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Unveiling the Secrets: How to Get Caviar in Stardew Valley’s Aquatic Paradise

Stardew Valley, a beloved farming simulation game, offers players many rare and valuable items to discover and craft. Among these treasures is Caviar, an Artisan Good highly sought after for its exceptional selling price and inclusion in the prestigious Missing Bundle at JojaMart.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the process of obtaining caviar, explore its various uses, and highlight the substantial benefits it brings players in the entertaining world of Stardew Valley.

How to Get Caviar in Stardew Valley

Catching a Sturgeon

Embarking on the journey to acquire caviar begins with catching a Sturgeon. The sturgeon is a rare fish found in the Mountain Lake during Summer and Winter from 6 AM to 7 PM, with a higher chance of appearing on rainy summer days.

However, the sturgeon’s catch rate is relatively low, maxing out at 16%. Consider using a particular tackle and bait to increase your chances.

Building a Fish Pond

Players must construct a fish pond on their farm to house the Sturgeon and begin the production of its precious roe. This process requires gathering 200x Stones, along with 5x Seaweed and 5x Green Algae, which can be readily found along the beach.

building fishpond stardew valley

Additionally, players must have 5,000 gold on hand to cover the construction costs. Once the materials are gathered, visit Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop between 9 AM and 5 PM, choose the fish pond to construct, and designate its placement on a 5×5 tile space in your farm.

Producing Sturgeon Roe

With the Sturgeon settled into the fish pond, players must exercise patience as they await their Fish Pond Quests. The quests given by the Sturgeon in the Fish Pond must be completed to increase the pond’s maximum capacity, giving higher rates of producing the Sturgeon Roe.

The total quests will be four, with the maximum capacity being 10, once all their requested items are given. You can prepare the following quest items: 1x Diamond, 1x Jelly, 2x Maple Syrup, 1x Pickles, 3x Omni Geodes, and 1x Nautilus Shell.

Over time, the Sturgeon will produce Sturgeon Roe, a crucial ingredient for crafting caviar. Players can watch the fish pond for a special icon, indicating that the roe is ready for harvest.

Crafting Caviar

Players must employ a Preserves Jar to transform Sturgeon Roe into the highly coveted Caviar in Stardew Valley, which becomes available at Farming Level 4. 

making carviar stardew valley

Crafted using 50x Wood, 40x Stone, and 8x Coal, the Preserves Jar can convert the Sturgeon Roe into Caviar. Simply place the Sturgeon Roe inside the Preserves Jar and allow 6,000 in-game minutes for it to mature into the delectable delicacy known as Caviar.

Uses of Caviar in Stardew Valley

Energy and Health Restoration

In the bustling world of Stardew Valley, where the demands of farming, mining, and exploration can take a toll on one’s stamina and well-being, Caviar is an excellent replenishment source.

Consuming Caviar grants players a substantial Energy boost of 175 points and restores 78 Health, making it a valuable asset during hectic days on the farm.


Caviar holds a prominent position as one of the most profitable artisan goods in Stardew Valley. Selling a single unit of Caviar fetches a base price of 500g. 

Furthermore, players who have chosen the Artisan profession can enjoy an additional +40% boost to the selling price, elevating the value of Caviar to an impressive 700g each.

crafting caviar stardew valley

Villager Reactions

Caviar, being a luxury food item, elicits varying reactions from the villagers of Stardew Valley. It’s an excellent Liked gift for almost all villagers, with the exception of Jas, Sebastian, and Vincent who Hate it.

Players should take note of each villager’s preferences to foster positive relationships and maximize friendship levels throughout the community.


In addition to its uses and profitability, Caviar plays a significant role in tailoring. Players can use Caviar and 1x Cloth to prepare the fashionable Fashion Hat at a Sewing Machine, adding a touch of elegance to their appearance.

Missing Bundle

If the former JojaMart building is abandoned, Caviar will appear as one of the requirements for the Missing Bundle inside. Once all requirements are placed in the bundle, the building will become the town’s Movie Theater.

the missing bundle caviar stardew valley


Obtaining Caviar in Stardew Valley is a journey that requires patience, skill, and careful planning. From catching the elusive Sturgeon to constructing a Fish Pond, waiting for the Sturgeon to lay eggs, and finally crafting the valuable Caviar, players are allowed to indulge in a luxurious culinary experience.

But with its excellent uses, profitability, and impact on villager relationships, Caviar is a valuable asset for any aspiring farmer in Stardew Valley.

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