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Stardew Valley Pale Ale — What You Need to Know

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game that gives players a variety of crops and goods to produce. One of the artisan goods is Pale Ale, a refreshing alcoholic beverage that is enjoyed in the town. 

In this article, we will discuss how to obtain and age Pale Ale, its various uses, and its selling prices.

What is Pale Ale?

Pale Ale is a type of beer that has a distinct yellowish color and a foamy head, giving it a classic look and taste of a traditional beer. In the game, it is considered one of the most popular and valuable artisan goods, enjoyed by both players and villagers alike.

How Can You Get Pale Ale?

Pale Ale can be obtained in different ways. You can choose from creating your own, or purchasing one:

Stardew Valley - farming

Making Pale Ale

Hops, the main ingredient in Pale Ale, can be grown in the summer or purchased as a Hops Starter from Pierre’s General Store, the Oasis, or JojaMart. It can be grown in the summer and fall seasons, taking 11 days to grow and mature. Make sure to have space to walk where you plant as Hop Starters have a trellis. 

Each Hops Starter plant can yield multiple Hops. You can speed up the growing process if you have the Agriculturist Profession, or by using fertilizers before planting.

The Hops require Kegs to become Pale Ale. To unlock the Kegs, players must reach Farming Level 8 and then craft them using 30x Wood, 1x Copper Bar, 1x Iron, and 1x Oak Resin. 

Stardew Valley - keg

Once the Keg is crafted, players can place one piece of Hops inside the Keg to produce Pale Ale. It takes around a day and a half in Stardew Valley time for Pale Ale to be produced from a Keg.

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Ginger Island Resort

Players can also obtain Pale Ale by visiting Ginger Island, which is a location that can be unlocked by repairing the bridge located on the eastern side of the beach. The island has a resort with a bar, which sells a variety of drinks. Pale Ale costs 1000g at this bar.

Traveling Cart

Pale Ale may appear available for purchase at the Traveling Cart for a high price range of 900g to 1500g on Fridays and Sundays at the Cindersap Forest or the Night Market at the Beach.

Stardew Valley - traveling cart

Aging Pale Ale

After Pale Ale is produced, players have the option to age it in a Cask if the Farmhouse is upgraded to the max with a Cellar. Casks can be crafted using 20x Wood and 1x Hardwood. 

The aging process takes time, with each quality level taking progressively longer than the previous one. Pale Ale can be aged for the following durations to achieve the corresponding quality and selling price multiplier:

Uses of Pale Ale

Pale Ale has several uses in Stardew Valley, including gifting, completing community center bundles, providing buffs, restoring energy and health, and tailoring.

Stardew Valley - crafting


Pale Ale is a loved gift by Pam and is liked by everyone with the exception of Jas, Leo, Penny, Sebastian, and Vincent who hate it. Giving Pale Ale as a gift can increase the player’s friendship level with the villagers that enjoy it.

Community Center Bundle

Pale Ale is required to complete the Brewer’s Bundle in the Community Center Pantry. Completing the Brewer’s Bundle rewards the player with one Keg.


Consuming Pale Ale can provide buffs that last for a specific duration. Drinking the Pale Ale makes the character activate the buff Tipsy, which decreases (-1) Speed. This buff lasts for 30 seconds.

Energy & Health

Stardew Valley - barrels of Pale Ale

Pale Ale can be consumed to restore the player’s energy and health. making it a convenient item:

















Pale Ale, when put in the Sewing Machine, results in a Black Leather Jacket. It can be also used as a yellow dye for Dye Pots.

Pam is Thirsty

The alcoholic drink Pale Ale is the requirement to finish the quest Pam is Thirsty. Pam loves this drink, and quest completion will reward you with 350g and one friendship heart.

Selling Prices

Stardew Valley - Pale Ale crafted

Selling Pale Ale as an artisan good can provide players with a higher profit, making it a valuable addition to any farm. The following table shows the selling prices for each quality level:

QualityBaseArtisan (+40%)


Pale Ale is an artisan good that is enjoyed by players and villagers in Stardew Valley. It’s delicious and versatile artisan goods that reflect the fruits of patience to any farm, plus it satisfies any thirst. Cheers to the sweet taste of success!

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