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Mastering Doom Eternal Battlemode: A Guide to Multiplayer Mayhem

Battlemode takes the excitement to new heights, offering a unique multiplayer mode where two demons face off against a fully loaded Slayer.

In this guide, we will explore the rules, playable demons, and upgrades and provide tips and strategies to help you dominate in Doom Eternal Battlemode.

Understanding the Battlemode Rules

Battlemode revolves around a best-of-five round-based brawl. Two players control demons, while the third player assumes the role of the Slayer. The Slayer’s objective is to eliminate both demons to win a round.

On the other hand, the demons must work together to take down the Slayer. A key aspect of Battlemode is the demons’ ability to respawn with half of their health if their teammate survives long enough. Understanding the rules and dynamics of Battlemode is essential for success.

Exploring the Playable Demons

Doom Eternal Battlemode offers six unique playable demons, each with its abilities and playstyles. Let’s take a closer look at these demons:

Doom Eternal Battlemode - character selection

Each demon brings unique skills and strengths to the battlefield, and finding the right combination and synergy between teammates is crucial.

Exploring the Playable Maps

Doom Eternal Battlemode takes place on various maps, each offering unique layouts and strategic opportunities. These maps are specifically designed to cater to the intense 2v1 combat dynamics of Battlemode. Let’s take a closer look at some of the playable maps:

Upgrades in Battlemode

At the conclusion of each round, both teams are presented with the chance to select upgrades that enhance their inherent statistics and skills. In the event that the battle persists beyond the third round, a much more formidable upgrade will be bestowed, exhibiting significantly amplified effects in comparison to the regular upgrades.

Doom Eternal Battlemode - slaying monsters

Upgrades for the Slayer

As the lone Slayer facing off against two powerful demons in Doom Eternal Battlemode, you can access a range of upgrades that enhance your combat prowess and survivability.

When you finish each round, you can select upgrades to augment your abilities and gain an edge over your demonic adversaries. Here are some of the Slayer upgrades available:

Demon Upgrades

Within Doom Eternal Battlemode, all demons possess the capability to acquire four fundamental upgrades that bolster their natural abilities and statistics: Tactician, Thieving Hand, Bigger Bar, and Buff Minions. These upgrades bestow valuable enhancements, assisting the demons in their relentless fight against the formidable Slayer.

However, each demon possesses two unique upgrades catering to their individual abilities and playstyle. Let’s delve into some examples of these demon-specific upgrades:

Doom Eternal Battlemode multiplayer mode




Pain Elemental


Doom Eternal Battlemode - slayer round upgrades

Power Upgrades

In the later rounds of Doom Eternal Battlemode, the Slayer and demons are rewarded with power upgrades when the battle intensifies.

These upgrades provide even more potent enhancements and can turn the tide of the battle. Here are the power upgrades available to the Slayer:

Tips and Strategies for Success

To excel in Doom Eternal Battlemode, consider the following tips:

Doom Eternal Battlemode - dashing into demons

Unlocking Rewards and Progression

Engaging in Battlemode matches rewards Event XP, which can be used to unlock event-specific cosmetics and to level up sets. As you progress and earn XP [1], you can unlock new customization options for your demons and Slayer.

Additionally, achievements and trophies can be acquired by accomplishing specific goals in Battlemode, showcasing your skills and dedication.


As one of the best shooter games on PS4, Battlemode in Doom Eternal has undergone several updates to enhance gameplay and address community feedback. The v6.66 update on October 26, 2021, introduced Battlemode 2.0, a significant milestone for the game mode.

Battlemode 2.0 brought various adjustments, new features, and content. One of the new features is the incorporation of the Dread Knight as a playable character.

Additionally, the new features include the introduction of the Stronghold level. The character selection expansion and new battlegrounds were introduced, offering thrilling arenas for intense battles.

Doom Eternal Battlemode - winning rounds

Additionally, the update brought forth Battlemode seasons, which offered time-limited cosmetic rewards. These exclusive cosmetics are rewarded independently from the regular events and require players to attain “hot streaks” by securing victory in 4 games or more to obtain them.

This cosmetic reward system encountered criticism for its inclination towards experienced and veteran players and its failure to account for issues such as when your partner demon disconnects in the middle of the game, lacking flexibility and forgiveness in such scenarios.

Battlemode seasons were informally announced through social media. At every start of the season, the system resets the current Battlemode leaderboards. This practice introduces a fresh competitive element to the game mode, encouraging players to engage with the updated details and vie for new achievements.

These updates and the introduction of Battlemode 2.0 reflect the developers’ dedication to refining and expanding the multiplayer experience in Doom Eternal. They aim to address feedback, improve balance, and provide players with exciting challenges and rewards.

Doom Eternal Battlemode slaying new maps


Doom Eternal Battlemode offers a unique and adrenaline-fueled multiplayer experience. You can dominate the battlefield by understanding the rules, exploring the playable demons, utilizing upgrades strategically, and employing effective tactics.

Embrace the chaos and exhilaration that Battlemode offers, and remember to practice and learn from each match to improve your skills. So gear up, choose your demon, and step into the arena – victory awaits!

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