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Stardew Valley Nautilus Shell — A Guide on its Uses, Ways to Obtain it, and More

Having difficulty obtaining a Nautilus Shell in Stardew Valley? Perhaps completing a quest, or maybe just planning on taking on tailoring? 

If that’s the case, here’s a guide about the Nautilus Shell, ways to obtain it, and more!

What is a Nautilus Shell?

The Nautilus Shell is a rare and valuable item in Stardew Valley. This unique shell is prized for its beautiful spiral shape and can be used in quests as well as tailoring.

Obtaining a Nautilus Shell requires a bit of luck and persistence, but the reward is valuable, and it’s a stunning addition to your collection in the game.

How To Get A Nautilus Shell

The Beach

You can find the Nautilus Shell by foraging in the ocean during Winter. Note that the Nautilus Shell is a rare item, so finding one may take a while.

Feast of the Winter Star

During the yearly event, the Feast of the Winter Star can also be received as a gift from the other villagers.

finding nautilus shells stardew valley

Beach Farm

If the player has initially selected the Beach as the configuration of their farm, the nautilus shell spawns at all seasons in the Beach Farm.


Demetrius also sends you mail that can contain the Nautilus Shell. Take this as a sign to work on your friendship with Demetrius.

Fish Pond

Additionally, you can also use Crab Pots to catch different types of fish, including the Nautilus Shell. Place your crab pots in the fish ponds with a population of 9 and check them regularly to see what you’ve caught.

The Mines

The Nautilus Shell can also be collected and found inside the Mines. The levels of the mines where the shell can be found are levels 1 up until level 69. Do note that the Shrine of Challenge needs to be active to locate these shells.

Uses of Nautilus Shell

Field Research Bundle

Another way to use a Nautilus Shell is to donate it to the Community Center as part of the “Field Research” bundle. This bundle requires you to donate several items, including a Nautilus Shell, a Purple Mushroom, a Chub, and a Frozen Geode.

nautilus shell on inventory stardew valley

Once you’ve donated all of these items, you’ll receive a reward of a Recycling Machine, an item that turns trash into useful items.


While the Nautilus Shell may seem like a humble treasure washed ashore, its true potential extends beyond the realm of crafting recipes in Stardew Valley.

While it may not have commonly known applications in standard recipes, this elusive shell holds secrets beyond conventional crafting.


In Stardew Valley, the Nautilus Shell serves a unique purpose beyond its usual applications. It can be utilized in the Tailoring profession, where it functions as a spool for crafting a fashionable and customizable garment known as the Strapped Top.

By employing the Nautilus Shell as a spool, players can dye the Strapped Top in various colors, allowing for personalization and expression of their character’s style.

picking up nautilus shell stardew valley

This adds an extra layer of creativity and fashion choices to the game, allowing players to experiment with different combinations and create their desired aesthetic.


If you want to expand your sturgeon fish pond, you must seek out a nautilus shell. This prized shell holds the key to unlocking the potential of the pond, allowing its population to flourish from 7 to 10.


The Nautilus Shell is not widely celebrated as a cherished gift. Its popularity among villagers is rather limited, with only one resident, Leo [1], showing a fondness for this item.

The majority of villagers remain neutral, lacking strong opinions towards receiving the Nautilus Shell as a gift. However, it’s worth noting that Harvey, in contrast, dislikes this particular offering.


They can be sold for a profit, as they have a decent sale price.










Overall, the Nautilus Shell is a very useful and sought-after item in Stardew Valley. 

Whether you’re a completionist looking to finish out some quests, or just a player planning on creating a strapped top, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for this shell while exploring the beaches, as it can be a valuable addition to your inventory.

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