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Your Comprehensive Stardew Valley Ginger Island Guide for Exploration and Excitement!

Ginger Island, located in the Fern Island archipelago, is an exciting addition to Stardew Valley. This picturesque island is known for its unique features, diverse activities, and valuable rewards. 

However, before players can explore Ginger Island, they must repair the Community Center, which unlocks access to this extraordinary destination.

Ginger Island as an Extension to Stardew Valley

Ginger Island extends Stardew Valley, expanding the gameplay with many new activities and features. One notable addition is the introduction of the island’s economy, centered around Golden Walnuts.

Stardew Valley - Ginger Island

These precious nuts can be collected throughout the island, and they’re used to unlock new areas, upgrade farm buildings, and acquire exclusive items.

South Region

The south region of Ginger Island is a vibrant area with various attractions for players to enjoy. One of the main highlights is the Beach Resort, where players can relax and rejuvenate. 

Beach Resort (unlocked with 20 Golden Walnuts)

Stardew Valley - golden walnut

The resort offers cozy mats, a tropical-themed bar, and a sandy beach perfect for sunbathing. Villagers from Pelican Town may come to visit here occasionally.

Item Price
Pina Colada 600g
Beer 500g
Pale Ale 1,000g
Mead 800g
Cranberry Candy 400g
Mango Wine 5,000g
Tropical Curry Recipe 2,000g

Pirate Cove

Another intriguing spot in the south region is Pirate Cove, a haven for swashbuckling adventures.

Here, players can play Darts for Golden Walnuts and hang out with pirates in the bar. Exploring the depths of the Pirate Cove fishing can also lead to exciting encounters and valuable rewards.

Fish available in the South Region

Fish Base Selling Price
Flounder 100g
Lionfish 100g
Tuna 100g
Pufferfish 200g
Stingray 180g
Super Cucumber 250g
Gourmand Statue It can’t be sold

This is the only place where Stingray can be caught in the game.

Stardew Valley - Pirate's Cove


Players can encounter the mysterious Mermaid on rainy days near the ocean’s edge. Interacting with the Mermaid and the blocks can lead to unexpected rewards, making rainy days on Ginger Island even more special.

East Region


The east region of Ginger Island is home to Leo, a friendly villager who resides in a quaint cottage. Interacting with Leo lets players learn more about the island’s secrets and receive valuable advice. 

Additionally, players will encounter a talking parrot, who serves as a guide by dropping hints about the locations of Golden Walnuts.


Foraging enthusiasts will enjoy exploring the east region, as it is abundant with Fiddlehead Ferns. These seasonal delicacies can be gathered and used as ingredients in cooking recipes or sold for a tidy profit.

Stardew Valley - fiddlehead fern

Gem Birds

One of the unique attractions in the eastern region is the Gem Birds shrine. Players can earn Golden Walnuts as a reward by offering the right gemstone to the pedestals in the area.

The magnificent gem birds each leave a corresponding gemstone in different parts of Ginger Island. This challenge tests players’ knowledge of gemstones and adds an element of puzzle-solving to their Ginger Island experience.

North Region

The north region of Ginger Island holds several notable features and opportunities for players. One of the key additions is the Island Trader, a character who facilitates trade activities on the island. 

Island Trader (unlocked with 10 Golden Walnuts)
Players can exchange surplus crops, fish, and artifacts for valuable items, resources, and even rare seeds. The Island Trader’s inventory rotates daily, making each visit a unique trading experience.

Stardew Valley - Ginger Island trader

Island Trader Trading Goods

GoodsTrading Price
Warp Totem: Farm5x Taro Root
Taro Tuber2x Bone Fragment
Pineapple Seeds1x Magma Cap
Golden Coconut10x Coconut
Tropical TV30x Taro Root
Jungle Torch5x Cinder Shard
Tropical Chair1x Lionfish
Banana Sapling5x Dragon Tooth
Mango Sapling75x Mussel
Small Cap30x Taro Root
Bluebird Mask30x Taro Root
Deluxe Cowboy Hat30x Taro Root
Wild Double Bed100x Cinder Shard
Tropical Bed20x Ginger
Tropical Double Bed5x Banana
Palm Wall Ornament1x Pineapple
Volcano Photo5x Mango
Oceanic Rug3x Blue Discus
Mahogany Seed1x Stingray
Luau Skirt50x Taro Root
Banana Pudding Recipe30x Bone Fragment
Deluxe Retaining Soil Recipe50x Cinder Shard
Galaxy Soul10x Radioactive Bar

Island Field Office

Stardew Valley - Professor Snail

The Island Field Office, managed by the enthusiastic Professor Snail, is another exciting addition to the northern region. This office is responsible for fossil hunting, allowing players to excavate and collect ancient artifacts. 

The fossils can be donated to the Field Office for Golden Walnuts and other rewards. Professor Snail also offers valuable insights into the island’s history and geology.

Dig Site

Additionally, the north region features the Dig Site, a location reminiscent of the Quarry in Stardew Valley. Players can mine for ores and geodes in this area, adding a mining aspect to their Ginger Island experience. 

The Dig Site provides a new source of valuable resources and a great opportunity for players to bolster their mining skills.

Volcano Dungeon

One of the most thrilling attractions in the northern region is the Volcano Dungeon. This challenging dungeon offers formidable enemies, valuable loot, and exciting puzzles. 

Stardew Valley - Volcano Dungeon

Venturing into the depths of the Volcano Dungeon requires courage and skill, but the rewards found within are well worth the effort.

West Region (unlocked with 10 Golden Walnuts)


The west region of Ginger Island encompasses the farm area, where players can establish their farming operations. This region offers a range of farming opportunities, including planting crops, raising animals, and tending to orchards. 

Players can use the fertile soil and climate to grow crops without seasonal limitations.

Gourmand Frog

The western region is also home to the enigmatic Gourmand Frog, which has a particular fondness for crops. Interacting with the frog can lead to interesting dialogue and unexpected interactions with the farm’s produce. 

Stardew Valley - Gourmand Frog

Players may discover unique benefits or challenges associated with their crops through encounters with the Gourmand Frog.


Birdie, a friendly character on Ginger Island, presents players with an intriguing quest called “The Pirate’s Wife.” Completing this quest, involving finding the War Memento, leads to exciting encounters, unique rewards, and a deeper connection to the island’s lore. 

Tiger Slime Grove

The west region also boasts Tiger Slime Grove, a mysterious location filled with colorful slimes. 

The grove features a Colored Crystal Puzzle, where players must solve puzzles by activating specific crystals to progress further. Overcoming these challenges rewards players with Golden Walnuts and valuable treasures.

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Qi’s Walnut Room (unlocked with 100 Golden Walnuts)

For those seeking additional challenges, Qi’s Walnut Room is a must-visit location in the western region. This room offers the exchange of Qi Gems into valuable items, a Special Orders Board, and a Perfection Tracker.

Stardew Valley - Mister Qi


Ginger Island is a remarkable expansion to Stardew Valley, offering diverse activities, unique characters, and valuable rewards. With its distinct regions, such as the South Region, East Region, North Region, and West Region, players can embark on exciting adventures and uncover the game’s secrets. 

The 1.5 updates, which introduced Ginger Island to Stardew Valley, have significantly enriched the gameplay [1] experience, providing players with new goals, challenges, and opportunities for exploration. 

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