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Split Screen in DOOM Eternal — Is It Possible?

Doom Eternal is the latest installment in the iconic first-person shooter series, Doom. Developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks, it was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One platforms on March 20, 2020. 

Taking place years after the events of its predecessor, Doom (2016), Doom Eternal thrusts the player into a desperate war against the forces of Hell. 

With the aid of an advanced suit of armor and an arsenal of powerful weapons, the player must battle their way through the depths of Hell to prevent the destruction of humanity. With these exciting features, are players able to play it split-screen? Find out in this guide! 

Does Doom Eternal Allow Split Screen?

Unfortunately, no. Split screen is not typically supported in Doom Eternal due to the complexity of the game and the need for a smooth, high-performance experience. 

The game is designed for a single-player experience and does not have the capability to support split-screen play.

Doom Eternal

However, the game will initiate with the Doom Eternal Battle Mode multiplayer mode, which enables multiple demons to join forces vs a single Doom Slayer.

Will Doom Eternal Allow Co-op?

Unfortunately, Doom Eternal does not have any official co-op features. Players can use modding tools to create a co-op mode for the game, but this is not officially supported by the developers.

It’s uncertain whether id Software intends to publish additional multiplayer modes in the future, or if the game will continue to stay as is after release. 

While it is unfortunate that Doom Eternal will not have co-op, you can expect that game has a lot more to offer. Hugo Martin revealed during an interview that the campaign will be twice as long as the single player campaign in Doom 2016.

What is the Doom Eternal Campaign?

The campaign in Doom Eternal is set up as a series of missions that take place in a variety of locations. Players will explore the ruins of ancient cities, fight in the depths of hell, and even explore outer space. 

Along the way, they’ll face off against a variety of powerful enemies and bosses, from Hell Knights and Imps to Spider Masterminds and the Icon of Sin. 

Doom Eternal gameplay

Doom Eternal offers a variety of weapons and tools to help the Doom Slayer in his mission. Players can choose from a variety of guns, explosives, and melee weapons, as well as a selection of powerful upgrades to customize their arsenal. 

Players will also be able to use a new ability called “Doom Blade” that allows them to slice and dice enemies with a flaming sword. 

The campaign in Doom Eternal is filled with intense action and intense moments. With a variety of enemies to face and a plethora of tools at the player’s disposal, the game is sure to provide hours of entertainment for those looking for an intense shooter experience.

How to Enjoy Doom Eternal Even Without Split Screen?

  1. Play the single player campaign. 
  2. Play the Battle Mode multiplayer mode. 
  3. Play the classic Doom levels in the Battle Mode. 
  4. Play custom levels in the Battle Mode. 
  5. Play the various Arcade and Master Levels. 
  6. Compete in weekly challenges. 
  7. Take part in the various seasonal events. 
  8. Play in the Invasion mode. 
  9. Customize and upgrade your Doom Slayer. 
  10. Collect and unlock weapon skins, player skins, and much more.


Overall, Doom Eternal is a great game but it is unfortunate that it does not support co-op or split screen play. With the ability to play with friends being an important part of the gaming experience, the lack of this feature is a major disappointment. 

Even though the game does have a few multiplayer modes, it would have been nice to have the option to play with friends in a co-op or split screen mode. Unfortunately, this feature is not included in the game and players must resort to other means to play with friends.

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