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Stardew Valley Sewer — Explore the Secret Subterranean Refuge

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming simulation game, is known for its charming characters, expansive world, and a plethora of activities. 

Among its many hidden gems are the Sewers, a mysterious and intriguing location that holds valuable treasures and unique experiences for players to discover. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of the Sewers and their contents, and how to unlock this hidden underground realm.

Unlocking the Sewers

Location of the Sewers

The Sewers entrance can be found in the fenced area of Pelican Town, southeast of Emily and Haley’s, or at the southern part of Cindersap Forest near the cliff stairs. Both entrances can be used to access the Sewers.

It is accessible once you obtain the Rusty Key, which unlocks the entrance to this subterranean world.

Obtaining the Rusty Key

To obtain the sewer’s key, known as the “Rusty Key,” players must donate 60 items to the Museum. This task may seem daunting at first, but it encourages players to explore and engage with the diverse range of items Stardew Valley has to offer.

obtaining rusty key stardew valley

Once the donation milestone is reached, Gunther, the curator of the Museum, will reward players with the coveted Rusty Key.

Features of the Sewers

Krobus and His Shop

Upon entering the Sewers, players will encounter Krobus, a friendly and enigmatic character. Krobus operates a shop in the Sewers, where players can purchase a variety of unique items.

Items are available for purchase. Krobus offers a daily selection of items that include Void Egg, Void Essence, Sign Of The Vessel, Solar Essence, Stardrop, Monster Fireplace, Crystal Floor Recipe, Wicked Statue Recipe, and Return Scepter. Additionally, he occasionally stocks special items such as Slime, Omni Geode, Fish, Magnet, Mixed Seeds, Iridium Sprinkler, Food, and Bat Wing.

Statue of Uncertainty

Deep within the Sewers, players will discover the Statue of Uncertainty. This peculiar statue has the power to change the professions associated with one skill for a donation of 10,000g, allowing players to experiment and switch between different job paths.

The Statue of Uncertainty offers the ability to change jobs associated with skills. It’s a valuable opportunity for players to fine-tune their skill sets and explore different playstyles. By interacting with the statue, players can reallocate their skill points and reshape their character’s abilities.

statue of uncertainty stardew valley

Mutant Bug Lair

During the Dark Talisman quest, players gain access to the Mutant Bug Lair within the Sewers. This challenging area is filled with formidable enemies and valuable rewards.

Fishing Opportunities

The Sewers provide an excellent fishing spot for players who enjoy the tranquil art of angling. With a fishing rod in hand, players can cast their lines into the murky waters and reel in a variety of unique fish.

Fishing in the Sewers

Available Fish

The Sewers are home to several fish species, each with its own characteristics and rarity.

Catching the Mutant Carp

No special requirements for unlocking

Unlike other legendary fish in Stardew Valley [1], there are no special requirements to unlock the Mutant Carp. Players can attempt to catch it as soon as they gain access to the Sewers.

10% chance of catching the Mutant Carp

The Mutant Carp is a rare catch, with only a 10% chance of appearing when fishing in the Sewers. It requires patience and skill to hook this prized fish.

Catching the Mutant Carp stardew valley

Difficulty and availability of the fish

The Mutant Carp is considered one of the more challenging fish to catch due to its erratic movement patterns. However, its rarity and unique characteristics make it a sought-after trophy for dedicated fishermen.

It can only be caught once per save file, and once by every player in a multiplayer server.


The Sewers in Stardew Valley hold a wealth of surprises and opportunities for players willing to venture into its depths.

From the enigmatic shopkeeper Krobus to the Statue of Uncertainty and the thrill of fishing for the legendary Mutant Carp, the Sewers provide an immersive and rewarding experience. So grab your fishing rod, explore Pelican Town, and unlock the secrets of the Sewers to uncover the true potential of Stardew Valley.

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