidents.

Coop mining

14. Check Your Terrain Scanner Regularly

The terrain scanner is a tool that provides a map of the surrounding area, highlighting resources, objectives, and hazards. It’s an essential tool for navigating and exploring the caves, and can help you identify hidden resources and plan your route. 

To use the terrain scanner, hold down the tab key (default on PC) or the equivalent button on your platform, and the scanner will appear. The scanner will display a 3D map of the surrounding area, and you can use the scroll wheel or equivalent controls to zoom in and out.

15. Always Ensure That Everyone is Ready Before Starting The Game

Before starting a mission, it’s important to make sure everyone on the team is ready and prepared. This can help prevent delays, miscommunications, and other issues that can slow down your progress in the game. To ask if everyone is ready, communicate with your team using the in-game voice chat or messaging system. 

Ask if anyone needs a moment to change their loadout or make other preparations before starting the mission. This can help ensure that everyone is on the same page and ready to work together.

16. Grunt in The Space Rig to Get Your Teammates’ Attention

You can use the grunts and burps in the space rig to get the attention of your teammates and communicate with them while waiting for them to get ready for a mission. It’s a playful and humorous aspect of the game that can help break the tension and build camaraderie between players. 

However, it’s important to use these sounds respectfully and appropriately, and avoid using them in a way that could be offensive or disrespectful to others. It’s important to maintain a positive and respectful atmosphere in the game, both in-game and in social interactions with other players.

17. Get Downed in The Space Rig

Getting downed in the Space Rig can also occur due to drinking the Blackout Stout, a heavy craft beer that can cause the player to pass out. The Abyss Bar in the Space Rig offers a variety of craft beers that can be brewed and consumed by players, offering a fun and immersive aspect to the game.

18. Make Some Waypoints For Smooth Navigation

Waypoints are markers that you can place on the map to help you and your team navigate the caves more efficiently. By placing waypoints at key locations, you can help guide your team towards objectives, resources, and other points of interest. 

To create a waypoint, open your terrain scanner and place your crosshairs over the desired location. Press the waypoint button (default is “G” on PC) to place a marker on the map. You can also label your waypoints to provide additional information to your team.

19. Carve Out Environments

Carving out environments can also be useful for creating chokepoints or defensive positions during swarms or other intense combat situations. By creating barriers or narrow paths, you can limit the number of enemies that can attack your team at once and create a more defensible position. 

The game features a variety of tools that can be used to dig through the environment, including drills, pickaxes, and explosives. By using these tools strategically, you can create shortcuts, clear obstacles, and carve out new paths to make navigation and exploration easier and safer for your team.

Power drilling with the driller

20. Keep On Upgrading

In Deep Rock Galactic, upgrading equipment and abilities is essential for success. Prioritize upgrades that complement your playstyle and class, save up resources, experiment with different loadouts, and communicate with your team to create the best loadouts. Upgrading effectively can enhance your gameplay experience and increase your chances of success during missions.

21. Lure The Frozen Bugs To Kill Themselves

To take advantage of this, try to lure frozen bugs towards other enemies or obstacles to create a chain reaction. Additionally, you can use weapons or tools that create cold environments, such as the Cryo Cannon or the Cryo Grenade, to freeze enemies and create more opportunities for them to shatter.

22. Spare An Empty Mug For Secret Achievements

To keep your empty mug, simply drink a Deep Rock Galactic beer at the Abyss Bar before starting a mission, and then hold onto the empty mug throughout the mission. 

For DRG’s secret achievements, you can place the mug in your utility slot to free up your hands for combat or mining, and be sure to avoid accidentally throwing it away or leaving it behind.

Heading towards the abyss bar

23. Take Advantage of The Character Cosmetics

There are various character cosmetics that you can use to customize the appearance of your character. These cosmetics include things like armor sets, helmet designs, facial hair styles, and more.

24. Use The Rock And Stone

A fun aspect of playing Deep Rock Galactic is the ability to use the “Rock and Stone!” emote to celebrate with your team. The emote can be activated by pressing the “V” key on PC or clicking the right analog stick on Xbox, and causes your dwarf to shout “Rock and Stone!” with enthusiasm. 

This emote has become a beloved catchphrase in the Deep Rock Galactic community, and is often used to celebrate successful missions or other achievements. It’s a fun way to express camaraderie and team spirit, and can help create a positive and supportive atmosphere among players.

25. Watch Out For The Fall Damage

There is fall damage in Deep Rock Galactic. If a player falls from a high distance, they can take damage and potentially die. It’s important to be cautious when navigating the terrain and to use the tricks mentioned earlier, such as using mobility tools, understanding the terrain, being mindful of hazards, and upgrading equipment, to minimize the risk of taking fall damage.

Engineer lands without fall damage

Wrapping Up

Applying these tips during the game can help you become a more skilled and effective player in Deep Rock Galactic. The game can be challenging, especially when playing with a team. 

By using these strategies, you can customize your gameplay experience and create a personalized style that suits your playstyle and preferences. Additionally, it can help create a positive and supportive atmosphere among players, making the game more enjoyable and rewarding.

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