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Doom Eternal Enemies — A Complete List of Demons

In Doom Eternal, players take on the role of the Doom Slayer, a legendary warrior who must battle hordes of demons and other monstrous enemies to save Earth and the rest of the universe from destruction.

One of the most important elements of Doom Eternal is the variety of enemies that players encounter throughout the game. Each enemy has its own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, and players must learn how to defeat them to progress through the game. 

Thus, we will provide a complete list of the enemies in Doom Eternal, along with information on their characteristics and how best to defeat them.   

1. Tyrant

Also known as Cyberdemon. It’s a towering demon with cybernetic enhancements, granting it immense strength, speed, and durability. Armed with a rocket launcher, its attacks deal massive damage. The Tyrant can charge at the player with lightning speed, delivering deadly melee attacks. 

Players must destroy their weapons first by targeting their rocket launcher with heavy weapons, like the Rocket Launcher or Ballista, to disable its long-range attacks and force it to rely on melee attacks.

DE Tyrant

2. Whiplash

The Whiplash has a striking appearance that consists of a humanoid upper body and a cybernetic serpentine tail. It moves with incredible speed and agility, making it a challenging target to hit. 

Its primary attacks involve two chains with razor-sharp blades attached to its arms, which it uses to slice enemies. It can also strike with the sharp appendage at the end of its tail, dealing devastating blows to players.

3. Arachnotron

This enemy attacks with a plasma gun and grenade launchers. It can cling to walls and ceilings, making it hard to hit. Players can attack its legs while it’s clinging to walls or ceilings to make it fall to the ground.

Once on the ground, the Arachnotron’s turret becomes its weak point and can be destroyed using the game’s new destructible demons gore mechanic.

4.Doom Hunter

This is a challenging boss in Doom Eternal, one of the best shooter games on PS4. Initially faced one-on-one, subsequent battles will feature two Doom Hunters. They are protected by energy shields that regenerate as long as the hover sleds they ride on remain intact.

DE Doom Hunter

Players can weaken the shields using the plasma rifle. Once the sleds have sustained enough damage, they will break down, making the Doom Hunters faster and more aggressive, but they permanently lose their shields and the sled’s weapons. 

To defeat them, players must destroy the sleds and fully deplete the organic body’s health bar. The Doom Hunter is a complex and formidable boss that requires careful strategy and precise timing to defeat.

5. Carcass

It has the ability to create energy shields and summon other demons to the battlefield. It is a humanoid demon that appears to be made of a metallic substance and has a large, glowing red eye in the center of its chest. 

The Carcass primarily attacks by creating energy shields that can block the player’s attacks and force them to reposition. It can also summon other demons to the battlefield, making it a priority target for players to take down quickly.

DE Carcass

6. Mancubus

This dangerous enemy emits a gurgling and snorting sound, building up to a fierce roar when it detects the player. Its slow movement and large size make it an easy target for rapid-fire weapons, with the rocket launcher being particularly effective. 

It briefly pauses before attacking, providing an opportunity to stun it with slower weapons like the super shotgun. Keeping distance is advised to avoid taking multiple fireballs. When dodging, over-dodging should be avoided as it fires three volleys of fireballs in a pattern that can be anticipated and avoided.

7. Revenant

The Revenant emits a distinct high-pitched scream when it spots the player. It is armed with both unguided and homing missiles, which can be identified by a gray smoke trail. Additionally, it can use its large fists to strike the player in melee combat. 

Unlike other monsters, the Revenant will switch to melee combat if the player is within 196 units but will still counterattack with a missile if hurt.

8. Spectre

Spectres are demonic entities that have a partially invisible and ethereal appearance, making them hard to detect. They behave like regular demons and possess the same attributes except for their blurry appearance. 

DE Archville

These creatures tend to hide in dark areas, waiting to ambush unsuspecting players. Notably, Spectres do not have their own unique states or sprites and share them entirely with regular demons.

9. Archvile

Its gaunt and skeletal appearance, combined with its supernatural abilities, make it a truly terrifying opponent. The demon’s skin is a sickly peach color, and its bony frame is wrapped in tattered robes that flap and billow as it moves. 

The arch-vile’s most notable feature is its lack of flesh around the abdomen, which reveals parts of its internal anatomy. Its ribcage and spinal column are visible, along with the pulsating organs within. This grotesque detail adds to the disturbing nature of the demon, making it a formidable foe to face in combat.

10. Fodder

Fodders are a type of enemy that serve as cannon fodder, meaning they are not particularly challenging but are intended to be easily killed by the player. They are typically smaller and less powerful than other enemies in the game but still offer a bit of a challenge. 

Fodders can include Imps, Soldiers, and Gargoyles, among others. They are often encountered in groups and serve as a warm-up for the player before facing tougher enemies. Killing Fodders can also yield useful resources, such as ammo, health, and armor, which can be used to prepare for more difficult battles later on.

DE Pinky

11. Pinky

While Pinkies have been a staple of the Doom series and remain an important enemy, their role in Doom Eternal is somewhat diminished. 

This is due to the game’s design, which features fewer hallways and tight spaces, making Pinky encounters less exciting than in previous games. As a result, Pinkies are now seen more as a nuisance than a serious threat to the player.

12. Prowler

A familiar enemy from previous Doom games makes a return in Doom Eternal as a single-player campaign demon. It is a larger humanoid demon with bony plates, purple skin, and long claws projecting from its back. 

Its face has a spider-like cluster of three eyes, similar to the imp in Doom 3, and a tripartite jaw with a split lower mandible. In addition to the regular Prowler, a more advanced variant called the Cursed Prowler also appears in The Ancient Gods, Part Two.

13. Pain Elemental

DE Pain Elemental

The Pain Elemental is a flying demonic enemy in the Doom franchise that resembles a circular, brown demon with a single large red eye, black horns, muscular arms with prominent claws, and a large mouth with eight mandibles that can open and close independently. 

It has the ability to fly and can unleash lost souls – small, flaming skulls that attack by colliding with the player. These enemies can be particularly dangerous in groups, as they can quickly overwhelm players with their numbers and speed. 

To defeat the Pain Elemental, players must focus on their eye, as it is its weak spot, and use weapons such as the plasma rifle or ballista to take it down quickly.


The Cacodemon makes a comeback as a monster, with an appearance that largely resembles its design from Doom (2016). However, there are some differences; it is slightly redder in color, and its horns and teeth are now grey instead of yellow. 

It also has a pupil in its eye, which makes it closer in appearance to the classic version from the original games. Additionally, the Cacodemon’s blood is now blue, which is a nod to the color of its blood in the original sprite.

DE Cacodemon

15. Hell Knight, Baron Of Hell, Dread Knight

Hell Knight is a weaker version of the Baron of Hell, with a tan torso instead of pink. The game’s manual describes the Hell Knight as a tough and large enemy, providing players with a decent challenge without disrupting the game’s fast-paced action. 

Despite having half the hit points of the Baron of Hell, the Hell Knight is still a medium-strength enemy that is more vulnerable to small arms fire like the shotgun or chaingun but more durable than an Imp.

Baron of Hell has the appearance of a humanoid minotaur, satyr, or faun, with a muscular pink torso and brown goat legs. Its head is that of a skull with sharp teeth, adding to its fearsome appearance. The Baron of Hell is considered a high-level enemy in the Doom series, possessing great strength and the ability to cause significant damage to players. 

It is often found guarding key areas and valuable resources, making it a formidable obstacle for players to overcome. Its distinctive appearance, and formidable abilities have made it a memorable and iconic enemy in the Doom franchise.

Lastly, The Dread Knight has a longer melee range than the Hell Knight, thanks to its arm blades. It can throw an energy wave when the Doom Slayer is at a distance, but this can be avoided with good maneuvering. The Dread Knight also releases a harmful energy field when performing a leaping slam to keep players from getting too close

DE Cyber Mancubs

16. Cyber Mancubus

The upgraded version of the Mancubus in Doom Eternal not only has enhanced strength and a hideous appearance, but it also shoots blobs of toxic waste that leave hazardous pools on the ground. 

In the chaos of battle, it can be challenging to see the acid, leading to frustrating deaths. However, a single blood punch can destroy its armor, making it vulnerable to additional attacks.

17. Marauders

Marauders are a new enemy type introduced in Doom Eternal, and they are considered one of the toughest enemies in the game. They are heavily armored and carry a shotgun and a demonic axe, which they use in close combat. 

They also have a powerful shield that can block most player attacks, leaving only a small opening for counterattacks. In addition, Marauders can summon an attack dog called the “Nightmare” to fight alongside them. Marauders require a specific strategy to defeat, making them a challenging and unique enemy in the game.

DE Marauder

18. Fireborne Baron

The Fireborn Baron is a variant of the Baron of Hell in Doom Eternal that is characterized by its fiery appearance and abilities. It is essentially a Baron of Hell that has been empowered by the elemental power of fire, making it more powerful and difficult to defeat. 

The Fireborn Baron can shoot fireballs at the player and summon pillars of fire from the ground to cause damage in an area of effect. It is also immune to fire-based attacks, making it a challenging enemy to fight. 

19. Zombie

Zombies are one of the most common enemies in the Doom series, appearing in all iterations of the game. They are former humans that have been turned into mindless, shambling creatures by the forces of Hell. In Doom Eternal, the zombies are particularly weak and serve as easy targets for players to gain resources and ammo. 

However, players must be careful not to underestimate them, as they can still cause damage in groups or when combined with other enemies. In addition, some zombies can carry weapons, making them slightly more dangerous.

DE Zombie

20. Cueball

These are former engineers who have been turned into zombie-like creatures and fused with explosives. Their appearance is characterized by severe disfigurement and decay, with bloated bellies and visible red explosives scattered throughout their bodies. 

These enemies bear a resemblance to the Possessed Engineer from Doom (2016), which also had explosives implanted in their bodies, but the Cueballs are significantly more grotesque and decayed in appearance.

21. Dread Knight

This demon resembles a larger, more heavily armored version of the Hell Knight. It has arm blades that give it a longer melee range than the Hell Knight, and it can throw an energy wave from these blades when the Doom Slayer is at a distance. 

The Dread Knight also has a unique ability where it releases a field of harmful energy around it when performing a leaping slam, deterring players from getting too close while it is vulnerable.

DE Dread Knight

22. Gargoyle

It is a winged creature with a reptilian appearance and has the ability to fly, making it a mobile and challenging target for players. The Gargoyle attacks primarily with fireballs that it spits from its mouth, but it can also perform a dive-bomb attack that can cause significant damage to the player. 

One of the Gargoyle’s unique features is its ability to dodge and evade incoming attacks, making it a difficult enemy to hit with traditional weapons.

23. Icon of Sin

The Icon of Sin is a major antagonist in the Doom series, appearing as the final boss in both the original Doom II and its 2020 sequel, Doom Eternal. It is a gigantic, demonic head that appears to be embedded in a wall and is said to be the ultimate evil in the Doom universe. 

The Icon of Sin is controlled by the main antagonist, the Khan Maykr, and serves as a gateway to Hell itself. The player must battle their way through waves of demons to reach the Icon of Sin and destroy its internal generators, which will weaken it and allow the player to inflict damage to its exposed brain.

DE Icon of Sin

24. Imp

The Imp is a common reptilian enemy in the Doom franchise known for its agility and versatility in combat. It can launch fireballs, perform a leaping attack, and engage in melee combat. In the game, the Imp has new abilities like creating an explosive shockwave and climbing walls. Despite being common, it remains a formidable opponent requiring quick and precise combat.

25. Kalibas

Kalibas is a fearsome demonic enemy in Doom Eternal that hovers ominously in the air and has a skull-like appearance engulfed in flames. Its attacks consist of fireballs that it unleashes on unsuspecting players, which can be quite difficult to avoid due to their fast speed and large splash damage [1] radius.

26. The Khan Maykr

The primary antagonist of Doom Eternal is a powerful, angelic being with a regal and imposing presence. She seeks to enslave humanity in order to harness the power of Hell to save her own dying world, Urdak. 

As the ruler of the Maykr realm, the Khan Maykr is a highly intelligent and strategic opponent, capable of manipulating events to suit her own goals.

27. Lost Souls

They are best described as small, flaming skull that flies through the air. They are highly aggressive and will relentlessly chase the player, often attacking in large groups to overwhelm them. Their primary mode of attack is to collide with the player, dealing significant damage upon impact.

28. Maykr Drones

The Maykr Drones are a menacing presence in Doom Eternal, hovering in the air and unleashing devastating energy blasts at the player. These robotic enemies are equipped with powerful energy cannons that can take down the player’s health bar in just a few shots, making them a force to be reckoned with. 

Their ability to fly also makes them difficult to target, as they can quickly evade incoming attacks and reposition themselves to gain a tactical advantage.

However, like most enemies, the Maykr Drones have their weaknesses. They are vulnerable to fast-moving projectiles and can be stunned by the player’s weapons, providing an opportunity for a devastating follow-up attack.

DE Maykr Drone

Wrapping Up

To sum up, everything discussed in this article, In Doom Eternal, players face a wide variety of enemies, each with their unique appearance, attacks, and weaknesses. From the iconic demon to the newer addition, each enemy presents its own challenges and requires a careful strategy to defeat. 

Whether battling through hordes of fodder enemies or facing off against powerful bosses, players must always be on their toes to survive. With its diverse cast of foes and intense combat, Doom Eternal offers an exhilarating and challenging experience for fans of the first-person shooter genre.

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