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A Comprehensive Guide to the Red Mullet in Stardew Valley (And How to Catch Them!)

In the idyllic world of Stardew Valley, the Red Mullet fish is a prized catch among anglers. With its vibrant red color and unique characteristics, the Red Mullet stands out as a sought-after species in the game.

If you’re keen on catching this fish, this guide will show all you need to know!

Fishing Difficulty and Behavior of the Red Mullet

The Red Mullet is a moderately complex fish to catch. Its somehow steady movement patterns and tendency to nibble the bait require skill and precision to hook successfully. Be prepared for a thrilling fishing experience when targeting the Red Mullet.

You must cast your line in the deep ocean waters to reel in this magnificent fish. The Red Mullet can be found between 6 AM and 7 PM in the Summer and Winter seasons in any weather. Make sure to plan your fishing trips accordingly.

Red Mullet Fishing Details

The Red Mullet ranges in size from small to medium, making it a decent catch in terms of weight. When caught, it rewards players with a base of 21 Fishing XP up to 33 Fishing XP depending on quality, contributing to their Fishing skill progression.

Catching Red Mullet in Stardew Valley

Additionally, consuming the Red Mullet provides a modest restoration starting at +25 Energy and +11 Health.

Sell Prices for Different Qualities of Red Mullet

The Red Mullet, like other fish in Stardew Valley, can be caught in different qualities. When sold, the fish’s quality affects its price. 

A normal Red Mullet fetches a reasonable price, while silver, gold, and iridium-quality ones offer significantly higher returns, making them more valuable for profit-minded players.



Fisher (+25%)

Angler (+50%)

















Artisan Sell Prices for Red Mullet Roe

Red Mullet in Stardew Valley

If you prefer to transform your Red Mullet into a more valuable product, consider turning its roe into artisan goods. Placing the Red Mullet roe in a Preserves Jar can produce quality goods that sell for even higher prices. It is a lucrative option for players seeking to maximize their fishing profits.


Aged Roe

Aged Roe with Artisan (+40%) 




In-Game Features

To successfully catch the Red Mullet, head to the ocean on the southeastern side of the map. Look for where the sea meets the sandy beach, and cast your line in that vicinity. You’ll only have the chance of hooking this fish with patience and persistence.

Villager Reactions When Gifting Red Mullet

Like many other items in Stardew Valley, villagers have unique preferences regarding receiving gifts. While some villagers appreciate the Red Mullet as a Neutral gift, others may have different reactions. 

Understanding the individual tastes of each villager will help you build stronger relationships within the community.

giving gifts stardew valley

Recipes and Bundles Involving Red Mullet

Players can unlock new rewards and progress in the game by catching and contributing the Red Mullet to these activities. Notable Red Mullet recipes include the Maki Roll, Quality Fertilizer, and Sashimi.

1. Maki Roll recipe

Stardew Valley’s Maki Roll, a delicious sushi dish, requires a fish, such as Red Mullet as one of its key ingredients. Players can enhance their cooking skills by mastering this recipe and offering the Maki Roll as a gift or selling it.

2. Quality Fertilizer recipe

Any fish like Red Mullet is a crucial ingredient for crafting Quality Fertilizers for players invested in agriculture. This potent fertilizer significantly boosts crop quality, increasing profits and improving farming efficiency.

3. Sashimi recipe

The Red Mullet can also create Sashimi, a simple yet satisfying dish. Consuming Sashimi restores a moderate amount of energy and is a convenient and cost-effective way to replenish stamina during busy days.

The Red Mullet is not used in any bundles at the Community Center.

cooking recipes in stardew valley

Fish Pond: Reproduction and Output of Red Mullet Roe

Setting up a fish pond on your farm opens up new possibilities for the Red Mullet. When placed in a pond, Red Mullets can reproduce and generate Roe. This valuable resource can be harvested and used for various purposes.

1. Quests to increase the fish pond capacity

Completing certain side quests [1] will allow you to expand your fish pond’s capacity, house more Red Mullet, and increase your output of Red Mullet Roe. Watch for these quests to maximize your fish pond’s potential.

2. Fishing XP and population details

Maintaining a healthy population of Red Mullets in your fish pond provides a renewable source of fishing experience points. Harvesting Red Mullet Roe allows players to level up their fishing skills and generate additional income.

Quests and History

Throughout your journey in Stardew Valley, you may encounter quests involving the Red Mullet. These quests often require you to catch and deliver Red Mullet to specific townsfolk, allowing you to earn rewards and deepen your involvement in the game’s narrative.

fishing red mullet and rod timing stardew valley


In the vast world of Stardew Valley, the Red Mullet fish offers a thrilling and rewarding fishing experience. With its vibrant appearance, culinary uses, and additional applications in the game, the Red Mullet is a valuable asset to any aspiring farmer.

So grab your fishing rod, head to the ocean, and embark on an adventure to catch the elusive Red Mullet!

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