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Final Fantasy XVI Achieves Impressive Sales Milestone, Reaching 3 Million Copies Sold

Final Fantasy XVI, the highly anticipated installment in the iconic RPG franchise, made its exclusive debut on the PlayStation 5 on June 23. Within just under a week, Square Enix proudly announced that the game has already reached a significant sales milestone, with a total of three million copies sold, encompassing both physical shipments and digital sales.

While it is important to note that copies that were shipped and sold are not necessarily synonymous, the fact that Final Fantasy XVI has successfully achieved 3 million copies sold is undeniably impressive. The game’s launch on the PlayStation 5 as an exclusive title undoubtedly contributed to its initial success.

Compared to Final Fantasy XV, which launched back in 2016 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Final Fantasy XVI falls short in terms of first-day digital sales and shipment stats. Final Fantasy XV garnered immense popularity, with first-day digital sales and shipments surpassing 5 million units. This milestone established it as the best-selling game in the franchise.

It is worth mentioning that the last major release before Final Fantasy XVI, excluding this year’s pixel remaster collection, was Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. This spin-off which is staged in the first Final Fantasy setting, experienced a relatively lackluster launch in Japan, ranking fourth from the bottom among Final Fantasy spin-off games in terms of sales. 

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FF16 battle with Svarog

These figures highlight the significant disparity between the main Final Fantasy games and their spin-off counterparts, with players showing a clear preference for the former.

As observed by Benji-Sales, a game sales analyst, Final Fantasy XVI’s starting stats also fall slightly below those of Final Fantasy VII Remake, released in 2020, which achieved 3.5 million copies sold within three days.

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The success of Final Fantasy XVI’s launch is undoubtedly an encouraging sign for Square Enix [1], and it will be intriguing to observe whether the game can surpass the milestones set by its predecessors. 

Fans and players eagerly immerse themselves in Final Fantasy XVI, exploring its captivating story, gameplay mechanics, and visually stunning world.

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