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Pyrol in Warframe — All You Need To Know

Warframe is a vast game that continuously introduces new content for players to engage with. Crafting is an essential aspect of the game as many Warframes and items can only be obtained by crafting them using valuable resources. 

Indeed, materials and resources hold a significant value in the gameplay of Warframe and can even be used as currency by certain vendors. Pyrol is one of the most highly sought-after resources in the game, so we’re here to explain all about it in this guide!

How To Obtain Pyrol

In the video game, Pyrol can be obtained through two main methods:

Mining Red Mineral Veins on the Plains of Eidolon

Players can locate red mineral veins scattered throughout the Plains of Eidolon, and then use a mining tool to extract Pyrol from them. The western cave of Twin Horns is a good spot to find these veins.


Defeating Tusk Thumpers

Tusk Thumpers are large robotic enemies that players can encounter in the Plains of Eidolon. They have a chance of dropping Pyrol upon defeat.

Once players have acquired Pyrol through either of these methods, they can use it for crafting various items in the game, including Pyrotic Alloy and Tempered Bapholite.

The next section will discuss these two methods further.

Mining in the Plains of Eidolon

To mine Pyrol in the Plains of Eidolon, players will need to equip a mining tool and locate red mineral veins scattered throughout the environment. These veins are identifiable by their distinctive red color, and the mining tool will display their location and type on the player’s screen.

Players can find red mineral veins in various locations throughout the Plains of Eidolon, including the western cave in Twin Horns. To extract Pyrol from the veins, players will need to approach the deposit and use their mining tool to extract the resource.

pyrol warframe game

It’s worth noting that Pyrol is a rare resource, so it may take some time to find enough of it for crafting purposes. Additionally, the mining tool will require a certain level of proficiency to extract Pyrol from the veins. 

Players can level up their mining tool or equip mining upgrades to increase their proficiency and make it easier to extract Pyrol.

Farming it from Enemies: Tusk Thumpers

In addition to mining red mineral veins, Pyrol can also be obtained by defeating Tusk Thumpers, which are large robotic enemies that players can encounter in the Plains of Eidolon. 

Tusk Thumpers have a chance of dropping Pyrol upon defeat, along with other valuable resources. Players can increase their chances of obtaining Pyrol by defeating higher-level Tusk Thumpers or by using loot-boosting abilities or equipment.

Farming Pyrol from Tusk Thumpers is another way for players to acquire this resource for crafting various items in the game. However, it may not be as reliable as mining red mineral veins, as the drop rate for Pyrol from Tusk Thumpers is not guaranteed.

Here’s a chart for reference:

percentage for each thumper type

Tusk Thumpers spawn in various locations on the map at specific intervals, and players can roam around to find them. Defeating these enemies is an effective method for farming Pyrol in Warframe.

pyrol warframe

What Is It Used For In the Game?

In Warframe, Pyrol is a valuable resource that is primarily used for crafting Pyrotic Alloy and Tempered Bapholite. These materials, in turn, are used to craft various weapons, gear, and equipment that players can use to progress in the game.

Pyrotic Alloy, for example, is a critical component for crafting Amps, which are powerful weapons used by players to fight enemies in the game’s missions. Pyrol can also be used for crafting the Hystrix secondary weapon, which fires explosive quills that deal damage to enemies.

Tempered Bapholite, on the other hand, is used for crafting Kitguns, which are customizable secondary weapons that players can equip with different parts and components to suit their playstyle.

Overall, Pyrol is an important resource for crafting essential items in Warframe, and players will need to acquire it through mining or defeating enemies to progress in the game.

pyrol warframe


The Pyrol is a valuable resource in Warframe that players can acquire through mining or defeating enemies. As crafting is an essential aspect of the game, acquiring valuable resources like Pyrol is crucial for players to progress and succeed in their missions and gameplay [1]. 

The continuous addition of new content in Warframe ensures that there are always new challenges and items for players to obtain, making the game an exciting and engaging experience for players.

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