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Stardew Valley Carp — A Complete Guide

In the enchanting world of Stardew Valley, fishing is not just a hobby but a vital skill for any aspiring farmer. Among the numerous fish species that inhabit the ponds, lakes, and sewers of the valley, Carp stands out as one of the most common catches.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into everything you need to know about Stardew Valley’s Carp, from its characteristics and locations to its diverse uses in cooking, crafting, and quests. Let’s start!

Understanding Carp

Carp, a common pond fish in Stardew Valley, possesses specific characteristics that make it an accessible and frequently caught species. With a difficulty level of 15, Carp exhibit mixed behavior and can be found in particular game areas. 

Its relatively static nature sets Carp apart during the fishing mini-game, rarely moving past the 3rd bar on the fishing meter. This predictability makes it easier for players to achieve a “Perfect” catch, regardless of their fishing rod and bait.

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Additionally, Carp is a nonseasonal fish, meaning it can be caught throughout the year. Its size can range from 15 inches to 51 inches, offering appearance and potential value variation. Whether you’re a novice angler or an experienced fisherman, Carp presents an excellent opportunity for consistent catches and utilization in various aspects of the game.

Catching Carp

To embark on your Carp-catching adventure, you need to know the best locations, seasons, times, and weather conditions to increase your chances of success.

Carp can be found in various areas, including the Secret Woods, The Sewer, Mutant Bug Lair, and the Mountain Lake (excluding winter). You can optimize your Carp-catching strategy by understanding these locations and the optimal conditions for each.

Catching Carp in Stardew Valley involves several steps to increase your chances of success. Follow these steps to improve your fishing skills and reel in this common pond fish:

Acquire a Fishing Rod

You’ll need a fishing rod to catch Carp. At the start of the game, you receive a basic Bamboo Pole. As you progress, consider upgrading to a Fiberglass Rod or Iridium Rod for enhanced fishing abilities.

Stardew Valley - fishing rod

Locate Fishing Spots

Carp can be found in specific game areas, including the Secret Woods, The Sewer, the Mutant Bug Lair, and the Mountain Lake. Watch for these locations and visit them in appropriate seasons and weather conditions.

Time Your Fishing

Carp can be caught at any time of day, but certain factors, such as weather, can affect their availability. While Carp can be caught in any weather, the chances are higher when it’s not raining, typically from 41% to 53%.

Aim for "Perfect" Catches

During the fishing mini-game, aim to achieve a “Perfect” catch by keeping the fish icon within the green bar on the fishing meter. Since Carp tends to stay relatively stationary, it rarely moves past the 3rd bar, making achieving a “Perfect” catch easier.

Use Bait and Tackle

Consider using bait or tackle to enhance your fishing capabilities. Bait increases the speed at which fish bite, while tackle provides additional benefits such as increased bite rate or more effortless reeling. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you.

Improve Your Fishing Skill

Your fishing skill will improve as you catch Carp and other fish. This skill progression unlocks new fishing abilities and simplifies catching fish, including Carp. Keep practicing and leveling up your fishing skill to become a master angler.

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Consider Fishing Professions

Choosing the Fisher or Angler professions during character creation can boost the selling price of Carp. The Fisher profession increases prices by 25%, while the Angler profession increases them by 50%. Selecting these professions can help you earn more from selling your Carp catches.

Fish Pond and Carp

The Fish Pond in Stardew Valley provides an intriguing opportunity to house Carp and cultivate a thriving ecosystem. Carp placed in the Fish Pond reproduce daily, yielding only Yellow Carp Roe. 

By completing quests and fulfilling specific item requests, you can increase the capacity of your Fish Pond, allowing for a larger Carp population and enhanced Yellow Carp Roe production.

Uses of Carp

Item Requests

Initially, your Fish Pond can accommodate only three Carp, but by fulfilling item requests, you can expand its capacity up to ten. Green Algae and Cave Carrots are among the requested items to improve the Fish Pond’s capacity while also providing Fishing XP.


The Fish Pond guarantees the production of yellow Carp Roe, the quantity of which depends on the population of your Fish Pond. This valuable resource can be used in various ways or sold for profit.

Stardew Valley - fishing on a pond

Selling Prices

Due to its accessibility and moderate difficulty, Carp has a relatively low base selling price. However, choosing the Fisher or Angler Professions can increase the selling price. 

Additionally, the presence of Carp Roe and Aged Roe can significantly boost the selling price when combined with the Artisan Profession.


Carp can be utilized in crafting Quality Fertilizer, which provides a nourishing boost to your crops. Combining Carp with 2x Sap can create this valuable fertilizer, although selling it may not be the most lucrative option.


Carp can be transformed into delectable dishes that restore energy and health while offering various bonuses. Recipes such as Carp Surprise, Maki Roll, and Sashimi can be learned through recipe sources (The Queen of Sauce), or interactions with specific characters. 

Stardew Valley - cooking carp surprise

These dishes are cost-effective ways to replenish your character’s health and provide extra benefits for your farming endeavors.

Other Uses and Considerations


Carp can be utilized in the Sewing Machine to create a Fishing Vest, a stylish and functional outfit for beach visits. However, selling Carp directly may be more advantageous considering the potential profit.


Offering Carp to NPCs [1] is generally not recommended, as it is universally hated. However, transforming Carp into dishes provides a more favorable option for gifting and increasing friendship levels.


Carp plays a role in several quests, including “Help Wanted” board requests and Fish Pond expansion quests. Completing these quests can provide rewards such as gold and friendship points.

help wanted stardew valley


Carp contributes to completing the Lake Fish Bundle in the fish tank alongside other fish species. By fulfilling this bundle, players receive the Dressed Spinner, a valuable tackle for fishing. Note that the Dressed Spinner requires an Iridium Rod to be used effectively.


Stardew Valley Carp offers a wealth of opportunities for players, from its availability and ease of catching to its versatility in cooking, crafting, and quest completion. 

By understanding its behavior, optimal catching locations, and various uses in the game, you can maximize the benefits and rewards associated with Carp. So grab your fishing rod, explore the ponds and lakes of Stardew Valley, and unlock the full potential of Carp!

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