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Unlock the Golden Catch: Mastering the Dorado in Stardew Valley

In the enchanting world of Stardew Valley, the Dorado fish holds a special place for anglers seeking a thrilling fishing experience.

To provide valuable insights into this elusive fish, we’ll discuss everything you need to know in this guide, including its appearance, location, spawning conditions, and its significance in the game.

Catching the Dorado

One must know the proper techniques and optimal conditions when catching the Dorado. The Forest River, a picturesque location in Stardew Valley, is widely regarded as the prime fishing spot for this fish.

Here, amidst the tranquil surroundings, the Dorado swims gracefully in the clear waters. Patience and perseverance are essential, as this fish tends to be rare and challenging to catch.

The best time to catch a Dorado is during the summer season when it is most active. You can fish for the Dorado during the early morning or late afternoon. Lastly, the Dorado has no percentage increase when it rains.

Catching dorado fish in summer time Stardew Valley

To increase your chances of a successful catch, consider implementing luck-boosting strategies. Consuming luck-enhancing items such as a Lucky Lunch or a Dish o’ The Sea can significantly improve your odds. Additionally, using bait while fishing can attract the Dorado more frequently.

Tips for Catching the Dorado

Uses and Benefits

The Dorado holds both monetary and culinary value in Stardew Valley. Selling prices vary based on the fish’s quality, ranging from a modest profit to a lucrative return for higher-quality catches.

Its high-quality meat is perfect for various recipes, including the famous Maki Roll and Sashimi. These dishes provide significant energy and can be valuable resources for your daily activities.

Recipes and Uses for the Dorado



Energy Restored

Maki Roll

Dorado, Seaweed, Rice





Furthermore, the Dorado has a unique application in tailoring. You can create a stylish Fish Shirt using its scales, adding a touch of aquatic charm to your wardrobe. This fashionable clothing item enhances your appearance and showcases your fishing prowess.

Catching dorado fish stardew valley

In addition to its direct uses, the Dorado can be placed in fish ponds, where they can reproduce and provide rewards. Fish ponds with a Dorado yield valuable orange Dorado Roe, and also produce bug meat if conditions are met.

Fish Pond Utilization

Fish Pond

Dorado Requirements

Daily Chance

Orange Dorado Roe

1-8 Dorado

23-79% of production

Bug Meat

10 Dorado

4-5% of production

Quests and Special Orders

Engaging in quests and special orders involving the Dorado adds excitement and rewards to your fishing adventures in Stardew Valley. One particular quest is the Aquatic Overpopulation quest, which requires catching multiple Dorados.

By completing this quest, you will be rewarded with gold equal to the number of Dorado caught along with the Farm Computer recipe.

Catching dorado stardew valley

Furthermore, participating in special orders that involve the Dorado offers unique rewards, ranging from monetary compensation to rare items.

These orders often require a specific quantity or quality of Dorados, challenging you to showcase your fishing expertise while reaping substantial benefits.

History and Other Fish in Stardew Valley

The Dorado received an exciting update in version 1.4 [1] of Stardew Valley, introducing the iridium quality. This enhancement elevated the Dorado’s value and desirability among collectors and fishing enthusiasts, making it an even more prestigious catch.

Stardew Valley boasts a wide array of legendary and regular fish scattered across its various fishing spots.

While the Dorado holds a special place among anglers, other legendary fish, such as the elusive Legend residing in the Glittering Boulder at Mountain Lake and the agile Walleye found in the Fall Forest, provide additional challenges and rewards for those who dare to explore the diverse waters.

Other fish in stardew valley

Other Fish in Stardew Valley

Fish Name




Glittering Boulder (Mountain Lake)



Pelican Town River, Cindersnap Forest Pond



Forest River



The Dorado fish in Stardew Valley offers an exciting and fulfilling fishing experience. Its striking appearance, rarity, and versatility make it a prized catch for anglers.

By following the recommended strategies, including fishing in the Forest River during the summer season, utilizing luck-boosting items and bait, and exploring its various uses, you can enhance your chances of encountering and capturing this magnificent fish. Discover the joy of catching the Dorado and unlock its numerous benefits. Happy fishing!

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