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Stardew Valley’s Preserves Jar — Turn Your Harvest Into Sweet Success!

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming simulation game, offers players many activities. One such activity is crafting Artisan Goods, which can significantly boost your profits and enhance gameplay.

The Preserves Jar stands out as a valuable tool among the various crafting options available. This article will explore the Preserves Jar’s uses, advantages, and unique role in processing fish roe. Let’s dive in!

Obtaining Preserves Jars

Before we delve into the uses of the Preserves Jar, let’s discuss how to obtain this valuable crafting tool. To build a Preserves Jar, players must gather specific resources.

The recipe requirements include 50x Wood, 40x Stone, and 8x Coal. Its crafting recipe is given at Farming Level 4. These materials can be obtained by foraging, mining, or purchasing from the local carpenter’s shop.

Additionally, players can receive a Preserves Jar as a reward upon completing either the Quality Crops Bundle or the Rare Crops Bundle (Remixed) at the Community Center Pantry.

Preserve jars Stardew Valley

Uses of Preserves Jars

The primary function of the Preserves Jar is as an Artisan Equipment that processes various crops and produces Artisan Goods. By placing fruits, vegetables, or fish roe into the Preserves Jar, players can transform them into valuable items. Here are some examples:

1. Jelly from fruits

Placing fruits like blueberries, strawberries, or cranberries into the Preserves Jar results in delicious jellies that sell more than the original fruit.

2. Pickles from vegetables

Vegetables such as corn, tomatoes, or green beans can be pickled in the Preserves Jar, making them more profitable.

3. Caviar from Sturgeon roe

Sturgeon roe, when processed in the Preserves Jar, transforms into Caviar, a luxurious item with increased value. This is one way to get Caviar in Stardew Valley

4. Aged Roe from other fish roe

Various types of fish roe, like salmon or roe from other ocean fish, can be aged in the Preserves Jar.

Additionally, the quality of the input item does not affect the value of the resulting product. Higher-quality crops or fish roe will not yield higher-value artisan goods, so it’s wise to prioritize even low-quality items to put in a Preserves Jar.

Using preserve jars stardew valley

To better understand the profitability of the Preserves Jar, let’s compare it to another popular artisan goods machine in Stardew Valley: the Keg.

Comparison with Kegs

The Keg and the Preserves Jar are vital tools for crafting artisan goods. However, they differ regarding the items they process and the resulting values. Here’s a breakdown of their profitability equations:

1. Preserves Jar: (2 × Base Fruit/Vegetable Value + 50), (2 × Base Roe Value + 50),
2. Keg: Fruits (Base Value × 3), Vegetables (Base Value × 2.25)

When deciding between the two, consider the base value and processing time factors. While the Preserves Jar offers a fixed value boost, the Keg’s value increase depends on the base value of the item being processed.

The Keg might be a better choice if you have a high-quality item, as its value is higher though it takes more time. For optimal results with the Preserves Jar, consider using crops that have a low base value but yield a high quantity. This way, you can maximize your profit.

Stardew Valley - keg

Fish Roe and Preserves Jars

The Preserves Jar has a unique role in processing fish roe, making it an essential tool for players with Fish Ponds.

When fish, such as Sturgeon or other fish that produce roe, are raised in the Fish Pond, they periodically have roe.

Players can create Caviar through Sturgeon Roe or aged roe by placing other Fish Roe into the Preserves Jar, significantly increasing their value. It makes Fish Ponds and Preserve Jars a powerful combination for generating income on your farm.

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Additional Information

Storage Options for Preserves Jars

Players can place Preserve Jars in their farm buildings, including the farmhouse, sheds, or barns, for convenient storage and crafting.

Trivia about the Preserves Jar

The Preserves Jar is one of the most iconic crafting machines in Stardew Valley, and it has been part of the game since its initial release [1].

Preserve jars in stardew valley


The Preserves Jar is a valuable asset in Stardew Valley, allowing players to transform crops and roe into high-value Artisan Goods. By utilizing this crafting machine effectively, players can significantly boost their profits and enhance their gameplay experience.

Whether aiming for increased profitability or diversifying your farming activities, the Preserves Jar is a must-have tool for any aspiring farmer in Stardew Valley.

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