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Gunfire Reborn Qian Sui — A Character Guide

One aspect of Gunfire Reborn that has long captivated players is the diverse cast of characters they feature. One such character that has generated significant discussion among players is a hero named Qian Sui. 

In this discussion, we’ll explore the impact of Qian Sui on video games and examine how players have engaged with this dynamic and multifaceted character.

Character Summary

Qian Sui is an unlockable male hero character in the video game “Gunfire Reborn” who excels at dealing with close combat. His species point toward the looks of a Snapdragon Turtle, with his skills closely related to Water. 

“Quan Sui” directly translates to “a thousand years of age” in Chinese. 

Qian Sui excels in close-quarters combat, utilizing a fast playstyle to swiftly dispatch enemies, a highly mobile character capable of darting in and out of battles, exploiting weak points, and assassinating key targets.

Qian Sui

His agility and evasion skills make him a difficult target to hit, with burst damage potential allowing him to eliminate foes swiftly and efficiently. 

In addition to his impressive fighting style, Qian Sui has other unique abilities, including shielding himself to block enemy attacks.

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Qian Sui’s Abilities

Primary Skill: Tide Aspis

Tide Aspis is a defensive skill that allows Qian Sui to create a shield made of water that can protect him from incoming frontal attacks. 

The shield is not just a passive defense but also has an offensive capability when recast or when it disappears, as it deals AOE Damage to enemies in front of Qian Sui.

When held, the shield automatically activates the skill Striking Punch and the skill lasts for five seconds, with a base cooldown of 14 seconds.

Secondary Skill: Striking Punch

Striking Punch is the secondary skill of Qian Sui. Activating the skill allows Qian Sui to deliver a powerful blow to opponents in front of him. The more stacks of Fist Sensation accumulated, the more damage can be dealt with Striking Punch. 

This encourages Qian Sui to be constantly on the move to gain stacks of Fist Sensation, to maximize the damage output of Striking Punch. The skill Striking Punch has no cooldown but requires 3 ammunition on usage.

One stack of Fist Sensation has gained every 1 meter of distance traveled for 2 seconds. Per stack gained, it adds 5% more DMG to Striking Punch.

Qian Sui punch


Qian Sui is a melee fighter who inflicts devastating damage on enemies on the frontline. This means he focuses on increasing his movement speed and agility in various ways, such as using skills and equipment to enhance his speed. 

By sticking close to enemies and constantly minding positioning, Qian Sui can quickly generate stacks of Fist Sensation and unleash devastating Striking Punch attacks.

Tips & Tricks to Qian Sui’s Gameplay in Gunfire Reborn

Movement, damage, and shields are the key areas to improve Qian Sui’s effectiveness in Gunfire Reborn. He has great potential as a tank character [1], with a reliable shield and deadly melee damage. 

Stacking his Fist Sensation bonuses, especially for Striking Punch, is important in consistent damage scaling, and make use of your Dash to maintain these bonuses. Although one of Gunfire Reborn’s characters of strength, Qian Sui needs great control of movement.

Punch and Shield gameplay with Qian Sui

Always constantly pay attention to where you are on the battlefield, especially early on. While he can swiftly reach absurdly high movement speeds, doing so also makes it possible for enemies to sneak up on you, causing much damage when your shield is not in effect.

He is vulnerable in areas not protected by Tidal Aspis, so always watch your back, as Qian Sui requires fighting in front of the enemy.

Additionally, always remember the talent trees and weapons you select, as the granting bonuses can affect what you have equipped on Qian Sui. Carefully thinking about your builds gives you better bonuses that increase your damage in battle.

5 Best Ascensions

Qian Sui’s talent tree build achieves the best outcome by enhancing the following:

1. Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow increase the shield recovery speed by 50%. This talent can save Qian Sui from unexpected damage with faster shield activation in situations of unanticipated, sudden damage from enemies. This talent has no existing upgrades.

OP Defense ascension

2. Mighty Stream

Using Qian Sui’s Mighty Stream extends the duration of Tidal Aspis from 2 seconds and increases by two per upgrade. For every attack blocked by the shield, it recovers a 1-second duration.

By using his Striking Punch to close the distance with enemies while Tidal Aspis absorb their shots, Qian Sui can extend the lifetime of his shield and stay protected for longer periods.

3. Unfathomable Ocean

The Unfathomable Ocean increases the max shield by 50% base, up to 150% on the last upgrade, for five seconds after the Tidal Aspis shield drops.  This allows Qian Sui to maintain defense for a longer period

On the final upgrade, Unfathomable Ocean grants Qian Sui to temporarily strengthen his Max Shield, tanking any coming hits he couldn’t block with the Tidal Aspis shield.

4. Unbearable Hurtle

This Ascension reduces damage from enemies starting at -30% and increasing to -80% upon hitting. Depending on the upgrade level, it increases damage dealt to enemies by 30% to 100% for five seconds.

Teammates will also have this, which makes this essential for powerful combo hits to enemies, especially when they stagger.

5. Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave increases Striking Punch damage from 10% to 20%, dependent on the upgrade level, per stack of Fist Sensation. 

It makes Qian Sui’s movement more rewarding and even deadlier when combined with his mobility. This Ascension also increases gains of Fist Sensation stacks and their duration.

Pawnch Ascension Rogue Wave

Alternate Ascensions

Solid Shell: When Qian Sui is within 10 meters of enemies, Solid Shell provides a passive bonus to his Damage Reduction depending on the number of enemies, reducing the damage he takes from their attacks. 

The downside is higher bonuses from upgrades have decreasing stack benefits.

Tidal Rhythm: Enhances skill damage output while holding the Tidal Aspis shield for five seconds. After Qian Sui retracts the shield, Tidal Rhythm provides a passive bonus to his Weapon Damage. 

On the last upgrade, every blocked attack by the Tidal Aspis grants an additional 10% bonus.

Wave Rider: Improves movement speed while holding Tidal  Aspis and for six seconds when the shield expires. It also increases weapon and skill damage, dependent on the movement speed bonus Qian Sui currently has.

Wave Rider allows him to move around the battlefield and reposition himself for his next attack or defense.

Hostile Gift: Upon retracting Tidal Aspis, ammo on the equipped and reserve magazines are recovered. Reloading and the Rate of Fire are also increased for 5 seconds. There is a ½ chance of not consuming ammo while shooting at level three upgrade.

Weapon Builds

While Qian Sui is not restricted to using any specific weapon type, certain weapon types are more suited for Qian Sui.

A Shotgun Build is a great choice for Qian Sui due to its high damage output at close range. The Wild Hunt, Illusion, and Hell are the more effective shotguns for Qian Sui’s fighting style. 

For swords, the Fire Tower deals fire damage to enemies in a cone-shaped area, perfect for the short-range between Qian Sui and his enemies.

Fire tower found

Launchers like The Bone Dragon fire explosive rounds that significantly damage enemies in an area of effect, great for situations with multiple enemies near Qian Sui. The Deafening Mortar is also great for creating an explosion toward foes in close combat. 

Lastly, the Hexagon is a rifle that fits Qian Sui, as it equips a shield that can block attacks, perfect for when Tidal Aspis is on cooldown.

Most Recommended Occult Scrolls For Damage

Brutal Gloves: Provides a 35% boost to weapon and skill damage for hits that are not critical.

Speedy Pursuit: This gives Qian Sui a 50% increased chance to score a Lucky Shot for two seconds after dashing.

Resolute: Provides Qian Sui with a 50% increase in movement speed and a 25% increase in damage when his Shield/Armor is at zero.

Speed punching a boss gameplay

Additionally, this Occult Scroll doubles the time it takes for Qian Sui’s Shield to recover, allowing him to stay in combat longer while dealing more damage.

Field Support: When Qian Sui is moving, this Occult Scroll provides him and his teammates within 15 meters a 15% bonus to weapon damage, making it a great choice for co-op play or when Qian Sui needs to deal more damage quickly. 

Thunder Screen: When Qian Sui’s Shield/Armor breaks, this Occult Scroll allows him to deal Lightning damage to enemies within 12 meters. 

The amount of damage dealt is based on Qian Sui’s maximum Shield, Armor, HP, and Skill damage, making it a powerful offensive tool in the right circumstances.

Multiple punch on flying saucer

Untold Effort: This allows Qian Sui to possibly double the consumption or deal double damage when he casts his Secondary Skill. 

Sucker Punch: Gives Qian Sui a 45% bonus to Skill DMG when he hits an enemy with 70% HP and above. 

Vindictive Nature: When Qian Sui is hit or takes damage, this Occult Scroll gives him a 40% bonus to both Weapon and Skill damage for ten seconds. 

Thunder Step: Allows Qian Sui to cast a lightning bolt at his last position before dashing, damaging nearby enemies, and temporarily immobilizing them. 

Surprise Bonus: When Qian Sui deals Skill damage, this Occult Scroll provides a 15% chance to deal an additional 100% total damage.

Alternative Scrolls for Qian Sui

Pole Monarch final stage fight gameplay
Flowing Wind
Wind rider scroll

Wrapping Up

Qian Sui can be a great choice if you enjoy playing a melee-focused character and like using powerful punches, short-ranged weapons, and a defensive barrier to take down enemies. 

He’s a strength-based character that provides freedom in movement and satisfying combo possibilities, so there’s much to mix and match with his skills. However, you may want to consider other options if you prefer ranged combat or a more versatile character.

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