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Deep Rock Galactic Beer — All Craftable Beers

Deep Rock Galactic is set in space, where players are dwarven miners, known as “Dwarves,” who work for a company named after the game. In addition to mining valuable minerals and resources, the Dwarves are known for their love of beer.  

In this article, we will explore the craftable beers available in Deep Rock Galactic and their effects on gameplay.

Understanding Beer and the Abyss Bar in Deep Rock Galactic

Beer has been a beloved beverage for centuries, and it’s no surprise that it has also found its way into video games. In Deep Rock Galactic, beer serves as a way to enhance gameplay and add a fun element to the game. 

The game features an in-game bar called the Abyss Bar, which serves as a hub for players to relax and socialize between missions. Here, players can craft and purchase different types of beer and customize their character’s appearance with various cosmetic items.

The Abyss Bar offers various craftable beers with unique properties and effects. Some beers increase the player’s maximum health or provide temporary damage resistance, while others boost speed or enhance mining abilities. 

Deep Rock Galactic - Abyss Bar

Players can unlock new beers by completing specific achievements or purchasing them with in-game currency. 

Crafting beer requires specific ingredients, which players can collect during mining expeditions. The brewing process takes time; players must wait for their beer to ferment before it’s ready to consume. 

However, players can speed up the process by purchasing a beer accelerator or waiting for the weekly happy hour event at the Abyss Bar.

Corporate Issue Beers

Upon starting the game, each dwarf is equipped with three beers – the Oily Oaf, Glyphid Slammer, and Leaf Lovers Special – considered standard corporate issues. 

The Oily Oaf and Glyphid Slammer have no distinctive effects when consumed.

Oily Oaf Brew

Oily Oaf Brew is the simplest and most affordable beer in Deep Rock Galactic. Its primary purpose is to induce drunkenness, but its effects may not be readily apparent even after consuming several servings. 

Deep Rock Galactic - Daily Oaf Brew

This type of beer is typically enjoyed for its leisurely qualities, serving as a way to unwind after a demanding day of mining or as a means of enjoying social activities with team members.

Glyphid Slammer

If you want to get tipsy in Deep Rock Galactic, Glyphid Slammer and its supporter upgrade are viable options, albeit pricier than Oily Oaf Brew. 

Both versions of Glyphid Slammer have similar effects, with the supporter upgrade boasting a more elegant container that requires the purchase of the Supporter Upgrade DLC. 

This beer is a great choice to show appreciation for the game developers while indulging in the conviviality of drinking with your buddies.

The Leaf Lover’s Special

Out of all the beers in Deep Rock Galactic, the Leaf Lover’s Special stands out as the most exceptional one. This beverage serves a distinct purpose, specifically designed to counteract the effects of alcohol and sober you up quickly. 

Deep Rock Galactic - The Leaf Lover’s Special

By drinking a Leaf Lover’s Special, your system is instantly flushed of any drunkenness, allowing you to eliminate the negative effects of alcohol while still benefiting from the buffs of other beers. 

This makes it a perfect choice for those who want to stay sober for various reasons but still wish to enjoy the social aspect of drinking with their team.

Craftable Beers in Deep Rock Galactic

In Deep Rock Galactic, 13 different types of beers can be crafted and provide distinct benefits to you and your team. To unlock each beer, you must upgrade your beer license and gather specific ingredients such as Starch Nuts, Malt Stars, and Yeast Cones. 

Once you have unlocked a beer, you can craft it again using a small quantity of the required materials.

Gut Wrecker

A high-alcohol beer of 41% provides little gameplay [1] advantages but is still popular among players due to its comedic effect. Upon consumption, the dwarf will experience a violent belching fit accompanied by screen shaking, which can be entertaining. 

Deep Rock Galactic - Gut Wrecker

However, these effects wear off relatively quickly, and the beer doesn’t offer any tangible benefits to the player.

Despite its lack of practical use, the Gut Wrecker still has a dedicated fanbase among players who enjoy its humorous effects. 

It’s also worth noting that consuming too much of this beer can lead to severe in-game consequences, such as the dwarf passing out, potentially jeopardizing the mission’s success.

Mactera Brew

The Mactera Brew, like the Gut Wrecker, has a high alcohol content of 40%. Drinking this beer results in the player releasing a cloud of toxic gas accompanied by flies, making it one of the most unpleasant and disgusting beers available. 

Deep Rock Galactic - Mactera Brew

Despite its unappealing nature, the Mactera Brew is still popular among players due to its comedic value.

Burning Love

In contrast, Burning Love is one of the lowest alcohol content beers available, with only 17%. However, this beer offers an equally amusing effect: after drinking it, your dwarf suddenly catches on fire, causing them to panic and smoke for a while. 

Although it doesn’t provide significant in-game benefits, Burning Love is a fun beer to consume with friends and adds an extra element of hilarity to your missions.


Arkenstout is a unique and entertaining craft beer in Deep Rock Galactic that will surely make you smile. Although it has a relatively low alcohol rating of 10%, it offers a fun and unexpected twist to the game. 

When you drink Arkenstout, your character will freeze in place, just like if a Cryo grenade hit them. 

Deep Rock Galactic - Arkenstout

What makes this beer even more comical is that if you happen to be dancing with the Jukebox when you drink it, your character will suddenly stop mid-animation, resulting in a hilarious and unexpected sight.

Blacklock Lager

On the other hand, Blacklock Lager is a much more potent and unusual brew in Deep Rock Galactic. With an alcohol rating of 46%, just two rounds of this beer will make you pass out. 

However, that’s not all, as every time you drink Blacklock Lager, your character’s vision will darken, and ghosts will start to haunt and wail at you. 

Although the haunting effect is short-lived, when combined with your dwarf stumbling around, it feels like a ghost has taken over your keyboard.

Blackout Stout

If you’re looking for an even stronger brew, look no further than Blackout Stout. With a whopping alcohol rating of 100%, one sip of this potent beverage is all it takes to knock you unconscious on the ground. 

Deep Rock Galactic - Blackout Stout

While Blackout Stout may not have any real use in the game, it’s always fun to give to newer players and see their reactions to its powerful effects.

BlackReach Blonde

For a more lighthearted experience, consider trying BlackReach Blonde. Although it’s one of the weaker drinks on this list, with an alcohol consistency of only 15%, it offers a unique and enjoyable effect. 

Drinking BlackReach Blonde gives you the same dancing effect as the Jukebox anywhere in the Space Rig. This effect is accompanied by stars, flashing lights, and music, creating a festive and joyful atmosphere. 

However, it’s important to note that you can’t reset your dance animation with this beer like you can with the Jukebox, so choose your moves wisely.

UnderHill Deluxe and Malt Rockbearer

Two beers in Deep Rock Galactic that are quite similar in strength and function are the UnderHill Deluxe and Malt Rockbearer. Both of these craftable beers offer an 18% alcohol consistency and have a unique effect on your dwarf’s size. 

Deep Rock Galactic - Malt Rockbearer

UnderHill Deluxe will cause your dwarf to shrink, while Malt Rockbearer will cause your dwarf to grow in size. Drinking either of these beers also shifts your dwarf’s voice up or down depending on their size, adding an extra layer of amusement to the game.

Seasoned Moonrider

Seasoned Moonrider, with a 12% alcohol content, is another unique brew offering low gravity and upward momentum after drinking. 

This beer gives you a similar experience to disabling gravity temporarily in the Space Rig, allowing for some extra jump height. However, it ultimately comes down to personal preferences, whether you prefer low or normal gravity while playing.

If you’re in the mood for a more exciting beer, the Wormhole Special is an excellent choice. With a 25% alcohol rating, drinking this beer will randomly teleport you around the Space Rig, including outside. 

Deep Rock Galactic - Seasoned Moonrider

Ordering a Wormhole Special can add an extra layer of surprise and fun to any round.

Flintlocke's Delight

A quirky and entertaining beer in Deep Rock Galactic that features a flintlock as its unique handle. Upon consuming this potent beverage with a 20% alcohol content, your dwarf character will hilariously explode and get propelled in unpredictable directions. 

For an even more chaotic and enjoyable experience, disabling gravity in the Space Rig can add to the fun of this beer.

Smart Stout

If you’re looking for a beer that offers more than just a buzz, Smart Stout is a unique option in Deep Rock Galactic. With a whopping 24% alcohol content, this beer comes in a mug that offers many extra quotes and possible lore explanations. 

Deep Rock Galactic - Smart Stout

Once consumed, Smart Stout temporarily enhances your dwarf’s intellect, prompting them to question their company, develop new ideas to make their job easier, and even ponder the mysteries of the Error Cube. 

Daily Special Beers

Backbreaker Stout: Increases movement speed when carrying items. Great for Point Extraction missions. Costs 1 Barley Bulb.

Dark Morkite: Increases Morkite accumulation when mining Morkite veins. Useful for Mining Expeditions. Costs 2 Barley Bulbs.

Pots O’ Gold: Increases gold yield when mining. Great for missions with modifiers that increase gold veins. Costs 3 Barley Bulbs.

Red Rock Blaster: Increases health in-game. Useful for Deep Dives and Eliminations. Costs 1 Barley Bulb.

Deep Rock Galactic - today's special

Rocky Mountain: Buffs pickaxe, making it easier to dig through the terrain. Costs 3 Barley Bulbs.

Skull Crusher Ale: Increases pickaxe damage for combat. Costs 2 Barley Bulbs.

Slayer Stout: Reduces power attack cooldown on Pickaxe. Useful for gaining health quickly with the Vampire perk. Costs 2 Barley Bulbs.

Tunnel Rat: Reduces fall damage. Useful for missions with verticality. Costs 3 Barley Bulbs.


Beers in Deep Rock Galactic do play an important role in the game. While they are not necessary to complete missions or progress through the game, they can significantly boost your performance in certain situations.

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