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Stardew Valley Super Cucumber — Behaviors, Locations, and Uses

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming simulation game, offers a diverse range of activities for players to enjoy, including fishing. Among the many fish species in the game, the Super Cucumber stands out as a unique marine animal with its own properties.

This comprehensive guide will explore the behaviors, locations, and various uses of the Super Cucumber in Stardew Valley. Whether you’re an avid angler or simply curious about this elusive creature, read on to discover everything you need to know about the Super Cucumber!


LocationOcean, Ginger Island, Submarine at Night Market
SeasonSummer, Fall, and Winter during Night Market (15-17)
Time6:00 PM-2:00 AM, Anytime during Night Market (5:00 PM-2:00 AM)
Size12-37 inches
Fishing XP29, 32 (silver), 36 (gold), 41 (iridium)
Energy125, 175, 225, 325
Sell Prices (Base)250g, 312g (silver), 375g (gold), 500g (iridium)
Sell Prices (Fisher +25%)312g, 390g (silver), 468g (gold), 625g (iridium)
Sell Prices (Angler +50%)375g, 468g (silver), 562g (gold), 750g (iridium)
Artisan Sell Prices (Roe)155g
Artisan Sell Prices (Aged Roe)310g
Artisan Sell Prices (Aged Roe +40%)434g

Behavior and Difficulty

Stardew Valley - super cucumber inventory

Each fish in Stardew Valley has a distinct behavior influencing its movement in the fishing mini-game. The Super Cucumber is categorized as a “Sinker,” indicating that it moves rapidly when heading downwards. 

This behavior adds an extra level of challenge for players attempting to catch it. However, with practice and the proper techniques, success is within reach.

The difficulty rating of the Super Cucumber is set at 80, making it one of the more challenging non-legendary fish to catch. Its combination of quick movements and moderate difficulty level adds excitement and satisfaction to the fishing experience.

Size and Appearance

Super Cucumbers are visually striking with their purple hue and dark-colored spines. In terms of size, these marine creatures can vary significantly, ranging from 12 to 37 inches. Seeing a sizable Super Cucumber can be gratifying, signaling a potentially valuable catch.

Stardew Valley - super cucumber

Finding Super Cucumbers

Knowing where and when to search for them is crucial to increase your chances of catching a Super Cucumber. In most cases, Super Cucumbers can be found in saltwater areas, such as the Beach, the Beach Farm, and Ginger Island. 

During Summer or Fall evenings, starting from 05:00 PM up until 2:00 AM, you can encounter Super Cucumbers at these locations.

The Night Market Festival in Winter offers an opportunity to catch Super Cucumbers during the deep-sea submarine ride. By paying 1000g, you can access this unique experience between the 15th to 17th of Winter. 

Ginger Island allows you to catch Super Cucumbers all year round. Equipping Magic Bait enables you to capture Super Cucumbers at any time. Here’s a list of the places where you can find Super Cucumbers in Stardew Valley, along with a description of each location:

1. Beach

The Beach is a primary location for catching Super Cucumbers. Head to the shorelines and cast your fishing rod into the ocean waves. Super Cucumbers can often swim near the coastline during Summer and Fall evenings.

Stardew Valley - Ginger Island beach resort

2. Ginger Island

Ginger Island is another hotspot for Super Cucumbers, offering a year-round opportunity to catch them. Unlike other locations, Super Cucumbers can be found here regardless of the season. Equip your fishing rod with Magic Bait, and explore the island’s shores to maximize your chances of hooking one of these elusive creatures.

3. Night Market Festival

During the Winter, the Night Market Festival provides a unique opportunity to catch Super Cucumbers. Take part in the deep-sea submarine ride by paying 1000g between the 15th and 17th of Winter. This exciting experience allows you to encounter Super Cucumbers in the ocean’s depths.

Uses of Super Cucumbers

Gift It To An NPC

Here’s a list of the villagers in Stardew Valley and their reactions toward Super Cucumbers:


The Wizard loves Super Cucumbers. Giving him a Super Cucumber as a gift on his birthday (Winter 17th) will greatly increase your friendship with him. Befriending the Wizard grants access to his basement, where you can find a shrine to change your appearance, name, and gender, among others.

Stardew Valley - talking to the wizard



Stardew Valley - Evelyn



Super Cucumbers can be used, along with other fish, to craft Quality Fertilizers. These fertilizers enhance crop quality and yield.

Store It For Quests

Super Cucumbers may be requested during the Summer or Fall seasons on the “Help Wanted” board at Pierre’s General Store. Completing these quests rewards you with gold and friendship points.


Super Cucumbers can be used in various recipes, including Maki Rolls and Sashimi.

Stardew Valley - cooking

These dishes provide valuable energy and can be sold for a profit.

Bundle Contribution

The Super Cucumber is not included in any bundles.


Understanding the behaviors, locations, and uses of the Super Cucumber in Stardew Valley can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. Whether you aim to use it for cooking recipes, improving relationships with villagers, or strengthening your farming capabilities, the Super Cucumber offers various opportunities.

You can increase your chances of catching these elusive creatures by mastering the fishing mini-game [1] and strategically selecting the right fishing spots during the appropriate seasons. Moreover, exploring the different uses of Super Cucumbers enables you to maximize their value and contribute to your overall progression in the game.  

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